Drumstick Tomato Curry – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

Drumstick Tomato Curry – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to learn how to make
basic drum stick and tomato curry that dumb stick and tomato is one of the
greatest flavors you can get and you can enjoy eating with the chapati, phulka or even naan So for this first we’re going to do the
tempering in this oil, in this add mustard seeds, when the mustard seeds
splutter, add cumin seeds, green chili onions and curry leaves and add salt now we’re going to cook this until this onions are slightly colored when the onions are slightly cooked, add turmeric ginger garlic paste and be liberal with ginger garlic paste because this will give a very nice aroma in this add drumstick and then reduce the flame to sim and put the lid on and let it cook for around four to five minutes when the drumstick is half cooked; you know now these drumsticks are cooked for like around four minutes now in this add tomatoes, add cumin powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder lot of it because we want one
dish which is very spicy today just let this cook for another 2 – 3 minutes till these tomatoes are also nicely mashed up that’s when we’re going to add some
water and make it into a nice gravy now look at these tomatoes they are
slightly mashed up now you can add some water and mix this and put the lid on
and let it cook for another 4 – 5 minutes then it will become into a nice gravy now look at this you know now you can
adjust the consistency you want lot of people like it sour with the good amount of salt to mix and eat with rice but it’s up to you this I added lot of extra chili powder so that you know with the curd rice I like this on the side now look at this with the drums stick itself the tomahtoes
get a very nice flavor and this is favorite for many people wow fantastic and good amount of chili
powder ah now this drumstick and tomato curry
is you know regularly made a lot in homes in south india and this you can
enjoy it with curd rice or even with plain rice but Dear friends do not forget vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook, so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking; arrey camera bandh kar re drumstick khana hai

Dereck Turner

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  1. Quenya says:

    Making this at night 2AM πŸ˜€

  2. sowmya dudyala says:

    I love this curry….my mom makes it super yummy

  3. Neththra'sVision says:

    This is one of my favorite curries,however I split the drumsticks when making this dish. I also add fenugreek seeds and tamarind juice to it.Thank you so much chef Sanjay Thumma.

  4. sudhiir reddy says:

    Can we make curry or biryani with tandoori chicken…!

  5. Junior Vaikai says:

    lol thought it was going to be chicken drumsticks!

  6. lalitha sundari says:


  7. DevoMartin says:

    Where are the chicken drumsticks?Lol!!!

  8. NatTheFat says:

    what are the drumsticks? is that okra/bindi?

  9. sayali says:

    can you plz give the recipe for murukooo.

  10. shailshri says:

    Drumsticks in thsi video r the fruit from moringa Tree. The fruits n leaves of this tree are Very widely used in india.

  11. radha ks says:

    Chef I tried this curry and it was simply heavenly! Thank you!

  12. NT says:

    I also tried this today. It was simply super !!!!!!

  13. Anupam Kushwaha says:


  14. Sumati.M Koujalgi says:

    just don no how much to thank u chef….. u hav surely inspired me to cook….

  15. steve kamau says:

    thot drumstick are chicken thighs

  16. Ganesh M says:

    Great! ! πŸ™‚

  17. muppidi suresh says:

    sanjay ji can i use tomato paste instead of tomato pieces

  18. Arun Vasireddy says:

    how about breaking it into halves vertically and then making the curry as suggested by Netththra's Vision.. it may bring the flavor of the drumstick into the curry..

  19. rajanitha1 says:

    Looks so yummy. Thank u for the recipe. U r great chef!! Big fan of ur cooking

  20. rajanitha1 says:

    Yes I also added fungreek seed when I put the drumstick in the onion and it taste soooo yummy.

  21. Valarmathi Gunasekaran says:

    must be very spicy πŸ˜›

  22. K sp says:

    I tried ts it was awesome πŸ™‚

  23. Shily Shuhe says:

    wΓ³w looks so tastyΒ  πŸ™‚ I will also try it πŸ™‚

  24. Lisa Lobo says:

    Can you use frozen drumsticks that are available in Indian grocery stores in the US?

  25. Khan Zohra says:

    I made the. drumstick dish. it was very tasty and enjoyed it ,Thanks to Chef

  26. Sateesh B says:

    Thank you sir. Your receipes are easy to follow and gives good taste.

  27. Sherine 3248 says:

    It tastes superb…. m following thz method often.. yummy

  28. Citi Imas Masitoh says:

    Very easy to cook..I will try today.thanks to chef.

  29. suleman basha says:

    Hi I watch u r videos regularly.you are my guru in cooking

  30. Devi pattanayak says:

    I like your recipe. It's something different.

  31. Mi Na says:

    So good

  32. Mounica M says:

    Hahah those expressions i really like them lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘..

  33. Gopi Krishna says:

    Thank you. I have been searching or this rceipe

  34. Shaik Anwar says:

    Hi sir your recipes aur really good. I want to know you are from which place.

  35. sabha shaikh says:

    Nice one. .nw am going to try this

  36. Eunice Sosa says:

    drumstick = okra?

  37. usha mehta says:

    Very good drams tick sabji thanks

  38. ramesh sharma says:

    i like your recipes every recipe is super sir

  39. Raymond Suman says:

    Can u plz tell me where to find drumstick.. I don't see it here anywhere

  40. Shameer Mon says:

    i like this receipe very nice and very tasty …………..because i like drumstik very well

  41. Abiali Ebrahimjee says:

    wooowwww super I do wish I live in India ur food exlent

  42. Abiali Ebrahimjee says:

    wooowwww super I do wish I live in India ur food exlent

  43. Priya T N says:

    I have tried this recipe. WIth some additions and subtractions. I made it without onions and used v less chilli powder. Very nice. THe tomato goes very well with drumstick as the chef says in the beginning

  44. jarani sandhya says:

    Pls tell me with combination of brinjal tomato and drumstick.. can we add dried prawns to it?

  45. Azeez Fatima says:

    All your recepies are very super drumstic was really very tasty thankyou for sharing

  46. VEENA THAKUR says:

    Tried ur recipe and it came out quite well. My father in law loved it. Thank you.

  47. Mohan Lal Tapah says:

    I add the drum sticks to dhal.
    As it cooks fast, I add them 10 minutes before I finish cooking the dhal.

  48. Rita Buscadinero says:

    He didn't mention that your not supposed to eat the inside??

  49. Rita Buscadinero says:

    Oops I mean the outside of the drumstick

  50. Tracey Sookdeo says:

    We call it syjan
    Good eat

  51. ashiana rebello says:

    Very good recipe. I have never tasted such tasty drumsticks. Thank you so much for the lovely recipe.

  52. Avid Reader says:

    Bagundi andi chef garu……I love cooking and will cook it for my wife this Sunday. She loves my cooking….I make my way to her heart with cooking (it not always true that way to man's heart is through his stomach….applies to women even )

  53. Syed basheer says:

    Walekum as salam shukryaa jo hame khana khaliy so

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  55. Llivingllegend el toro says:

    I absolutely enjoy your cooking..just purrfect..wonderfull keep it up

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    I follow all your recipes.They are really tasty.And even i am fan of garlic.Thank you:)

  59. Sidhu Vinay says:

    very test

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  61. Jo C says:

    This can be done in umpteen number of ways. Drumstick is the star here. Could replace tomatoes with mangoes or even sour curd. You could add grated coconut (either plain or roasted), you could add dry shrimps etc. etc. lot of permutations and mouthwatering combinations.

  62. Falin Falin says:

    hi sir really yummy recipe.. All ur resipe's awesome.. Please post your new resipe's thanks

  63. Pavani Merlapaka says:

    Mr Chef What's the point of adding Ginger Garlic Paste ?

  64. Kanwal Bhogal says:

    sir I learnt all south Indian dishes from u only…. thanks a lot.

  65. Pushpa Ernala says:

    just now I prepared this curry it came out fantastically thanku sir really varehvah is all about inspiring others to cook…..

  66. usman rasool says:

    Sir yah pakistan main avilable ha

  67. jahangir honey says:

    super delicious

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    very nice

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    Came out very well..Thank u chef…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    Really very tasty sir

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    Lol my mouth got watery until I saw all the chilly powder!! Omg πŸ˜‚ but no problem ..

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    Looks so yummy I’ll try this for sure!

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    I tried it sir…its awesome..my husband liked it so much.
    Thank you for this wonderful reciepie

  75. KRISHNA MURTHY says:

    In the text u have spelled as dumb stick…..

  76. ranjan gardner says:

    Chef what was the quantity of the ingredients? Like Drumsticks ,Onions and Tomatoes.

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    As usual!
    Always you are inspiring..

  83. Sumayyah Nashat says:

    Wa alaikumussalam
    Khaiye khaiye, akele akele
    Koi baat nahi, aaj hum bhi Bana lenge drumstick sahjan.

  84. Bharadwaj Gadepally says:

    without onion and garlic cant you cook?

  85. Fatma Majid says:

    I tried this but God knows why my dish became bitter.Please suggest how can i improve it

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