Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp Extracts Conversations and Attachments

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp Extracts Conversations and Attachments

Hello everyone! Here is a short video about ElcomSoft Explorer for WhatsApp. We’re gonna see how it actually works. Basically it allows you to extract WhatsApp data from different sources. First of all, you can expert WhatsApp data from iCloud drive using either Apple ID and password or authentication token and including
passing two-factor authentication of course. Second, you can expert WhatsApp
data from iCloud backup using again Apple ID and password or authentication token and again passing two-factor authentication. Third, you can extract data from iTunes backup and let’s choose this option and see how
it works. Now we’ve downloaded the backup and extracted it. We can see some general information about the backup: whom it belongs to, telephone number and unique user ID etc. let’s see the are the calls. For example, we can choose one contact
and also we can export this kind of data. Exporting is very simple the data will
be exported to excel file. And you can work with it later. Now let’s go through contacts. Here we have the whole list of our contacts. We can also search by some
keyword like surname or name of the contact. And again we can also export
either whole data or just particular data. The third type of data is media. Here we have all photos and videos. The tool allows you to get some brief
information about the picture and save it. You can also choose what kind of pictures or media files you would like to export and export them information about them into a separate excel file. You can also filter media files by date
or by kind of detail like incoming or outgoing data and split them into video
files or just pictures as you like. Finally, you can also look through
messages. Messages may take some time, depending on the number of conversations
that the user had. Also you can export the conversations
either by person by the contact or all together. It may also take down some
time depending on the number of conversations. Also in an excel file. You can also filter data again each type of
data each category has these kind of filters: by date, by type (like outgoing
or incoming data), also by type of attachments, the conversation may have. And if you like you can also extract choosing categories either
separate categories or all of them. For example, here we can export calls, call
logs and data and end contacts here Here again you can set filters as you like it
and save the settings. All export will get an excel file. And again you can choose a source: you
can choose Android device but you would need to connect the Android in that case, or you can choose the storage. Thanks for watching our video and visit
our website for more information!

Dereck Turner

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  1. ElcomSoft Company says:

    Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.20 adds full iOS 11 support, and enables compatibility with the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android. In addition, the update adds Excel exporting, allowing experts to save extracted data as an Excel-compatible spreadsheet. Read more about EXWA 2.20 update on our website: https://www.elcomsoft.com/news/679.html

  2. Seri Ka says:

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  4. Amalond says:

    Mehr Bugs als keine Ahnung was

  5. Justin V. says:

    im getting an http request error while connecting to google drive

  6. Vinicius Costa Martins says:

    Having trouble downloading the xls from messages when loading my Google Drive backup. Already sent an e-mail on support but got no answer yet

  7. rafa br289 says:

    version 2.71 build 32041 erro! program say (HTTP request error) fix?

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