Dulux Texture Full Cover Roll On Paint: Render Refresh

Hi. Im Charly Duffy for the Dulux ‘how to’
series on exterior surfaces. A Traditional render finish is an assett to
any home. Today we have a product that will show you how to achieve that.
Dulux Texture Full Cover Roll On offers a texture capable of filling mortar joints and
creates the classic, levelled effect we’re after.
In this demonstration we’re going to use a Full Cover Texture Roller together with a
float trowel. You’ll also need a wide application roller
tray, some external grade tape, a bucket and sponge, a blocking stone or stiff brush, a
drop sheet, a broom or brush and a stirring paddle.
The amount of product required to completely fill and level the mortar joints will depend
on the depth of the joints. It’s important to make sure your surface
is clean and properly prepared. Use a blocking stone or a stiff bristled brush
to remove stubborn particles. Then brush off any remaining dust.
There are more detailed tips on how to prepare different exterior surfaces on the product
label. Before you begin, mask off any edges or areas
that need protection. We recommend applying 1 coat of Dulux Texture
Primer to condition the surface and aid adhesion. The primer has a texturing additive and helps
build the profile and prevent the roller slipping on finishing coats. You’ll need to give the paint a thorough
stir using a wide, flat paddle in an up and down scooping action.
Using the Full Cover Texture Roller, apply the product to the wall in vertical strips
from the ground up with a smooth, steady action. The texture roller has been specifically designed
to hold and spread more material. A normal roller won’t do the job as well.
It’s best to have a partner to help level the section using a plastic float, while you’re
still rolling. Working from the ground up, hold the plastic
float against the surface so the leading edge is raised and angled at about 45 degrees.
Push the material across the surface to fill joints and any low spots. This process should
broadly distribute and level the texture before it sets.
Now, float the leveled area with larger, lighter strokes to further fill and even out your
texture. You can use harder pressure to fill any deeper grooves or uneven sections.
Wait a few moments, then clean the float and lightly finish in circular stokes. Dampen
the float intermittently by cleaning it with the sponge.
It’s important to keep a wet edge as you move across the wall. You’ll have to work
uninterrupted to prevent the texture from setting before you’ve finished with the
float. We recommend a minimum of 2 coats using this
technique with the possibility of further coats for deeper joints or rougher surfaces.
As you can see, Dulux Texture Full Cover Roll On provides seamless cover, an even texture
and a classic, attractive render finish. If you would like further painting tips on
interior and exterior surfaces, be sure to have a look at our other Dulux ‘how to’ series.
Worth doing, worth Dulux.

Dereck Turner

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