EASY WAY to Draw Faces at ANY ANGLE! (Face Drawing Tutorial #2)

EASY WAY to Draw Faces at ANY ANGLE! (Face Drawing Tutorial #2)

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m bruses and bunnies and I’d like to welcome you to the second
tutorial of my face drawing series in this video we’re going to be focusing on
how to draw heads at any angle using the Loomis method the Loomis face drawing
method is something that I covered in my very first tutorial videos so I’ll be
posting a link down below in the video description and you guys can check that
out if you would like to know the basics in any case I will quickly Risa mirai’s
the Loomis method for drawing faces as I explain how to use it in different
angles and then we’re going to jump right into two specific examples
commonly used face angles for example the 3/4 view and also the profile view perhaps one of the most important
elements of the Loomis method are the lines that you draw across the circle of
the face these lines are basically reference lines that provides you with
information on where certain facial features for go and also it helps
determine the overall proportion of the head when drawing faces at any angle
whether it’s a character that’s looking up at the sky or looking down below or
slightly off-center I guess you can say like a minute 3/4 view it’s really
important to actually remember that these lines exist and actually utilize
them to your advantage so in this case one of the most important lines are
actually the ones that cross so you have a horizontal line that goes across which
indicates where the brows and eyes will go and this typically cuts across the
circle that you draw and the second important line is the one that goes
vertically and this cuts across the face and divides the sphere or the circle
into two equal pieces and also determines the sort of angle where the
character is looking at so when I’m drawing faces I tend to start with a
circle and then I go into the vertical line which provides me with the angle
and then I go into the horizontal line across which also provides me with
whether the character is looking a little bit upwards or downwards and from
then on I basically map out the rest of the face with the other reference lines
you’ve got the hair you’ve got the nose line and you’ve got
the jaw line something to take into account in this case is actually the
side of the face so especially when you’re drawing in a 3/4 view you have to
realize that the circle that you drew should actually be a sphere with a sort
of cut off on the side when you take a look at the human skull this the human
skull is not you know a circle shape it actually has different pains and it has
crevasses and especially on the sides of your head it is more flat I’ll be
covering this flattened ball concept in the examples that I’ll be showing in
just a few seconds and it’s gonna make a lot more sense when I’m actually drawing
a full-sized character oh and by the way doing this exercise in your sketchbook
is an amazing thing that you can do for practice take some reference photos that
you find online whether it’s on Google Images or Pinterest or Instagram and
find models that you want to draw try to find unique sort of angles and practice
them in your sketchbook just draw the basic shape don’t worry about the facial
features for now just try to get that sort of head angle and shape and you
know sketch the reference lines and the more you do it the more you’ll get used
to it and eventually you’ll be able to sketch faces without the need of any
sort of guides they say that the 3/4 view is one of the
hardest angles to draw but to be honest with you I actually find it the easiest
one I do struggle a lot more with the front-facing view for some reason not
sure why but in any case 3/4 view you of course start with a circle and from that
circle you then divide with your vertical and your horizontal line the
vertical line indicates where sort of the angle of the head and the horizontal
line indicates the eye level and in which angle the eyes or the head is
facing I’m going to pop up the reference photo here just for you to see exactly
sort of how I’m structuring based on the angle of the head with the horizontal
and the vertical line from that point on I do slice off the circle so that it has
a flattened side on the sphere and this is where you’re going to start to play
with the angle a lot more I start to build the sides of the face so his
cheekbones his draw and then all the way up to his ear and of course hairline and
these sort of slicing off of the sphere is what what’s going to help you build
the overall head shape here’s another reference photo with this
sort of reference guides built in just for you to see exactly what I’m going
for here in the 3/4 view and also the profile view the side circle that you
draw within the overall larger circle is definitely more prominent than in the
front-facing view of a face and this side circle can then help you even
further guide where the draw will end and also where the ear will start so as
I keep drawing I slowly start to build up the face and I’m also looking back at
my reference photo a lot and just trying to get those angular shapes down right
especially for the cheekbones and for the jaw and then once I have sort of a
frame set in place I then kind of work on the neck a little bit just to kind of
give a little bit more reference or detail to the sketch and then I deep
dive into the facial features when drawing facial features at this angle
you have to be acutely aware that there is an angle to the head and therefore
the facial features should sort of flow with that
in the case of the eyes you in this case on the left side or yeah his left eye
should be a little bit higher than his right eye and this is sort of just going
along with the flow of the horizontal line that I drew when you’re initially
drawing your reference line it does help if you curve them a little bit
especially for the horizontal and vertical just to kind of see exactly
where your facial features will go and in sort of which direction should they
flow in same goes with the mouth the mouth should be at a little bit of an
angle and the ear as well in terms of how to draw eyes noses and lips and
again I just want to kind of restate that I will be doing a separate video
tutorial in this so I won’t be dwelling on these details for this video it’s
going to take too long to explain so I’m going to separate this topic up into
multiple videos and after some rough shading and playing along with the
thickness of the lines as I typically do this is sort of the outcome of the
sketch and yeah this is the 3/4 view let’s jump into the profile view now just like everything else we’ve learned
in drawing faces the profile is no different you start off with a circle
and then you have your horizontal line to indicate the brow an eye area and you
also have your vertical line to indicate the front of the face what is a little
bit different is that the sort of sliced flattened ball concept of the face
drawing method is a lot more apparent in the profile by drawing a second circle
that’s a little bit smaller inside the largest circle this will indicate the
sides of the face and also by cutting this circle in half you will then have a
starting point to where the job will end here is a reference photo indicating how
this is actually built the flattened ball concept is something that you can
apply to any angle of your face the three-quarter view we did touch base on
it and you can see if you go back to this I do split that little circle into
half and this is where I can then start with drawing the jaw so this does help a
lot and actually it does help to give more dimension to the head and produce
rather than a flattened shape something that’s a little bit more spherical in
nature and something that resembles the human skull from that point I then just
proceed with the other reference lines with the hair line with the nose line
and with the jaw line and then I start to fill in all of the facial features
here’s another reference photo where I indicate where these reference lines
will appear and also you notice based on the angle of the head the reference
lines will also be angled and therefore your facial features should also follow
those subtle lines and that’s basically the technique I think that this
technique is an amazing technique that applies for any sort of angle that
you’re trying to draw a face in it definitely works and it definitely helps
to figure out these sort of angles and also the proportions of the face and the
more you practice the better you’ll get at it so I would definitely recommend in
your sketch books as a sort of daily X sighs or weekly exercise to just
practice drawing different angles using this method you can practice the same
one over and over again until you get better and eventually you’ll notice that
you won’t even need to draw the reference lines and you’ll just kind of
realize how things should appear and how things should go but this goes without
saying that there are different proportions out there humans don’t look
alike obviously this is again just a rough guide to getting the things
started off right things will be a little bit different you can draw
characters that have white or just more narrow faces some characters that have
maybe an oval shaped or square face the noses can be obviously different lengths
it really depends but by using these guides you can then have a good starting
point for everything that you do so after some rough sketching and just
playing around with the thickness of the lines this is the final result of the
sketch and that’s basically everything I hope you did learn a lot in this video
and also I hope you are learning a lot with this tutorial series please let me
know in the comments below if you enjoy it I’ll be posting the third tutorial
next week and this is actually going to be facial features we’re going to start
off with the eyes drawing female and male eyes so I’m quite excited to get to
that one then we’re gonna progress the nose the lips the hair and then we’re
going to talk about expressions so there’s a lot coming to this tutorial
series don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay tuned to that and follow or
you know follow for notifications on when I have a new video that’s being
posted but yeah I’m excited for this series I hope you guys are too and I
want to wish you all a fantastic weekend we will see each other next week keep
drawing keeping awesome and yeah

Dereck Turner

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