EP06 Drawing Women’s Hair (Realistic Appeal) (Time-Lapse)

EP06 Drawing Women’s Hair (Realistic Appeal) (Time-Lapse)

Step 1 : Draw a basic shape of the head, Learn how to draw head/face from my previous videos and playlist. Step 2 : Finalize the basic shape using contour lines. Step 3 : The final step is to make it look dynamic. I am applying the first tone from HB pencil and will progress with darker tones up-to 6B grade. Now watch carefully how I apply these steps and draw hair with realistic feel. To know more about my drawing process, step by step tutorials, mediums I use, or if you want a video just for you, Visit https://www.patreon.com/sketchbolt (Link In Description) I would appreciate your views and suggestions in comments. Stay Tuned.

Dereck Turner

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