Easy Watercolor Tutorial: Sweet & Simple Cake  #easywatercolor #watercolornewbie #watercolor

Easy Watercolor Tutorial: Sweet & Simple Cake #easywatercolor #watercolornewbie #watercolor

is I’ve kind of cordoned off a little
rectangle here with some painters tape and you might not be able to see but I
have drawn some horizontal lines and so what I’m going for is a a layer cake of
sorts and this is actually a really like I said it’s a really great project for
new if you’re new to watercolor because you can it’s a good way to practice your
shading or making shades of your paint so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
do a darker layer a not as dark layer a little left third layer and then a very
light layer on top okay so I’m going to start I want to do an orange my palate
is very dirty and I should have cleaned it off but I’ll find a clean spot
somewhere okay so I’m going to make a puddle of
water color that is very stressed wrong shade okay because I want to look darker
than the rest so I’m just going to pull them across and my painters tape is
going to be a barrier so I don’t have to worry about making perfectly straight
lines okay so um hey everybody good to see you
say hi and let me know what you’ve been up to what you’ve been painting so that
one’s pretty dark okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add a little bit
more water to that orange yellow color that I’m using and we’re going to make
one more layer up that’s just slightly less dark than that so I’m also going to
leave a little bit of a white space in between my layers if I can if it touches
you know okay okay you know what I might do this
bottom layer is drying a little bit and I want to make it even darker so let’s
do that now I do have lots of fun stuff coming up over in snappy new day art so
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there I have some really really exciting things coming up and yeah you’re going
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it’s best to get on my email list that way you know that you’ll get a message
for me if there’s something to know okay so as you can see my layers are kind of
getting lighter as I’m going up so as you can see so this is the beginning of
my layer cake so there it is so those are its layers I’m gonna let this piece
dry and I’m gonna do the stand and then wait completely dries I might have to
use my air gun but or a heat gun but when it totally dries I’m going to add
some little flowers peel off the tape and the Nansen flowers so yeah these are
so much fun okay so let’s see here let’s do oh I want Prussian blue
Prussian blue if you don’t have a Prussian blue and your watercolor
palette you have got to you is my favorite blue it’s great for doing
skies or night skies or clouds it’s a real I think I usually describe it as
like it’s a real dreamy blue so I’m going to just kind of freehand my cake
plate so actually let’s go across okay and I’m actually using a fairly small
brush today a little bit smaller than I normally use because I knew I was gonna have to get
in kind of tight spaces here okay
that’s a good start this is like a really fast way really quick this is not
gonna take any time okay so there’s my cake stand um let’s see I’m gonna take
my heat gun just so I make sure that it’s dry this is the best part let’s
take off the tape we’re not done yet but this step we need to do because oh my
gosh I love taking out the change yeah okay so it looks pretty cake like in and
of itself now but I’m going to add some flowers to the top all right so and
that’s another reason why I used kind of a smaller brush this is size four so if
you have a smaller round brush that would be I think that would be best
so I think what I’m going to do is make a real dark puddle this orange color
that I’ve been using and use it as my flowers and then I’m gonna go in and add
some leaves in this blue color so that’s that’s what I have in my head if it
comes out I don’t know alright so when I do my flowers what I like to do I mean
you can do all kinds if you really want to just keep it simple you could just do
little circles and then add details later but I like to do kind of these
comma shapes so comma comma comma and then rinse my brush out and then pull
some of that paint around so it blends a little bit a
little bit more than their okay see okay here’s my little flower so now I’m gonna
do some like various sizes of that kind of thing across the top of my cake so
let’s see let’s to do a real big one like right here there we go
we’re rinsing off my brush and then I’m just kind of blurring that line on the
outside not too much water because you don’t want to drip down but you want to
blend that outside kind of layer of paint and then you can just leave the
inside totally alone I tell you what I love working with just like two colors
even just one color honestly is fun but this yellowy orange and blue together I
think that’s so much blood I love it that’s one thing I love to do is just
keep it really really simple there’s really no need to use a jillion colors
if you don’t want to I think it it’s a good way to play around with with color
schemes too it’s a good way to practice so okay so there’s that let’s do this um I want to dry this I don’t want the blue
to mix in with the yellow and make too much of our green so I’m gonna try this
really fast so this kind of reminds me of one of those like you know how like
the style of like especially wedding cakes are kind of that naked it could be
the colored naked where you’re just kind of do like a just you know skin of icing
on the cake and then you kind of see the layers through of the cake through it
this is kind of why it reminds me of so you know decorate it all pretty on top
but you can see the layers alright so I’m gonna take some more of that
Prussian blue which is the same color I use down here on my cakes and and I’m
going to add some leaves and some just some you know something that would be
sort of mimicking like greenery or just like the Spiller
kind of thing let me add some dots yeah I think I want if I was gonna get married again which I
don’t plan on it I can’t tell my husband sometimes I’m like can we like get
married again so I can plan another wedding he’s like no I love this kind of
cake this color scheme so very fun okay so here’s the deal I’m gonna leave this
alone but I think what I might do well I was a little dry I will add some
lettering and I will post the final version oops sorry
in the group and I can’t wait to see the rest of your cake so I know that was our
theme for the last week of January but you know barely cake is generally never
right didn’t want to miss it so here it is I love to see what color schemes you
guys come up with so play around with those complementary colors and I can’t
wait to see what you guys come up with so happy Saturday and I will see you
guys again soon

Dereck Turner

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