hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you one of my college favorite dish that is eating out egg
puffs you know when you go out you need to
drink a soft drink and then enjoy a egg puff. Now I don’t drink soft drink but but i still
love egg puffs so to make egg puff, first we need to learn
how to make puff dough so i’m going to quickly show you how to make the puff
dough then i’m going to show you how to roll the sheet and then make egg puffs here I’ve got around 250 grams of
all-purpose flour, in this flour we’re going to add 5 grams of salt and 10
grams of sugar here is 130 ml of water; in this we’re going to squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice now we’re going to mix this in the flour
and make this into a dough, it is going to be you know medium stiff dough. The dough is soft and just rest it for few minutes. After that take 15 or 20 grams of butter and then knead this into
the dough, now when the dough is ready just put a cling rap or something, now
just sprinkle some flour we’re going to roll this into a thin
sheet ok you know very easy just a tap it on
the sides and just make it into a nice rectangle shape. Take this butter
divide them into three portions and put one portion in one half of the dough very
evenly very thin layer I have spread take some flour and sprinkle a very thin
layer cannot this much even thin just sprinkle ok now we have the mark just fold this
like this ok just to make sure stretch it little bit and put this till the edge and the second fold the same thing put it like this just make sure pull it little bit stretch and then do it like this you know take a tray and sprinkle
little bit flour now very carefully lift the sheet and put on the tray now take
a cloth and just cover it, if the cloth is slightly wet that is good. Now we’re going to put
this dough in the fridge for at least 20 minutes till the door slightly cool after resting for 15 minutes just take
the dough, the dough will be little bit you know harder now just of course the
same old story we’re going to sprinkle a lot more flour
onto the table this time we’re going to roll it this
way stretch it and roll it now take the butter the second portion of the butter again
just try an imaginary line and spread this butter evenly onto the sheet sprinkle the flour and we’re going to do
again the envelope fold just stretch the dough little bit and just make sure it
is covered now from this side we’re going to pull
it stretch it and do it now we are done just make sure you sprinkle
the flour and just put the sheet in the tray then cover it with a cloth and
once again we’re going to put in the fridge for around 15 minutes and we’re
going to use the last portion of the button same way we did it now for the third time just take the
sheet let’s sprinkle the flour just roll the
sheet into a nice rectangle for the third time we’re going to add the butter now don’t worry no three portions we’re going to spread this evenly but always remember this dough has to be
cold that’s when the butter will be you know spread like this otherwise it’ll start melting and you will not get a nice puff sheet. Ok just let’s say this is
the center part just sprinkle the flour see this flour also will help forming
nice layers now just fold it in half like this and this side also fold it like this ok this is the book fold, sprinkle some more flour not much though okay then here your puff shee is all ready. Now we’re going to put this back on the
tray and then we’re going to put in the refrigerator and we can use it whenever
you want now look at the sheet once you cut the
sheet you will see thin layers of butter that’s when your egg puff will nicely puff up, so to roll this we’re going to use a little extra flour
and sprinkle a little extra now we’re going to roll this into a
square shape and then i’m going to show you how to make the egg puffs. Now look
at this sheet it’s in square shape, now just we’re going
to cut it in the center after cutting it length wise we’re going to cut it into little bit
squares now you don’t need any spices in this is
going to be very tasty just by adding little pepper and salt
now we would add little bit pepper in the center along with little bit of salt not much just sprinkle a little bit of
salt now bring the edges together and seal it like this what will happen now these parts will
puff up and the egg will get stuck inside now you know after making the egg puffs
if you are left with any strips just fold it like this and you have your
bowtie cookie it is as simple as that now look at them we made little fancy shapes you can
make it any shape, you can make them rounds, you can make them into you know
any shape you want sometimes they fold it all through but i want the egg to be seen
when it is done that texture on the white of the egg gets really nice so now you can you know give milk wash
for this so that it looked good only the edges atleast. You know if you
want you can also give water wash even that’ll work now we have to bake it at 220 degrees
centigrade for around 20 minutes that’s when this
will puff up and come out good now look at this you can make this at
home so easily and very very flavorful tasty we made them with butter now like to test haha oh wow only when you bite on the egg with little
pepper, salt it’s even more tastier. This is just too good. Dear friends look at this you can make this at home
try it once you try it you will always make it home so see you in another session. Till then bye bye. Khuda hafez

Dereck Turner

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