Fat Free Butter Chicken – Be Fit  Be Cool AAPI   VahRehVah

Fat Free Butter Chicken – Be Fit Be Cool AAPI VahRehVah

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session of Be Fit, Be Cool, the campaign by AAPI, American Association of Physicians of Indian origin, dear friends today I am going to show you another fantastic recipe I know by the name itself you all must be wondering how can he make butter chicken without adding any butter see any of the traditional recipes there are certain tricks if you follow you can bring in the flavor and taste into the food without actually adding a drop of oil or butter so I’m going to show you how we are making awesome butter chicken gravy first so in this we’re going to add into the boiling water some ginger garlic paste so this one is going to you know take away the raw flavor from the ginger garlic paste when it’s boiling and also in this I am going to add onion okay in butter chicken gravy sometimes I have not added onions but adding onions will add you know not only the texture but also little bit of sweetness to the gravy now in this I am going to add the chopped tomatoes and green chilies, cashew nuts okay and we want to give a very nice red color to our makhani gravy that is the reason why we’re going to add kashmiri chilli powder, this kashmiri chilli powder gives a very nice red color to any gravies you add this to and we’re also going to add some coriander powder I have taken added some raisins lastly i am going to add fresh yogurt ok this instead of adding you know cream butter or anything I have taken fresh yogurt which is also fat-free and i’m going to add it in this and i’m going to let this cook till this is nice and soft okay lastly i am just going to add some salt okay if you want you can also add little bit of water anyway lot of the moisture from this is going to be coming out ah now you know put the lid on and cook it on a slow flame for around 15 minutes till the tomatoes are nice and soft for this makhani I am going to use chicken and I am going to use lean meat you know breast meat has much lower fat content than the thigh meat ok so I am just going to cut this chicken also into small pieces because I am not going to cook them in any fat or anything this is going to be cooked in the gravy itself some of the people are debating that oh you are not adding any fat our body needs fat and that is very essential to keep us healthy I do agree we need some fat to keep ourself healthy, our body has anywhere between seven percent to twenty-four twenty-five percent depending upon whether gender but the amount of fat today people are consuming you know you think about a burger and a fries you are consuming more than the sixty percent or seventy percent of the calorie intake you need just from the fat that is what is killing and ruining our health, coming back to this recipe even though I am not adding a drop of oil butter or any fat naturally we are getting lot of fat from the nuts from the chicken from the yogurt so whatever we are getting naturally is good enough to keep us healthy; now look at this the tomatoes, the onion, the nuts everything is cooked so you’re going to put this in a blender and make it into a fine paste make sure you do not blend it when it is hot let it cool down and do it now I am going to show you how to convert this gravy into awesome butter chicken but first we going to add some water into a kadai, lot of times when we make butter chicken we add some butter grill the chicken pieces and then I had to butter chicken but instead of adding butter or anything I have taken water and i am going to cook these chicken pieces in the water till they are slightly tender because once you put these chicken pieces in the makhani gravy this chicken can be slightly tough because of the acidity now while i am boiling this chicken i am also going to add some garam masala in this and pinch of salt ok i am going to cook this chicken like this for around four minutes with the lid on after around four minutes of cooking the chicken will be nice and tender and now we are going to put our gravy of tomato nuts and all it in this and now we are going to cook this like this for another 10 minutes till this gravy and this all these flavors are mixed together after cooking for another 10 12 minutes the gravy is already you can also see the shine that is on top of this as if we added some butter but absolutely not ok in the last for any makhani gravy you need you know kasuri methi without butter also this kasuri methi can give that awesome flavor to your dish after you at the kasuri methi just mix this and after one minute you can switch off the flame and this is all ready to serve this is good enough now let me switch off the flame and look at this look at the color look at the texture I am a very well trained chef but even I cannot tell whether there was any fat added in this just by the look but let me just taste it and see with the phulkas, with the soft rotis my god this is ah it smells totally buttery but I know this does not taste like regular butter chicken damn it, it tastes better than a regular butter chicken dear friends I am very very happy you know the way I have tried this before also but a lot of times I tend to add butter to eat but like this it is tasting fantastic that is what see my job is to give you ideas and show you the tricks but implementing is your job to ensure your families healthy, dear friends let me tell you this is just out of the world it’s tasting fantastic and super super good wow dear friends I am so happy some of you are debating and I am loving it I want you to write your comments and also I request you to join our Facebook be fit be cool page so that more and more people can learn about being fit being fit is being cool but always remember eat wise be fit be cool see you in another healthy sessions till then see you bye bye khuda hafeez hahaha awesome awesome awesome

Dereck Turner

96 thoughts on “Fat Free Butter Chicken – Be Fit Be Cool AAPI VahRehVah

  1. Mita M says:

    Butter chicken and fat free? 🙂

  2. John Paul says:

    From gallon of oil and tons of butter…now you only used water…good job Sanjay for a healthier version:-)

  3. Vahchef - VahRehVah says:

    check out our Health food  page  https://www.facebook.com/AAPIChildhoodObesity

  4. keehotee says:

    The calories in this dish are probably 30+% from fat.  I think it's great you are interested in making healthier food.  Animal protein is a bigger problem for health than fat though – how about butter chicken with no butter and no chicken?

  5. jason D says:

    Very good sir..expecting more healthy receipts like these 🙂

  6. Neththra'sVision says:

    I really like the,"Be Fit Be Cool" videos.Thanks for this nice video.

  7. James C says:

    I love Indian food and these new videos are great as I am very health conscious. Excellent work Chef and more recipes like this would be great.

  8. yannia tem says:

    I have being looking for a (healthier) version of chicken butter.Thanks so much .

  9. Aditya Ramaraju says:

    Dear VahChef,

    I work out regularly, but also obsessively watch your videos and emulate your cooking like EVERYDAY of my life! I loved this recipe so much that am gonna master it right away and make this my signature dish! 

    After years of taste-making, you've turned your attention to healthy-style too! Way to go, sir! 🙂

  10. Neetu Lalmalani says:

    How about using seitan for meat dishes.

  11. Peggy Latham says:

    If it is good enough for you then it is good enough for me… thanks for showing us how to make this delicious recipe.

  12. pavithra ashok says:

    Superb chef….!!! Continue posting healthy recipes…

  13. Daniel García says:

    well done chef it looks delicious!!

  14. Tanay Luthra says:

    Cashew nuts have fat (good fat)

  15. GoBeyondDeath says:


  16. vineel veerala says:

    hello vahchef, can you show us some recipe's using quinoa & brown rice.

  17. jkesar13 says:

    Chef I feel this is a delicacy that we don't eat everyday so whenever I eat I would prefer to eat real stuff. Eat little in proportion is what I think

  18. Najia Javeed says:

    Thanks a lot chef

  19. fatima0834 says:

    How many calories is the original butter chicken
    And the butter free butter chicken ?

  20. bakeat01 says:

    Lol-love how excited you are about this dish! Looks yummy!

  21. Ariella Rose says:

    Yum! Will definitely be trying this recipe! Thank you 🙂

  22. Vijay Sunda says:

    you r guru of cooking best receipe for hbp sugaR AND OBESE PEOPLE

  23. Stargazerlily86 says:

    @6:04 you straight startled me! Lol. Looks delicious ^_^

  24. CurryPot says:

    superb Chef….thanks for healthy and oil free (bad fat) recipes…please post fat free chicken biryani recipe……waiting…….

  25. Sundari v says:

    oh wow! is there a better word than AWESOME!!!! what a new perspective to cooking, that too Indian recipes without oil!!! Amazing! Natural fat is good enough for me. you are awesome cool!!

  26. N Ayisha says:

    Loadzzzz of love

  27. Titu Chow says:

    Very nice

  28. sweetu4jaanu says:

    Okay..soooo I made this recipe minus the chicken..and OMG it was so spicy! No one could eat it. I thought the Kashmiri Chili was for "coloring". Anyhow, I think I'll have to find something else that is red to use. The gravy was beyond spicy. 

  29. ravvraj says:

    How can Chicken ever be fat free?? there is fat and the worse kind of fat…animal fat in chicken. Mindboggling unless you mean "free fat" 😉

  30. Sidra Malik says:

    Love all ur recipes ,,ur an amazing chef

  31. Mala Mahesh says:

    wow thank you for this wonderful dish, now I can enjoy without guilt and will be the star of my saturday night dinner. I would like to know if there are some good dishes of lean meat chicken or fish baked that goes well with soups that I eat everyday for dinner. Thanks you once again, am planning next week's food with your recipies, pls continue to post more

  32. Luanna D'Souza says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. God Bless, looks good, will surely try it

  33. AJsVIEW says:

    It goes without saying that this Guy is born to cook and eat, this was "FUNTASTIC"!

  34. Sweety Christian Desai says:

    Superb ….. Awesome….. Sanjay thanks for your initiatives towards healthy living …looking forward for more fat free and healthy recipies

  35. jem1985 says:

    Loving these healthy recipes Sanjay! Please keep sharing your amazing skills with us 🙂

  36. sree kishore says:

    Finally vahchef has turned healthy thank you sir for your social responsibility basically i got inspired to cook from my mom but your videos and your anchoring has boosted me to experiment on cooking but i used to feel bad whenever you used to cook food with lots  of oil and food colors but now i am happy that you are sharing healthy recipes thanks once again and keep going

  37. Ethan Baker says:

    Great job chef!

  38. Jordan Mattes says:

    I have to try this. I love butter chicken, but I am always reluctant to make it because it's so high in calories.

  39. KT says:

    Damn it!  Give me the fat free butter chicken!!!!

  40. Anum Hussain says:

    I love butter Chicken and this is a great healthy alternative. Keep making healthy desi dishes they are so helpful VahChef! 

  41. rvic11 says:

    I love this guy. What a character! 

  42. Andrew Kasper says:

    WOW. Thank you so much for posting this! I have once again been trying to cook healthy (but sadly I love these types of curry) This is PERFECT! Definitely going to make.

  43. ROOPESH kesav says:

    i have been watching your videos for long time. there are so many recipes in youtube and seeing it we cant judge the taste or aroma but the passion with which you make it is just awesome..please continue to make awesome videos

  44. Damon Jones says:

    vah chef is so fun.

  45. Kimberly Winston says:

    amazing chef wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are my inspiration 

  46. Sam Man says:


  47. BeautyBlessed says:

    Some people here just suck to the core and can never be thankful. You guys act as if you all are nutrionists. I feel he is just showing the less fat version of butter chicken. Which is absolutely wonderful. What he showed has no saturated fat in it. Chicken more than fat has proteins. It comes under lean meat categories you jerks. 
    Moreover i will definitely consider this recipe as fat free. Infact the chicken had no skin or fat on it. LOLZ guys get some life to appreciate. And if you go and do little more research with your tinny tiny brains. Whatever we eat has some fat in it. 

  48. pavapequeno says:

    I don't know if any of you tried making this dish….its [email protected], in your videos you are thoroughly entertaining, very loony, and this recipe is simply genius

  49. M P says:

    Loving these healthy recipe esp the less/absence of oil. Keep them coming InshaaAllah 🙂

  50. Nadia Rahman says:

    How about fat free Biryani?

  51. Lisa L says:

    Love your videos – so enthusiastic!! I did find that some of the ingredients and measurements were missing in the list. How much chili powder and coriander powder?

  52. 0007jany says:

    Dear chef.. Dis recipe came out surprisingly very very aromatic and delectable. I cudnt imagined wat I did. All thnks to u. Very gud idea n alternative way to hav d amazing butter chicken in ur fat free style. My gravy was fabtasticcccccccccc. Thnks

  53. Tigerdeer says:

    I suggest you go in between … your dishes don't have to be totally fatty or totally fat-free. Just use a little fat so it tastes nicer. That's what I think anyway. 

  54. Bhanupriya Mehandiratta says:

    it tastes horrible i tried it this way . . also cooking chicken in water gives it a bland boiled chicken taste.

  55. laura ruiz says:

    Greetings from Colombia <3 

  56. Cynthia Choi says:

    Can't wait to try this, looks amazing! I need to buy some kasuri methi. I make your Baingan Bartha recipe fat free too and it's delicious because the eggplant is already buttery.

  57. ABDELRAHMAN AbuEbied says:

    Heading into the kitchen right now to cook this.. I will use trimmed chicken thighs since this is all i have and also because i prefer thigh meat.. Thanks for the awesome recipe 😊

  58. Catarina Tang says:

    What's kasuri menthi? And what can u replace it with if not available? Wow! Butter chicken is my favourite and I will try this like your other dishes that I've tried. Always get a thumbs up by my Indian friend! Compliments to u!! And I'm watching your YouTube videos daily!! Love them! Thank u!!

  59. Arpita C Mittra says:

    I totally agree with you Chef & I'm so glad that you brought this recepie here. Plz have a tab separately for the regular dishes which can be made fat free.

  60. KingPin Babamusha says:

    You are right VahChef, it does taste better than the original butter chicken. I finally got the taste I was looking for!

  61. Mike Clarke says:

    How much chilli powder did you use again? It's not in the description it just looks like more than what's listed on your website 🙂 thanks.

  62. BlessedSoul🌟 says:

    waw you're amazing chef!!

  63. Shrimoyee Mukherjee Sen says:

    Tried it and it tasted awesome.

  64. um ibrahim says:

    best recipe ever…..thank you chef thumbay u r the best

  65. Sandra Jefferson says:

    Yummy this looks so good I'm going to make it for dinner tomorrow thanks for sharing 🙂

  66. Remya Chirayath Kuttan says:

    wonderful cooking chef wow

  67. Harpreet Singh says:

    wonderful & healthy dish…. i tired it… & it tastes good😊

  68. Louisie Kiakelo says:

    I'm gonna definitely try it

  69. atiqur rahman says:

    this is really great. thanks for wonderful butter chicken

  70. Satish Kumar says:


  71. Sanjay Kumar says:


  72. Nn105 says:

    I tried it it really nice

  73. Santosh Rai says:

    Thanks a millions… a boon for lipid concerned people… God bless you…

  74. Santosh Rai says:

    please share some more no oil fish n chicken recipes…

  75. డబ్బు ముఖ్యం కాదు says:

    thanks for the recipe,I live in Kuwait. you help me lot…

  76. tina begs says:

    This is AWESOME! I love traditional foods, but they of course are loaded with delicious things I try to only indulge in every once in a while (Butter is delicious…). I made this for my first couple of dinners for the work week with total skepticism, but am very happy with the spices and texture you get from the softened cashews. A +

  77. omair shakil says:

    If i am cooking 800g chicken (instead of 200g as your recipe suggests) should I increase every thing else by 4 times as well?

  78. myname says:

    the correct spelling of SALAM IS AS SALA MU ALAY KUM not sala-wale-kum please correct it

  79. Delsi keerthi says:

    if we dont have curd …then with which ingredient can we substitute it with?

  80. Rajiv Bedi says:

    wow it is amazing. my no butter, butter chicken came out great

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    chef… I made this recipe…. OMG can't believe it is so so tasty…. I loved it…. I would recommend this recipe to everyone

  82. Scott Heads says:

    Hi chef …please can you tell me what herb this is at the end ..I'm not familiar with it thanks 🙂

  83. Dodz don says:

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    @vahchef Hehe I love the way you explain. Just amazing!!

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  87. Bho Check says:

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  88. Danby Sangma says:

    loved it

  89. Varun Puri says:

    Sir you just rocked it I am on a very strict boiled diet due to fat loss but today I will make this. U are so amazing u helped me out to fight the cravings. Thanks and lots of love. Actually I also write blogs and information on nutrition so I will definitely share the recipe plus your YouTube page

  90. sophie says:

    yummmmmm I will try this recipe tonight

  91. Sidra Abbas says:

    youre so entertaining. i really want to try out your recipe. ;-D

  92. Saranya Bhupathi says:

    Tried this recipe today and was so tasty. Tasted like authentic butter chicken recipe. Thanks Chef!

  93. Narendra Reddy says:

    Must try…..I loved it a lot…thanks Sanjay garu 👌💐

  94. DKdahiya DAHIYA says:

    Hi i like youre recipies, but this on doesn't taste like butterchicken and it tastes better than butterchicken. But bro its not butterchicken if theres no butter. Sorry. But still luv tu u for your hard work. Jai Hind.

  95. dr.shweta srivastava says:

    Really this recipe come out too good

  96. dr.shweta srivastava says:

    I made this today laga hi nahi k butter ya oil nahi hair plz keep sharing this type recipe

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