DUMB WAYS TO DRAW! | Annoying Orange

DUMB WAYS TO DRAW! | Annoying Orange

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “DUMB WAYS TO DRAW! | Annoying Orange

  1. JELLYBEAN Queen says:


  2. Krista R says:

    I look like cachup musterd

  3. Mariade Lourdes Padilla says:

    Why does every human put ketchup in thier body!!

  4. Delibird Films says:

    1:33 unknown

  5. Carson Cook says:

    Annoying Orange Play please don't touch anything

  6. Mariela Oviedo says:

    Going like a wrecking ball!!!!!!

  7. Strongfish91 says:

    AO: Rubba dub dub!
    Character: Wubba lubba dub dub

  8. Nelia Du Plooy says:

    I did that first right than left.

  9. Justin Mcpherson says:

    Or get kisses

  10. Justin Mcpherson says:


  11. Nick Sullivan says:

    At least it’s a Girl Moose!❤️

  12. Breeanna Leonard says:


  13. LaKeisha Rider says:

    i love your puus

  14. Plaztik Explosives says:

    hit me beebee one more time!

  15. Elham Côte does ANYTHING! ROCKSTAR says:

    orange : look I drew pear it looks just like him
    me : that doesn't look like him

  16. Dhina Pena says:

    That makes sense

  17. Laylah Henry says:

    Hey hey orange why does a banana peel peel it's on skin off because in one terabyte nanny

  18. Paige Wakefield says:


  19. Hanna Mierzejewski says:

    I am annoying oranges brother

  20. Hanna Mierzejewski says:

    I am annoying oranges brother because I am annoying also

  21. VenomousGalaxy Nature says:

    it’s POINT -less hahahaha

  22. Jackson Elder says:


  23. angel Gozun says:

    Computer or tab?

  24. Phoebe Colongon says:


  25. RocketShipSquid says:

    wait..how can orange draw if he does not have any arms?!!

  26. Corbin Paulk says:

    Make a tnt

  27. Pedro Meira Mendes YouTuber says:

    in subtitle says narrator but its not narrator its orange

  28. Manic 754 says:

    You wanna hear a joke

    Ben:hey there Kim
    Kim:you were late
    Ben:I'm sorry it will never HAPPUN again
    Get it

  29. Eleanor Cass says:

    1 like = -1 deaths

  30. Mary Scott says:

    I love his jokes

  31. Lei Zhang says:

    7:19 what do you mean by “anymore”?

  32. Michelle Jackson says:

    You should probably play DWTD 3: World Tour!

  33. Cringe Lorne says:

    What do you call a dinosaur that can rap?
    A rap-tor

  34. Amara says:

    Hey orange what about tnt again

  35. BooFace Wifey says:

    I did not get the chances

  36. M Cham says:

    Instead of Bruno mars burrito mars

  37. BabySnatcher Jaguar says:

    Annoying ways to draw!!1!

  38. Mason Wilkins says:

    You could bee the best youtuber ever hahahahahah

  39. Alexandra Cecala says:


  40. Rush Its Herobrine says:


  41. Sue Gleijsteen says:

    Hi annoying orange

  42. Sebastian Bridges says:

    4:10 more like ain't gonna hap-pun

  43. Takreem Fatima says:

    This is how much Annoying 🍊 jokes
    V Thx for the 👍s🙂

  44. Shai beddow says:

    I can draw l adore it🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️💕💕😍 I’m also a huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fan plz plz plz plz plz plz plz love plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz could I have a shout out from you lm begins you

  45. Johanna Ferrer says:


  46. Peyton Roussel says:

    Annoying Orange look under .

  47. The Mixel Channel says:

    Play Sonic Pulse on Roblox

  48. The Mixel Channel says:

    Also on the last one why didn’t you press the right button

  49. starberry pinky says:

    This annoying orange isn't very annoying idk why? 🤨

  50. Matt Stamper says:

    There was a annoying orange button near the drawing button

  51. Diane Kudela says:

    I have NIVDIA
    I am cool

  52. cool animals says:


  53. David Stevens says:


  54. sonic lost world says:


  55. Julia_adventures Yay says:

    Gabriel like it you say splat

  56. Julia_adventures Yay says:

    Gabriel like it you say splat

  57. Tiffany Lewis says:

    A orange hey are knowing orange

  58. Tiffany Lewis says:

    Annoying Orange one frog looks like it had the eyes on its butt

  59. Lucriscabral Cabral says:

    5:25: RUN RUN AWAY!

  60. cattycat416 ROBLOX says:

    Hey o
    Hey or
    Hey ora
    Hey oran
    Hey orang
    Hey orang
    Hey oran
    Hey ora
    Hey or
    Hey o

  61. clem wins says:


  62. Elise LaSasso says:

    Why's marshmallow pikachu

  63. storm endless says:

    0:00 = 2:34

  64. Szn M says:

    The "bangs" are on 😂😂

  65. Joe Amrose says:

    Bruno mars

  66. Zac Mossop says:

    Hello AO

  67. Louise Barker says:

    Life in hop by part in OK he by of day a

  68. Juvy Aquino says:


  69. veronyca Renee says:

    I'm Gant ta download that game

  70. Sarah Miao says:

    You laugh like hahahahahahaaah

  71. Galaxy Dog :-P says:

    Hey orange how do you draw without any hands✋✋

  72. 1oNe Ly says:

    Hey orange wanna hear a joke about poop?

    Never mine its crapy…..

  73. chaipas22 says:

    If stumble Will get his mp3 with that music note on top, He is a song bird!

  74. chaipas22 says:

    If the spaceman gets his rocket with a flight aeroplane on top, He might be the blast of the past!

  75. chaipas22 says:

    If numpty go to the paddling pool with a droplet on top, he’s gonna put the fire out of his head

  76. Masen Kacillas says:

    im so happy from your 10th anniversery 😀
    Im a big fan!

  77. THE REAL PIKACHU says:

    3:24 i guess you could say the flaming dude WALKED right into that one

  78. Timmy Smith says:

    I have this game I play this game every day and night it is so much fun but only one was hard

  79. Alen Balic says:

    May feyvret game

  80. Mlg The Object Thingy says:

    You do puns allday

  81. Kitrell Boyd says:

    Play Clumsy Ninja

  82. Ryan Vong says:

    Lol hit me bee bee one more time XD XD XD CAN’T STOP LAUGHING

  83. Enric Gue says:

    what are training for

  84. Cierra Barnes says:

    I love your video's they are so funny

  85. cat boy 336 hammer bro 909 says:


  86. Twisted Usagi08 says:


  87. Howard Hilton j.r. says:

    26hilton woes you or pare to fall of the carne.

  88. Shim45 Bix says:

    The o

  89. Mushroom Gaming says:

    Well that was draw

  90. Calvin Joe says:

    I love this by the way I’m Jackson

  91. Hfajauaha Hvabajh says:

    Nice try orange
    But you cannot be my score,

  92. Jingque Cordero says:

    Orangre:hey pear hey pear where are you giong
    Pear: i'm giong to the dintist orange
    Orange: okay pear i hope you don't get dintrus hahahah

  93. Hays Coleman says:

    this game is a mix of love balls and mario vs. donkey kong

  94. Jo Anne St Claire says:

    2:36 its my favorite

  95. arkjuan padua says:

    can you draw

  96. Ashley Lawhorn says:

    slice to meet you!

  97. ReallyRobot ReallyLeopard says:

    When the guy played the music I can hear he defintely was listening to Fry-Day annoying orange 🙂

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