Einstein’s Brain Was Stolen and Chopped Up Into Tiny Pieces…For Science?!

Einstein’s Brain Was Stolen and Chopped Up Into Tiny Pieces…For Science?!

On April 18, 1955 the father of relativity,
Albert Einstein, died of a burst Aorta and was taken to a mortuary in Princeton, New
Jersey. Einstein’s wish was to be cremated but the
pathologist on duty thought it a shame to destroy such a celebrated brain. So, without permission, he picked up a saw
and cut Einstein’s cranium and extracted his brain… oh and he also grabbed his eyeballs. Dr Harvey then plopped everything into a couple
of jars. And promptly alerted the New York Times. The family was furious, but Harvey eventually
convinced them his actions were all in the the name of science! The jar of eyes was given to Einstein’s
eye doctor Henry Abrams who placed them in a safe deposit box which is rumoured to be
somewhere in New York City. The brain however, went on a far wider journey. after cutting the brain into 240 blocks he
was able to make a thousand slides out of different portions of Albert Einstein’s brain. He boxed up those slides and sent them to
researchers around the world. Although Harvey stole the brain in the name
of science, promising to publish important research,  in the four decades that followed
he never did…But the slides that Harvey sent to qualified brain researchers around
the world did reveal some interesting things about Einstein’s brain. Even though Einstein’s IQ was way higher
than most, the size of his brain was actually smaller than the average male. More significantly though, Einstein’s inferior
parietal region was about 15 percent larger than average.It’s thought to be the part
of the brain that helps with language and mathematics. Another anatomical difference is that he was
lacking a crevice in the skull area in the brain called the Sylvian fissure. Also his brain did not show any significant
signs of aging. which it appears in the brain with age. It was lacking a substance called lipofuscin,
which is an autofluorescent brown-yellow pigment that’s not very well understood. What we do know is that it accumulates in
the human body with age, and yet at 76 years old, Einstein’s brain was almost completely
void of it. But none of these facts could be considered
a huge breakthrough in understanding Einstein’s genius. So eventually the hub bub died down and for
the most part, the famous brain was forgotten. The remainder of Einstein’s brain that was
not dissected into slides was put into a cider box under a beer cooler in Dr. Harvey’s
home. After spending decades in a beer cooler, Dr
Harvey donated the brain to Princeton Hospital. As for the 1000 slides? What happened to them. There were five boxes of slides created of
Einstein’s brain. We know that one set of slides is at the National
Museum of Health and Medicine. At the Mutter Museum we have 46 ….the rest
of the slides are MIA. There’s no doubt that what Harvey did wasn’t
exactly ethical and probably not in the name of science BUT hopefully with modern technology
and our developing knowledge of the human brain, secrets about Einstein’s brain may
finally be revealed and it’s long journey from an Ivy League hospital to a beer cooler
won’t be for nothing. Thanks for watching, if you were
still wondering about Einstein’s eyeballs, in the 90s, there was a rumor that Michael
Jackson wanted to buy them for $5 million, but Dr Henry Abrams quickly denied they were
for sale. As far as we can tell they are still in a
safety deposit box somewhere. For more, please subscribe to the channel
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Dereck Turner

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  1. Gymnastics Frog says:

    Oh… Oh wow..

  2. brawl warrior says:

    Thats just fucken wrong what if I the doctor's brain to pieces

  3. SundayWith Coco says:

    That disrespectful

  4. Tazer FFA says:

    They foundout he didn't die from what they said its all ganna b covered up by a secret society they runs the world wakeup and do your reacher

  5. SaraandStuart Shannon says:

    He was disgusting human being. Forced his first wife to give their daughter for adoption, took credit for her scientific work and had sex with his cousin. He deserved even worse than his brain and eyes been stolen after death.

  6. zoperxplex says:

    Not for science but for dinner.



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  9. Blurry says:

    What was he gonna do with it? Replace Einsteins brain with his brain to get smart like Einstein?

  10. Aesxop says:

    Einstein died on my birthday. O_o

  11. Aesxop says:

    My birthday is April 18th

  12. ii_Spy says:

    i try reading a book about him and the brain

  13. RacoTEN says:

    A baby dinosaur asked mom dinosaur that where will they go when they die and she answers: We will go to a museum my son!

  14. Sylvester Ozua says:


  15. Sylvester Ozua says:

    Harvey bih

  16. Enzo Apuya says:

    on april 18th, 2009 i was born.
    i have amazing grades in math and science. pls explain

  17. nobody knows says:

    There are so few reliquaries in science.

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    Huh what who what why?

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  22. ozesem says:

    Rest in piece Albert and hopfelly you dont feel bad about studying your body as u said no..

  23. Balkony says:

    "average IQ 90 to 110"
    My mom has a IQ of 127

  24. Rapatic KaQzY says:

    I bet if I pay 100 bill dollars they still won't Barry his brain

  25. SquackerDaPlayer says:

    wait then whos albert son or greatgrandson

  26. Santhene Tan says:

    x x

  27. - Wõlfié Chãn - says:

    Why would you think that its right to pull a brain and eyes out of a person, especially if its Einstein's brain! 😶😑

  28. Du Fay says:

    Rest in peace

  29. Berathefire says:

    april 18th is my bday

  30. A i d e n says:

    I’ll disgusting

  31. .;Joeha;. says:

    But… WHY?

  32. Croc says:

    If he lived a few more years. We would be able to time travel..

  33. phrogy says:

    Damn yesterday was the 18th of april

  34. Bilfer 922 says:

    Einstein even predicted black holes too and there was no technology back then imagine how smart he was to do that

  35. HQ says:

    I love science and want to be a scientist or detective
    Why cant i be as smart as this good person

  36. 姜1977jiangbinhui says:

    I felt sorry

  37. •Rosy Sassy Gamer• says:

    They r crazy mad

  38. Naleni Munusami says:


  39. BigmacSmallFries says:

    he donated the brain to a museum after he stole it, as if he had any right to the brain in the first place right?

  40. the weieŕd guy none says:

    Its thomas edison

  41. Justin Matugas258 says:

    They're going to do the same to Stephen Hawking :^)

  42. Bushbaby XOXO says:

    Well whos comming w me to find his eyes?

  43. Gia_ Editzシ says:

    Poor Einstein..

  44. ItsGaming123 TV says:

    This is wrong.The doctor get permision from Einstens in 1945

  45. Bea Reyes says:

    You can even use animal brain

  46. Please rape my wet chicken Nuggets says:

    Now he told y'all sucks to leave in body in peace did u guys miss heard pieces

  47. Alpha Mode says:

    Wow this is so sick theu dod that for a science and fame like why cant u inderstand mind ur own busniess u can like use a fake silicone brain uh thats so fricking sick

  48. WorldReacts says:

    Let’s All Thanks 🙏🏻 Doctor Harvey

  49. Lxzy King Aesthetical says:

    So basically he wanted to be a teacher but he found another job that was fun to him

    Sorry I spoiled it

  50. night_creeps says:

    I'm actually not surprised wtf

  51. Venkitesh Ramkumar says:

    May be he could rebirth like been he normally covered his body

  52. Eni Demirazi says:

    I was born on the day Albert Einstein was born March 14th

  53. sgnate bush says:

    Whats wrog with isting

  54. Bacon Bekfast says:

    What dumb idiot

  55. Smart Bot says:

    When Albert Einstein was sick doctors ask to check is brain Albert said no,

  56. Gaming Gacha says:

    had us at the title not gonna lie

  57. Ashleen Gim says:

    Albert Einstein refused surgery! So the next day he died 🙁

  58. Pink Wolf says:

    There was some messed up people back then

  59. DJ filterd fantasy says:

    Couldnt they have literally just transplant the braing to someone else and see what happens and if they get smarter

  60. Party of Seven says:

    That’s so fucked up.

  61. LJ YT says:

    No mr einstien agreed in that 🙂 u udiot

  62. the emotions of time says:

    Einstein’s Brain Was Stolen and Chopped Up Into Tiny Pieces!?!? no offense, but are you for real?!? we die and what happens to our brain why don't you make a video about that?

  63. Paul Finlay says:


  64. Check Creeper says:

    Einstein made the Big Bang Thery

  65. countryhumans korea says:

    Boye…. Whta the…

  66. Kims Bee says:

    Human are so rude and selfish

  67. Chamomile Tea says:

    My uncle has an IQ Of 170

    Seems legit

  68. GermanGamer7 says:

    It's actually still kept, this is a lie.

  69. yes, I’m an armchair, now leave me alone says:

    Science has gone too far

  70. duckicorn says:

    ewww, who would steal a brain and eyeballs🤢🤮🤮🤮

  71. Sha Sha lwin says:

    911! There’s a thief!

  72. Kenneth James says:

    They should have examined the guy from the mortuaries brain instead.

  73. Thebearcat66 says:

    He was a Nazi

  74. SpookySanitizer says:


  75. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    If anyone is interested in the correct pronunciation of Einstein he deserves it imho) :

    Press on the little speaker button. Ignore the "nach".

  76. Leo Nardo says:

    They did this to clone this guy .

  77. Jayson Power says:

    I think he ate his eyes.. to gain his courage.

  78. Joseph Gutierrez says:

    April 18

  79. simpsons Bart says:

    If intestine developed relativity then people are dumb as natures
    was practicing nativity before this an they also became relatives,?,

  80. Tomas Rojas says:

    damn that's a shame. I guess no matter how important or famous you were you end up just like this . What a reality. In the name of science tho.

  81. Harry Truman says:

    He should have went to prison

  82. smartypig38 says:

    Don't pity the dead, pity the living, and above all, those without love-Albus Percieval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

  83. Xnogenesis says:

    i thought the internet seemed familiar

  84. Xnogenesis says:

    wait,.. they're chopping people's brains up and he's selling tee-shirts for 23.99 on YouTube,..LMAO

  85. Gaming_tech Team says:

    He started smoking to die on pupose and he told them

  86. Grazent Lau says:

    If you are too genius, your brain might be stolen without your knowledge because it is a form of 'treasure' … great, thats kinda scary.

  87. April says:

    I love Science, who else?

  88. eyosyas guush says:

    Disobeying the last words of a man is not cool Harvey

  89. jne K says:

    There are asian people who have a higher IQ than Einstein and understand all of his work but don’t get nearly as recognized in the west as they may be recognized in the east.

  90. ThreeBuilderBeans says:

    thats so rude i fr feel bad just why not just let the man rest in peace

  91. Bunn Banga says:

    Nikola Tesla is the real Einstein!! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  92. Doge Doge says:

    I wish i have 1000,000000000,0000000% of neutrons so i can be so smart

  93. GamingAddict 12 says:

    Well being a genius isn't fun as i thought.

  94. Kane gaming Game says:

    He going to hell

  95. J de la Cruz says:

    Now doctors and clowns are equally scary

  96. Souylilong Toysreview says:


  97. Osamu Shinohara says:

    His Brain itself was a Great Physical Book to learn the theory of relativity for people who wants to learn science . The doctor Harvey, however, sliced destroy this historical Brain that history needs more than 200 years to produce again. There can be many types of genius men but Einstein was a rarity like gold. Hitler burned his own science books when he escaped from Nazists. And in America he was cut into pieces by the doctor. We live in age of science and technology. And genius like him advance our quality of life. We should think more about genius for development of our civilization.

  98. Cypekrown says:

    So we use brain to study brain

  99. happy mass shooting usa says:

    unit 731 was an unetical human experiment on innocent Chinese civilians. Guess what the devil japanese said. "For science"

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