Egg Biryani – By Vahchef @

Egg Biryani – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at The other day I had a
couple of friends over for dinner and I cooked chicken biryani and there were two
little kids in the whole group and the argument started whether the chicken came first or the egg came first and they looked at me Chef Uncle did chicken come first or egg come first how would I know in fact i have many nightmares thinking
about whether the chicken came first or the egg came first I seriously looked at them and answered
the egg biryani came first I’m like these guys what see when I was a little kid you know they used to be advertisement in the newspaper saying
that egg is vegetarian lot of people had a big argument then egg is vegetarian or not to be very frank these eggs are not fertilized. In this show we may not be able to answer whether the chicken came first or the egg came first but for all those egg
vegetarians today I’m going to make egg biryani we
have done many methods of making biryani like pakki birynai which we did lamb and
chicken we didvegetable biryani which is 70 percent cooked we also did rice cooker method of vegetable pulao today in this video we’re going to use the method this is called absorption method in which we are going to cook egg separately and
we’re going to cook rice separately this method you can use very well with shrimp
with fish and other kind of very tender meat biryani so to prepare this egg biryani I got
some boiled egg what we’re going to do with this eggs is
we’re going to marinate them we’re saute them and add into the rice so first learn how to make excellent
rice for this biryani so all you do is add some oil into a pan in this oil add whole garam masala you know I usually add little extra because whenever i’m not making chicken or lamb I want to make sure the rice is very
flavorful and then i’m going add some shahi jeera you can even use regular cumin…add onion add little bit of salt ok you can add some
cashews nuts the reason why i add cashew nuts to lot of vegetarian biryani and egg biryani is because you know we need a little bit of any
additional richness helps in this biryani you can see this onions getting
slightly brown i’m going to add some green chilli and
coriander leaves and okay and then mint okay and on the side add ginger-garlic paste and mix after you cook the ginger garlic little bit i’m going to add some yogurt yesterday when I made vegetable biryani I’ve got couple of emails asking that how much biryani masala powder I’ve used and what is the weight this is like a 50 gm packet and i’m going to add one in this and then mix
very well now I’ve taken this container and have taken two full containers of rice
and I’ve soaked it for almost 30 minutes now so how much water do we need to add to
this so what we’re going to do we’re going to
add three of water a lot of times we get into a confusion of how much water to add to rice you should see my video on rice and
other biryanis so I’ve added three portions of water
into this to cook proportions of rice why did I had three portions of water
to portions of rice why not four portions of water that is because I’ve
soaked this rice for almost forty five minutes now and this rice has absorbed equal amount
of water that is good enough for one container of water so we are eventually
we are going to have four portions of water to two portions of rice but since
the right absorb we’re going to reduce that much amount of water from this
content. To this preparation we’re going to add rice so they’re going
to add to this after you add rice check the seasoning
if you think you need a little more salt in it you can add salt otherwise this is
perfect and then just cover it up with a lid one beautiful think about this
preparation is you don’t have to worry about it you know bring the whole mixture to a boil and when the water is completely evaporating put it at a sim flame and leave it and then the biryani will be ready i’m going to add a little bit of chili powder, very little of ginger garlic paste little bit of coriander powder a little bit of
cumin powder and then a little bit of besan you know it’s up to you if you want to
add besan or not and then mix all these ingredients good and then add little bit egg into this mixture what we’re going to do we’re going to
make this very nicely and then we’re going to coat eggs with this egg over egg
and then we’re going to grill it. It’s going be awesome now this rice cooks so fast that we don’t
even have time to fry these eggs so let me just show you see you know
when all these holes form on the rice on the top you can see lot of these
holes that’s when you know this rice is absorbed all the moisture and at this
time what you’re going to do you’re going to put it as sim as possible and leave it and the rice will be cooked. Take little
butter, dip these eggs in this mixture ok just coat these eggs really nice and
make sure that the flame is very low and then just coat these eggs and drop it
in this mixture ok just rotate these eggs little bit now you can see these eggs are very nicely coated there is a kind of a omeletty texture that’s what you want you’re egg biryani to have otherwise you know you just put some some boiled eggs you know it doesn’t give much you know texture to
your biryani today i’m cooking this egg biryani because I invited one of my very
good old friend Mr. Paul Buggappa he’s getting married in a couple of days and
I wish him all the best with his marriage with his new wife to be. So you know what I
love to do is once my rice is ready i love to add some butter on top and then
I love to put these eggs also on top just very carefully remove the rice and put it
on top you know in the end you can add some
saffron color on top so look at this beautiful biryani and
you know what I’m going to do I’m going to get some rice here this beautiful egg biryani is ready so let me taste you know what let me invite my good friend Mr. Paul who is here who is getting married. Mr. Paul why don’t you please come over here. Thank you so why don’t you taste. Man look at this guy. This guy need may 10 eggs in the biryani ok so Mr. Paul so how do you feel better so how do you feel that you’re getting
married in another couple of days. I feel fantastic ok long time waiting that’s good wow this is fantastic do you like it okay see when people come to my show
they have to take pledge and since you’re getting married I want you to take a pledge today that
you’re going to help your wife in cooking for the rest of your life so do you agree or not. I agree a hundred
percent ok so Dear Christina Mr. Paul has pledged in front of the
camera in front of the entire world that he is going to help you in cooking and
cook lot of delicious food baby I know this is a nice surprise for
you but i can’t wait to see you and some 30 is right around the corner so gear up
my friend jay is here with me and we’re gonna make some fantastic food for the
rest of our lives only because of j love you baby so dear
friends I’m 5′ 11 but when you stand beside a
seven foot guy so you know how you look so i hope you enjoyed
today’s session of learning egg biryani with your VahChef but remember to post your cooking tips
and recipes so others may benefit from your great cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

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