[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ MV Shooting Sketch

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ MV Shooting Sketch

Wow~ We get to film our MV somewhere this beautiful! Beautiful, isn’t it? I’m Jin and I’ll be starting off the shoot My partner, (fake) dove was killed by an arrow Can you get that? Where should I go~ Dove~ [The second shoot is in a room full of bird cages] Green nature Life would be so relaxed here and peaceful I need the giraffe to work with me He’s stretching next to me I think my animal friends need to help me out [Alpacas catch RM’s eyes] They could be Jin’s family I was doing well within the wall but I had this special power and people saw that and said “he’s the devil” and locked me up then cast me out of the wall [Jung Kook can’t use his hands as he is cuffed in thorns] I was shunned from the village but everyone’s caring for me [The scene where Jung Kook goes in the lake] It’s way colder than before!! Thanks everyone! [j-hope’s individual shoot with Jung Kook!] [Jung Kook is lying down in the back, acting] I’m trying a grunge look It was really nice to shoot here with this amazing view I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out I’m shooting with some 30 kids It was a rare experience I look so scruffy I’m cold! I only brought light clothes to LA and now I’m suffering I’ll see you at the group shoot! Today is the third day of ON Cinema shooting I’m shooting with my little sister, Leena This is a temporary tattoo of sharp thorns digging into my neck When I see ARMY having theories about our MV a lot of them are beyond our imagination I’m looking forward to many theories this time too What this means It’s like “bring it on” I don’t know what this MV is about either I saw the storyboard and everything I can’t wait to see the final MV just like you guys I’m glad that my friend helped me out so hope you like it and we have a group shoot tomorrow so I’ll be prepared for that Bye! See you tomorrow [All seven members gathered for the last day] Today is the last day Not a sliver of cloud in sight Doesn’t it look like the Grand Canyon? We’re shooting at the Mini Canyon [The group shoot’s more fun together] [RM lifts his hand towards the wall] What did you play? “Rock Paper Scissors with Namjoon” will continue This is our last location There’s a dance break in the music video so we’re shooting that part [The ending scene clad in red robes!] Okay, let’s go home Wow finally! -It’s a wrap
-That’s a wrap! It was a long journey This is the first MV we shot for more than a week True. It’s also our first time shooting in the U.S. That’s right Now we’re OFF, OFF! The dancers who helped us out Yes, The Lab!!! And Mr. Thorne!!! He’s acting like he can’t hear us, but he is smiling -This will be epic, right?
-That’s right We’re also looking forward to this music video and I hope our fans will like it too This is our best choreo ever! We will meet ARMY with our new album! Should we say ON on three? One, two, three!

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  1. bts jungkook says:


  2. Kathy Verdinez says:

    Someone tell little meow meow to invest in warm turtlenecks since he’s always cold.

  3. suga’s interlude says:

    can we take a moment to appreciate the outfits in the dance break please

  4. hobi and patriarca de yiling lover says:

    esses meninos são muito lindos mds


    JIN: Jago masak, Imut, & Nice.
    SUGA: Santai, Unik, Generous(dermawan), and Adult.
    J-HOPE: Jewel (Permata) Harapan.
    RM: Ramah 'n sMart.
    JIMIN: Juaranya ngedance, Ideal, Maskulin, Indah, Nevermind.
    V: My LoVely.
    JUNGKOOK: JK: Jadilah Kkshq..😀😄😍❤️💜. From🇮🇩.

  6. Ana Laura Palomo Ruiz says:


  7. Bts lover says:

    Omg yaaass BTS!! I love this so freaking much omgggg let's get it!! 🤧😭💜

  8. Mochi Muncher꧂ says:

    6:00 yoongi such a mood

  9. NyaPurple’sBTS says:

    Okay but like was I the only one who saw jhope hit the woah 💀

  10. Kosar Beiki says:

    I was windering whether the wall in the mv is the same in "divergent" movie?????

  11. Im Luna says:

    Hey na na na…

  12. Bread Jinnie says:

    No one:
    Like no one:
    J-hope: doing the woah while posing 5:02

  13. Im Luna says:

    Son tan cute…. Mis niños….

  14. tydra vy cao says:


  15. Gabriela Garcia says:

    I love you bts army forever

  16. Amani Cortez says:

    “Let’s go home.”

    Yoongi: the loudest one YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  17. btxe _ says:

    I love seeing them so happy in this. They are really working hard!!

  18. Anna Rasmus says:

    Tae dancing with the girl. Adorable

  19. shit down shit down says:

    Thank you bts for working really hard to make us this beautiful mv we thanks you for your great and hard work I luv you always with you keep the good work 💜

  20. A person with a comment says:


  21. Sandara Biased says:

    Que garotinha fofa💜

  22. Amy S says:

    I literally just figured out TaeTae has a little sister named Leena😰 I feel like a bad ARMY for not knowing but I also feel like I should respect his privacy ya know? Ether way they’re an adorable pair of siblings uwu😍🥰❤️

  23. wendyxedits says:


  24. zoé says:

    "alright guys let's go home'
    jin : FUCK YEAH DUDE

  25. zoé says:

    leena : h-
    taehyung : smashes PROTECT button

  26. Gladia Dicsy _ says:

    Bts said: No green screen. We're organic

  27. Gladia Dicsy _ says:

    Jungkook: know everything, tell everything
    Taehyung: know everything, tell nothing
    Jimin: head empty

  28. Yadira Suaste says:

    I love you bts, los amo son mi todo por fin mis dudas an sido resueltas

  29. Young Tag says:

    lol suga didnt say “ON” at the end

  30. Ewa Czaplińska says:

    Super Video Perfect Album No 1

  31. Criza says:

    Proof that they do read our theories… I'm scared

  32. Peach says:

    1:43 a literal baby

  33. Fox sloan says:

    V said: when l see army theories me: oh no

  34. Aiber Lane says:

    Yay, Big Hit started adding English subs to other videos besides the music videos! Thank you!

  35. Dalia Jacqueline Perez Martinez says:


  36. Anna B says:

    Taehyung skipping with the girl at 4:16 is so cute and wholesome

  37. Savings Mix says:

    If you look closely at j-hope at 5:02 it kinda looked like he did the whoa😂😂😂

  38. zahra w says:

    I’m crying because I wish I was tae’s so called sister 🙁 you rock girl

  39. Zendy Albarran says:

    Wow los chicos de bts son los mejores artistas, los amo mucho bts

  40. Zendy Albarran says:

    Estuve ausente pero ya regrese y me perdi Muchas cosas de los chicos hermosos de bantang, I purple you bts ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  41. yeni ximena rodriguez quintero says:

    Desde cuando nos volvimos predicadores de la biblia

  42. Saira Naeem says:

    No one:
    Namjoon: Now we’re OFF
    me: can’t stop cackling like an idiot 🤣

  43. Silvia Narváez says:

    I love you BTS 💓💓💓

  44. Kookie A.R.M.Y says:

    2:47 THAT'S HIS SISTER?!?!

  45. Kristen Caldarone says:

    jungkook: explains exactly what is happening
    tae: explains how he loved reading our theories so he won't tell us
    jimin: I have no idea what is going one

  46. 황이현 says:

    한국인 찾기,,,, 한국인 나와보세요,,,,

  47. Angelica Sanchez says:

    Adoro su gran desempeño, este es un comeback memorable

  48. Angie Raymundo says:

    JIN when starting singing. 😱

  49. 황이현 says:

    Han국in 무siha냐 왜 han국in 댓 gel은 밑ae 있u

  50. แก้ว แก้วแสง says:

    โอ้ย น่ารัก

  51. 김가온 says:

    아 너무 좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  52. Thim Pkyreatrey says:

    God bless you bts

  53. Dini chenel says:


  54. Young Min Sun says:

    es injusto que youtube les quite vistas 🙁 pero que se puede hacer no soy nadie para decirle que hacer a youtube :v saludos desde Peru

  55. Krytondaughter says:

    I think there are references to Id ,ego and superego in the different characters they portray
    The I’d ego and super ego create different emotions and thought processes in the mind and they can’t exist with out each other
    I think that is what BTS represent in the music video -The idea that they are different aspects of I’d ego and superego and that they can’t exist without each other

  56. Jyotsna Joshi says:

    First Fake Love, then Fake Cakeu, now Jin gives us 'Fake Dove'~

  57. Shooting Star Kpop Lovers Galexy says:

    Nah that was not V's Sister 😲😳

  58. Jenny kimTae says:

    Please, can you put us subtitles in Spanish?

  59. czhni J says:


  60. kourtney smith says:

    okay @4:38 Suga dropping it low for no reason

  61. Joselyne Montenegro says:


  62. Maria Tha Weirdo says:

    Everyone talking about Jimin not knowing what the MV is, but… can we just talk about the fact that Tae was still holding Leena’s hand even when the weren’t shooting! MY HEARTU WENT UUWWUU

  63. 불결 says:

    근데 시발 라이브로 못봐 저 명곡을 ㅅㅄㅂ

  64. MysteryGirl DAK says:

    4:15 Aww Leena when she said V used to dance with her on set awe look at V being so nice it’s so cute

  65. Jung kook says:


  66. Gabs I Army says:


  67. triumphant_ bear says:

    This is indeed he best choreo!! 😍😍😍

  68. Karen Rosero says:

    Jhooope! 😍😍😍😍

  69. Rose Chelle says:

    Lmao y'all notice yoongi didn't say on at the end

  70. Karen Rosero says:

    BTS son los mejores, los AMO 🙌💜😍

  71. 덕질에현질중 says:

    아니 동물 ㅈㅣㄴ짜 였어요?
    씨지 겁나 자연스럽네 이랬는데…

  72. marromytomorrow says:

    Those are thorns? I thought it was like veins black cause was dying

  73. Makayla Clark says:

    I just wanted to say that bts has helped me in difficult situations like one time at school I was picked on for liking kpop and it got to a point where I started to cut my arm I just want to say thank you for all you've done.

  74. Darya Zahedi says:

    WAit did Jungkook say 'Mohammad'? When the time hit 1:16 I heard him say Mohammad

  75. CheerUp2 says:

    So me and my friend were having a very serious talk and then we found out a dog account we both love and follow on instagram had died today. We were both really sad and now im watching this to cheer me up and be a distraction. I think a major part most people dont realize or understand about bts and kpop in general is that its not just the music but its them as humans that really help us. They serve as an outlet to kinda help us dissociate from the real world for a bit. All of the content they put out for us serves as a thing of joy, even there sad stuff can bring light and a change of pace for our minds.

  76. Mana says:

    뭐야 배경이랑 동물들 CG 아녔어?ㅋㅋㅋ

  77. SAAZ_ PLAYLIST says:

    Noone :
    Namjoon : "Rock paper scissors with Namjoon" will continue…
    ARMY : yes.. yes.. namjoon-sii💜

  78. Kyla Mae says:

    they work hard for this and now some views are gone

  79. Marlene Min says:

    Los amooooooo

  80. Anamaria Muntean says:

    Ok so the little girl is really Taehyung younger sister?

  81. honey pie says:

    V points at his tattoo: what does it mean?
    Army: I don't have think:/

  82. 영탁이최고다 says:

    이번에 석진오빠 예전보더 분량 많아서 좋아요 ㅠㅠ 진짜 다행이다 모든 아미들이 원했던 건데 드디어 ㅠ ㅅ ㅠ 앞으로도 석찌오빠 분량 좀 더 많이 넣어주세요 ㅠㅠ 🥺🥺

  83. Nur Syahirah Zulkifli says:

    the boys worked so hard for this mv yet the views are still below 100M. fck yt for deleting our views !

  84. Aria Hasting says:

    On is the best choreo ever

  85. 엘라Ella says:

    1:42 EH OH Jungkook is so cute i cant even

  86. I stan ya'll UwU says:

    Oh my RM looks so cute in the red robe uwu

  87. nurulaini wahab says:

    Would love to watch their reaction video towards ths mv.

  88. Zero_ UwU says:

    Taehyung: I’m shooting with LEENA

    Me: *crying cause my name is Lena*

  89. All Round xhannel says:

    RM : the alpaca would be from inside family
    Me : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Nardia Ng says:

    Rock Paper Scissors with Namjoon at the wall be like—————— DAMNNNN

  91. kuneho says:

    We don’t understand Jimin’s scene, and Jimin doesn’t either. It’s ok Jimin we’ll be confused together

  92. 정양갱 says:

    태형이 오빠 목에 왜 가지들이 붙어있냐면 가지들도 태형이 오빠에게 반한 나머지 태형이 오빠 목속으로 들어간걸로 추정합니다

  93. love yourself says:

    2:25 ahhh yoongi kyeopta

  94. DY H says:

    1:18 이렇게 잘생긴 악마 봄????

    +크흐…….얼굴에 취한ㄷr….

  95. Francene Nichole Magbanua says:

    look how hard they work for this, bring back our views!

  96. Amalia Aziz says:

    So BTS do read our comments and theories… hmmm… now I want them to read thirts tweets. HAHAHA

  97. Amalia Aziz says:

    Is it just me or I really did not expect to play rock paper scissors with RM

  98. Stty mrrym92 says:


  99. Seo rin Yong says:

    Awwww, Jimin-ssi You're So Cute💜💜

  100. lana san 28 says:

    love juongkok💜

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