Eruma Saani | Engineering vs Arts | [ With SUBTITLES ]

Eruma Saani | Engineering vs Arts | [ With SUBTITLES ]

Dad, can I join Arts? Are you mad? Do you want to spoil your life? Take up Engineering. I will get you mobile phone, motor bike. New Bike? Bike ah? Once you finish engineering and put B.E. along with your name, fathers will be willing to give their daughter’s hand to you. – Girls ah?
– Beautiful girls for you to get married – Is it?
– Yeah !
– Yeah !! I think then even I must take up engineering. Hey! Stop! Where are you going? – To take up engineering.
– Why engineering? Only if I take engineering, I will get a new phone, bike, a bride and a secured job. Job? You will get nothing. Even I am an engineer, you end up with something like this (job) in life. I think I will better stay in Arts itself. – Engineering da!
– Arts da! – Engineering da!
– ARTS da! ENGINEERING da! *CROWS CHIRPING* *ALARM BELL RINGING* Hey! We are late! Get up! Let us go to college! Run! Run! Run! It is already late! *MOTIVATIONAL SONG* Hi Aunty! How are you? – AUNTYY!!
– I will go to college and come! Sit in the bike!
I will go to college and come Aunty! BYEEEEE! *MOTIVATIONAL SONG CONTINUES* Run!! We are late!!! – Move ladies!
– Excuse me ladies! Hey! Where are these boys running? Come sit da! Let us start playing! *PUBG SOUND* *ALARM BELL RINGING* *SAD SONG* Hello! Even you are in an engineering college? Yes! Even me! By the way which college? Pollachi College! I am from ACC College. That college bus left long back. What? It is just 3:30 in the morning. That left at 3 itself. Daddy! Take the vehicle and drop me please!!! Good Morning Mam! 30 Seconds late ah? Imposition ah? 10 times ah? DADDDDY! Son! Are you studying? I am not able to learn properly. Can I fail? Just two months for your board exams. Learn properly and once you get into college, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. – Is it?
– Yes! Dont worry I will learn properly and score a lot. Hey stop! Which college are you from? *Some other random college* Other college student ah? Your purpose of visit? To meet a girl! Which department? Commerce. Go straight and take left. Ok Thank you sir. No one can cheat us and sneak in. TIGHT SECURITY!!! They are not staring at us! Let us sneak us way out! Brother! Shit! They caught us Your friends are not in the side bakery, they are in the main bakery, go there. Oh! Thank you sir! While coming back, get us two cups of tea. Ok Sir. Super. What is up with your life? *SNORING* The security is not looking here. We will run away? OK! THREE! TWO! ONE! In the history of engineering, I think we will be the first to bunk college! ESCAPE!!! Engineering students are going to make history!!! Yes! We have crossed the border!!!! Let us celebrate!!! ATTTTTTAACKKKKKKKKK !!!! One day or the other, we the Engineers will bunk and make history! – One day our hands will rise above all!
– YES! YES! Sorry Watchman! Dude 10000 rupees is too much. A trip like that is not necessary for us. Bro! Dont worry! I know Kumar Na from Ooty. He has a guest house in forest. A campfire on the other side. And in the middle, we can booze! Super da! Amidst all the animal sounds!! Aiyo! Animals ah? Dont be afraid! Kumar Na has a very big gun. If something comes our way, he will hunt it down. Then we are safe! YESSS! The trip is on right? YESSS! Let us go!!! *LION SOUND* *TIGER SOUND* Where is your Kumar Na? His phone is not reachable because we are surrounded by mountains. I know one more person called Shakar Na. I will call him if you want. *ELEPHANT SOUND* Guys! Our trip is confirm! We are going to Bangalore! Hey Dude! I need a bar just infront of my room. Bar ah? It will be there! I need a bed in my room where I can jump and play! Bed ah? Confirm! You can play! I need DJ party dude! Let us dance!!! Obviously, there will be dance dude! This is why we need Trivago app. It compares booking prices of other websites and give us the best ones. They have the details regarding all the rooms. Just click what you want and enjoy. We can also filter what we want & book accordingly. This is the reason why Trivago app is a necessity. Is Brinda mam coming for the trip? No! She is not! Then am leaving! No need for a trip without her! *Indistinct chattering* Sir! Sir! Sir! – Hey!
– Good Morning Sir! What are you doing here? Dont you have class now? I have an O.D. Sir. Dance Club O.D. O.D.? What will you do now? Science Club O.D. What will you do now? Music Club O.D. I play keyboard. I have O.D. for an entire year. You wont be able to do nothing! I am getting married in a few monthS. Get me O.D. in your recommendation. No problem sir. I will get you. Ok. Take care. Yes! Good Morning Sir. I did not come to class for two months, I need O.D. Sir. Why so days leave? I met with an accident. Medical certificate? I got my hand chopped off Sir. Where is the proof? Here it is! It is Ok. Without a proper M.C, we wont let you write the exams. Even a person dies, you will ask for M.C. from him. Thank You Sir. *Punches* *Kicks* Stop! Stop! Give me your ID card! *SLAP* How dare you keep your hand on me? I will go to the principal & show you who I am and dismiss you guys from the college! Dont catch my hand! Leave me! I am not going to spare you guys! Saaaaarrrrrrrrr!! What are you doing here,Sir? They have already hit me and kept me in their custody. Dude! Dude! What? Mechaninchal department students.. ..are stalking our department girls! How dare they?? How dare you see our girls? I wont let you guys go away! *Romantic song* ***** She is the worst looking girl in our department! We are all boys department. *starts fighting* Give your ID card! Give me! Stop! Mind that! I know you guys are afraid of me! *Romantic Song* *Slipper attack* Students! For the students to pass, it is very simple! Girls have to pay 200, and Boys 500. Pay me and pass the exam. If you dont have money, just Paytm me. You look cute sir. Bye Sir! You have a nice forehead sir. One minute. Culprit. Are you stealing from another thief? Keep the money and go What a good sir! The body and hair are not matching. Open the hair. I am a girl only sir. *Random blabbering* You cant pay 500 rupees for the project, but you are affording it on a wig. What is your project? This is a Nano chip! Are you able to see it sir? I am not able to see anything! It is dancing sir! Dancing ah? Even the scientists in NASA have not identified this! Are you insane? Look properly! What? I am able to see it now! Submit it! Take care of it. Go. I will give you full marks. Where is your project? Project is coming sir! *Robotic Sounds* This is our class Ajith right? This is not Ajith.. but,it is a robot who is made from his model. What does this do? It dances. loves. It does everything. ATTACK Robo! Not this attack robo! 2.0 attack! This is a robot which takes phone! Sunny Leone! Mia Khalifa! Oh My God! I was alone yesterday! That is why! What sir? You are someone we look upto! You pass! Is it for real sir? You will pass! You can go! Thank you sir. What son? Can i get the videos too? *failed Chitti impersonization* Hey! Its been a long time since we met! Yes! You get a job in US after completing B.Com? Yes. Somehow I passed engineering, now I am off to the US for masters. Now I’m here for the visa. Thank God we wont be here to work. I dont feel there is enough scope. They’re calling me,I’ll be back! I got the VISA! Yes! *LAUGHS* Hey why are you laughing? You know how difficult it is to get US VISA? Have you been there? There is no mop in foreign. They have only machines. He is an illiterate dude! Why will I go to the US? Only if all you youngsters had stayed in India & worked, even our place would have been like foreign countries. Even here machines would have come.. ..and I would not have done these works.. I’d rather prefer being a worker here, than a slave under a foreign land.

Dereck Turner

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