(ENG SUB) 페이퍼아트 제작 방법 How to make paperart

(ENG SUB) 페이퍼아트 제작 방법 How to make paperart

Hi everyone, it’s Songjin the Paper Master First off, I’ve hit 30k subscribers and I thank you all Our Paper Gang is growing thanks to your support Now let’s get started First, decide on what to make and and sketch it out This one was for a commission Capitalism is the best Trace the rough sketch using Adobe Illustrator To learn how to use Illustrator, look it up on Youtube Trace as well as you can Forgot the brows, do the brows too Done with the face Let’s do the hair Trace Just keep tracing There’s no other way y’all Just do it Keep doing it Refine the hair Think of it as rounding out the edges Do the back of the head as well Keep doing it Refine the lines Now here’s a pro tip You see, for the outfit Here Trace only one side of it I can care less about the other side Why? It’s symmetrical Don’t worry about the opposite side Continue with the outfit Looking good, I am pleased Forget about the other side Do the chest pocket And another one below Lookin good Now the pants And the shoes I’m mostly using the Expand tool in the Pathfinder If you’re curious, Google it Copy and reflect the side you traced Align and smooth it out There isn’t really a strategy to this I don’t know how to describe what I’m doing Just do your best I’m just doing my thing Intense tracing Ok, we’re done with the outfit (But not really) I’ll work on the emblem that will go on the left chest Same thing here, you just do it It’s at this point you realize this is labor You still do it Now the emblem’s also complete. Done final_final_finalFINAL.ai This is another design for a different work What you saw earlier was just to show you how I sketch and trace Now, the paper selection process It’s very messily organized Just like my headspace I’ve sorted like this to distinguish between the discontinued ones I own and ones still on the market What you’re seeing is Doosung Paper’s NT RASHA Tip: they’ll be discontinued soon, so if you planned on buying THE TIME IS NOW I’ve chosen the colors Let’s make the eyes Place glitter on the eye cutouts The glitter is mixed with resin Sparkly right? Since I love glitter, I’m going to put more on These are star shaped Place them using a toothpick And then more glitter Really, more glitter the better One by one with the toothpick Place them Have patience And continue Patience is a virtue for my followers, the Paper Gang Now cure the resin Here they are! Many of you have asked what glitter I use There are plenty of websites, usually from resin supply and nail supply stores If you ask me which ones I used in a video I don’t know either, they’re out of this pile If anyone knows what’s causing those black stripes in my videos, please leave a comment (I found out, “flicker” or something? Thanks Google) Now onto the assembly I don’t have much to say so I’m just going to cut and talk nonsense (I love my new background music. Royalty free of course) (Thanks Youtube thanks Google) (It’s my first time captioning my video and I want to die) (Followers out there who edit videos, I admire you) (You have to sync every single line, you deserve getting paid $$$) (If you think I’m talking too much about money) (That’s what life does to you) Some of you have given me advice on my videos It’s only been a month since I met my camera so we’re still awkward I’m doing my best to become friends On Tumblbug, I started a crowdfunding project for my art book showcasing my works over the last 4 years Please consider funding to support the future of our Paper Gang The link is in the description Carefully attach the eyes and the face Add a small piece of thick paper to give depth to the eyes Glue the face and body together That was Part 1 Part 2 is attaching the outfit The text on these, I paid for printing If you tried to cut out the letters, you’ll be traumatized Money is the best Let’s put them on Once again nothing to say here If you watch paper art videos you’ll learn it’s just nonstop gluing Nonstop gluing This is Kim Hee-jin, the professional volleyball player She entered my life and I have been blessed for eternity I hope you guys look her up too❤️ Now the shoelaces And some blush Very important Because… it’s cute That was the high level overview for those who were curious Thanks for watching! The Paper Master is out Bye!!!!

Dereck Turner

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  1. ᄇᄉᄒ says:

    종이두목님은 반짝거리고 귀여운걸 좋아하시는군요..

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    두목님 !! >ㅆ < ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 돈이 최곱니다 !! 😍😍

  3. 레벤 says:

    저는 그림모양에 따라 어케 종이를 자르는지 모르긋서요..그게 제일 궁금하당…어케 종이를 그림과 똑같이 자르시는걸깡..

  4. Bich Pham says:

    This is so new and different, I love it 🥰

  5. 치즈파블렛서장님 says:

    헉 항상 궁금했던건데 올려주셨어요!!신기해요!!감사해요!!

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    또 왔습니다. 두목님.
    진짜 목소리 기깔나게 좋습니다.

  7. Diyan R says:

    I really love your paper art and would like to try it out, but could you input english subtitle, please?? I have been wondering how you do it. Thank you so much for making this video tutorial ☺❤❤

  8. 감람 says:

    종이를 어떻게 자르는건지가 제일 궁금하다
    종이의 신과 계약이라도 했나?

  9. 윤지원 says:

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    Please. ⚡👓

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    그래서 구독~

  66. Yoru Nana says:

    That "just trace it, there's no other way, just do it, keep do it" with your plain voice 😂😂😂 omg i love you so much 💜💕💕✨✨✨

  67. eye cat says:

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  71. 궁디빵빵 says:

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    요즘에 영상 자주 올려주시니 좋아요. 😀 페이퍼아트라는 분야가 생소하다보니깐 자료가 별로 없어서 거의 독학 수준으로 만들었는데 튜토리얼, 강좌 같은 영상을 만들어주시니 페이퍼아트 처음하시는 분들도 입문하기 편할것 같아요. 나중에 채색법 같은 것도 차근차근 알려주세용♡
    두목님이리 그런지 목소리가 카리스마 있네요.

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    영상 즐겁게 보고갑니다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Thank you for the subtitles! Amazing video as always

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  81. Leonardo Fernández says:

    I liked your video

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    너무 재밌게 영상 봣습니다! 정말 대단하시네요..! 정성 한가득이에요~! SNS에서는 완성된 작품만 보았는데, 이렇게 만드는 과정을 보게 되어 기쁩니다! 잘 보고 갑니다 구독이랑 좋아요 누르고 갈게요 두목님!

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  93. 홍시 says:

    저정도가 난잡이라니….두목님
    그리고 꿀팁 공유 다급함+다정함이 담겨있으시고 ㅎ
    아직 연장과 썸타시는 중 ㅎ

  94. 봉천동황금손햄찌 says:

    말투 완전 제 취향 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇ무덤덤하신데 넘 매력적이십니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  95. ミ매기님 says:

    4:59 왹져같습니다 두목님

  96. MultiKled says:

    여자 사나고 느낌이 사아알짝 나네요 ㅋㅋ 근데 너무 재밌어요!!!

  97. ym_여멍 says:

    송진님의 눈 기법 특허내셧다고 들엇는데
    저도 페이퍼아트 해볼려는데 그 기법 넣어서
    선물하거나 개인소장은 가능한가요??

  98. Totally Insane Art says:

    Fantastic idea. I love this too much.
    I have always enjoyed paper craft, but you have taken it to a new level.

  99. ggukk says:

    The way you explain things together with your tone is hilarious, I love it

  100. D K says:

    눈만 있는 종이 엄청..왹져같네요…👽👽

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