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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to make a ladoo from Rajasthan what we call it is gond ka ladoo, for making gond ladoo first we
need to make a flour out of urad dal wash, this is urad dal wash you know
take around one cup of urad dal wash and put it in a blender and make into a coarse powder now heat ghee and pour on top in this i’m going to add one
tablespoon of milk, this addition of moisture is required because this
moisture will prevent the flour from getting burnt easily now you know we
need to make it into a crumble just the way we do short crust just press this because we’re going to
pass this through a strainer now you know put all this into a strainer and
then slowly pass it through a seive okay see this is to ensure that we get a really
nice ladoos now take around one cup of ghee in which add this flour and
now we have to cook it on a slow flame you know the same way we did moong dal halwa you know we have to cook on a very slow flame till very nice flavor comes and this becomes red in
color this cooking may take up to 45 minutes so you know have lot of
patience when you’re making this ladoo now you can see that this has attained
the nice in almond golden color now going to switch off the flame and we’re
going to let this cool down little bit now we’re going to make a very thick syrup
for this just add little water so that the sugar gets wet but do not add too much if you add too much water then it will
become a very thin syrup now you know make the sugar syrup at one string
consistency this is slightly thicker than the gulab
jamun syrup now see this is a single thread consistency ok you can see the thread now pour this sugar syrup into this flour mixture yeah after adding the thick sugar syrup into
this flour mixture we’re going to let it cool the gond is an edible gum which looks
like crystal this is the gum which one fried it will become like popcorns like
this and this is what we use to make ladoo that is the reason why it’s called gond ladoo because this is gond you know lot of people what they do they add them
whole you know as like this but some people
like to powder it and add it so what I’m going to do I’m going to
divide into 2 i’m going to make half of it into a coarse powder and half of it
i’m going to add whole, I am going to you know crush some of it and some of it i’m going to leave them remain whole now you can see that this mixture while cooling
it is becoming thick, in this add this gum and mix this this is still little bit hot but once this cool down it becomes even more thick and you can make them into ladoos, these ladoos are very popular lot of times they give this ladoos to woman
who have just delivered, these ladoos are very nutritious now you can see that the mixture is
all ready now you can add nuts you can roast them
or you can add just like that ok and then we’re going to make them into ladoos, these ladoos are made especially in winters because they’re so rich you know what i was told for 1kg of urad dal they use 3 kg of ghee in making these ladoos,
man very rich ladoos but when you eat it they are so tasty in fact they give the warmth that you need
in the winter by eating this very nutritious and rich ladoos, I hope you
enjoyed today’s session but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others
to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so
others can benefit from your great cooking

Dereck Turner

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