Enlight quickshot Tutorial – Amazing Strobe Picture edit

In today’s episode we’ll take a picture
with the Strobe Quickshot process let’s get started. First place your subject and
frame the composition. Next go ahead and select the strobe setting and take the
picture. The next step is to select the multiple shot and combine them. With this
button you can browse and see which segment looks best. I think this looks
good. The next step is to clean the areas that you want to remove the other
pictures. So let’s go ahead and zoom in and I want to wipe from her face the
shots that we don’t want be part of the composition if you go too far you can go
paint brush and put some of that back on to make it more realistic. this looks pretty good so let’s go ahead
and let’s zoom out. That looks pretty good if you’re happy with the results you can
go ahead and save once you save. Once your picture the final thing is just to give
it a look and it’ll be done. From the primers filters let’s go ahead and
choose the CNO2 filter lets’s adjusts its intensity let’s go into the
settings the mid-tones give it some brightness to it like that.
Next what we can do is click on the adjust button add a vignette let’s go into the details, depth,
and apply the step filter to give a contrast look basically done maybe just
a little bit of the brightness, to taste then you save it thank you for watching

Dereck Turner

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