Exterior spray painting of stucco house.

Exterior spray painting of stucco house.

in this video by abn painting we
are working on exterior of stucco house and we start our preparation work
by moving gravel a few inches away from the house next step is pressure washing there is
peeling paint on the windows around the wood trim and we scrape all peeling
paint using a putty knife using latex caulk we fix cracks between stucco and
wood trim and after we squeezed it out of the tube using caulking gun we spread
it evenly using a brush we also fill any cracks on the wood trim itself after we’re done with the repairs with
the masking using 12-inch masking paper will cover the roof tile so we can spray
paint the stucco that is next to it we make sure that the part of the tile that
is touching the stucco is sealed off completely and it doesn’t get any
overspray we masked all windows this is the back part of the house and
this is the front we mask off the lights all the doors
that has natural wood and will not be painted we run a 12-inch masking paper
around the house where the body of the house meets the floor and later on when
we spray painting will cover the rest of the tile and concrete using tarps one
door on the side of the house we’re living unmasked for right now so people who
live in the house can get in and out but once we get to spray paint in this area
we’ll cover this door as well we set up our paint sprayer in the backyard on the
tarp that will catch any possible drips of spills when we’re straining the paint
after we’re done with masking and repairs or the house is ready for spray
painting and we start with the body color first during spray painting will cover the
concrete around the house using tarps after we’re finished spray-painting the
body of the house we’re using an accent color for the wood trim and this is the look of the house
after we finished with touch ups and clean up

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