Easy Origami Quilt Wall Art Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

Easy Origami Quilt Wall Art Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

Origami Quilt
Level 2 – Easy You will need: 1 or more sheets of square paper.
Used: 17 x 17 cm. Module size: 8.5 x 8.5 cm
Use as many squares as you like. Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Please like comment and subscribe! – It really helps! ♥︎ Make lots of these to create a big display, stick them to cardboard or frame them. Start with the color you want on the inside, facing up. Now that you’ve made one, make as many as you like for your origami quilt artwork!

Dereck Turner

37 thoughts on “Easy Origami Quilt Wall Art Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

  1. heylisaa says:

    im earlyy,and its sooo prettyyy☺😻👍👍

  2. Divanshi M says:


  3. darkness woman says:

    Amazing amazing work love it. also the colour you choose. 😍 really enjoy watching your wonderful work. going to do this. 😚 thank you so much for showing and sharing. 😊🌹🌹🌹

  4. Paper Kawaii - Origami Tutorials says:

    Hi origami people! Also have a Kawaii Box giveaway running! Click here to enter: https://goo.gl/sXT2NE 💗😊

  5. Y A S H J A I N says:

    sorry but 2nd Dislike

  6. Heismyrock3 says:

    It is crazy that you just uploaded this! I was looking up various practical origami inspiration on Pinterest yesterday, and I pinned this exact pattern!
    Thank you so much for the upload! I can't wait to make this!

  7. Milan Tack says:

    this i amazing i have always wanted to make origami wall art ps i love all your other videos especially the organisers and draws and your choice of music is awesome

  8. xRosie7x says:

    Wow, this is absolutely stunning! Beautiful colors. I really want to enter your giveaway, but the only social media I use is Youtube. ;_;

  9. polydipsiac says:

    Omg wall art!!! I just stuck some giant origami butterflies on my wall but they were starting to lose their charm.

  10. Michelle Palmer says:

    Thank you, I made it and it turned out beautiful!

  11. Naomi Barnes says:

    Can you please do a Tangled inspired lantern?

  12. Shashi Varma says:

    which pink colour thing u have used in this tutorial it seems like ( stick) ??

  13. Shashi Varma says:

    I liked your this tutorial very much

  14. Shashi Varma says:

    I loved that pink thing but it is not available in my area from where did u buy that pink thing ???

  15. Shashi Varma says:

    East or west paper kawaii origami tutorials are the best !

  16. Ed Blogs says:

    I love your vids. Literally. Your choice of music and how nice you do it and everything.
    Girl, Your Rock!!!!

  17. Lola Hafda says:

    I love this Video I made bunch of these

  18. Sylvia Williams says:

    I loved your video! I just ordered the perfect paper to make a large quilt to hang on my wall. Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. alena.nquyen says:

    OMG this was such a good tutorial so easy keep up the good work 🙂

  20. Valentin Fejes says:

    Wall art by origami is such an interesting idea… would you like to make videos like this in the near future?

  21. Bernadette Nguyen says:

    How do you put the things together? Glue?

  22. Irene LOPEZ NOGUERO says:


  23. Koneko-chan says:

    Can you do a tutorial for this origami? http://www.origamiseiten.de/forcher/fuchs96.pdf pleeeeeease😣😣

  24. xXTokyo_ ShadowXx says:

    I did everything but it didn't come (the free origami paper)

  25. Malizsa Pay says:

    How do u put the pieces and together?

  26. 360 noscope says:

    very cool

  27. Pencil Bee Art says:

    nice one…

  28. Lydia Dommel says:

    This is amazing, I want to make a rainbow one for my classroom.

  29. Denise Pigety says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!

  30. Lea Funch says:

    This is very beautiful and as always you are very good at it.. I tried this for the lid of a box which came out very well. (divide the size of the box in 3, then the result times 2..then you have the size you need for 9 of these)

  31. María Martínez says:

    Best origami things can't stop watching

  32. Sahalie Nelson says:


  33. ThatOneDutchLion says:

    I think it would be great if you made another wall art tutorial. I would definitely make it 🙂

  34. kookie my lifeu says:

    This channel is awesomeee😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  35. magdevalia says:


  36. Drawing Craft says:

    Really !!! Thank you for Making vedios for us.

  37. Angela Em says:

    …And after folding enough you just made your wall(s) magically disappear! I mean this is so cute, can you blame me?! I also thought of making them smaller but they are harder to fold after a while… saves up space though! ^___^

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