(Eng Sub) [SONGJIN PAPERART]엑소 첸 페이퍼아트 EXO Chen paperart

(Eng Sub) [SONGJIN PAPERART]엑소 첸 페이퍼아트 EXO Chen paperart

Hello, This is Songjin paperart. Last time we made chen’s head Now, let’s make a body. Cut the body. Cut number1 Number 1 is socks Attach it to feet Cut number 2 Number2 is shoes. Put on a sock Cut number 3 Cut number4 Number 4 is the sleeve of a dress Cut number 5 Number 5 is the sleeve of a dress Cut number 6 Turn number6 over Put glue on the end Fit to clothes The shirt is complete Attach the shirt to the body Place body on guide. Flip shirt over and put glue then attach it to your body along the guidelines. Cut number 7 Number 7 is part of pants Cut number 8 Follow the guidelines. Put on pants Cut number 9 Number 9 is pair of pants. Cut number 10 Apply glue to number 8 squares Attach number 10 Cut number 11 Number 11 is the belt of pants Cut number 12 Number 12 is the part of belt Put Number 11 on the guide paper Attach number 12 to the part. Put it on the guide. Apply glue to the pants. Attach the belt to the pants. Finish pants Put body on the sheet paper. Put pants
Body complete in jeans Body complete in jeans Make a suit. Cut number13 Cut the blue paper number 14 . You’d better cut off the inside line. Cut the inside line Place number 14 on number 13 Cut number15 Cut numbeer16 Cut the inner line first Stick it on a piece of paper. Completion Complete the rest in the same way. Put the part on the body and attach it. Follow the video Follow the video Make the back of a suit The body is finished by fitting a guide. Attach the prepared head. Chen’s KO KO Bap bady kit complete Thanks for watching. See you next time.

Dereck Turner

2 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) [SONGJIN PAPERART]엑소 첸 페이퍼아트 EXO Chen paperart

  1. H. Nguyen says:

    These are so cute! I wish I could buy a kit TT

  2. 서원진 says:

    너무 이뻐요ㅜㅜ 특징이 잘 살ㄹ아있어서 딱 봐도 체니첸ㅜㅜㅠ 종대ㅠㅠ 틧터에서도 잘 보고있어요ㅠㅠ

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