My name is Lily Hevesh I’m 19 years old and I am soon to be a college dropout Not because school is too difficult or because I don’t enjoy it But because I’m deciding to take the alternative path as an entrepreneur and pursue my dream of being a full-time Domino Artist. This is my story. It was late 2008 when I searched on us on YouTube I started watching the most Mesmerizing and intricate Domino toppling videos with thousands or even millions of dominoes after scanning through hundreds of them I became completely obsessed From there, I was hooked for life I never would have guessed that a youtube search I made when I was 10 years old would eventually lead to a career that had never existed before It started with a set of 28 dominoes and my collection quickly grew to the thousands as my desire for larger and more complex domino setups multiplied. iuploaded my Domino videos to youtube and received overwhelming support from what we know now as a Domino community Throughout the years my skills of Domino builder increased dramatically and by age 13 companies wanted to hire me to build their logo out of dominoes for advertisements I’ll never forget my first proper business trip traveling to Montreal with my mom and getting paid to set up $25,000 for an ad agency the entire experience was beyond anything I could have imagined as a 13 year old Soon enough I realized that my unique skill had a value and can become more than just a hobby it could become a part-time job and that is exactly what it became. I coined the term Domino artist and started using that to describe what I do in November of 2013 My video Insane Domino Tricks went viral after being featured on the front page of YouTube and reddit My domino videos started getting recognized by major news outlets from all over the world including Nickelodeon and Fox News. I even got the opportunity to be on the Today Show with some of my friends that I met through our Domino videos YouTube amazingly connected me to other builders around the world and as the Donnell community came together in real life, the stronger our passions for domino and chain reactions became Little did I know that together we would break Guinness World Records and travel around the world to do work as professional Domino artists Domino’s have radically transformed my life and given me opportunities that I can only dream dup as a child Because of these little pieces of plastic, I’ve gotten the chance to create Domino art for companies like Ford, Honda, Marvel, Prudential, Marriott, Pizza Hut, and countless others. I’ve even worked with Kevin Jonas to make a lyric video for bethany mota And I’ve done a project for Katy Perry as part of her four-day livestream. Though the opportunity that stands out the most to me is when I was asked to be the lead dominant artist for the movie Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith My work had a remarkably made it to the big screen Attending the movie premiere in New York City in London, then walking the red carpet with Will Smith, Ed Norton, Helen Mirren, Naomi Harris, and the rest of the cast was absolutely surreal Taking a gap year directly after high school to do Domino work full-time in my own dedicated studio was one of the best decisions of my life Likewise, deciding to go to college afterwards was also one of the best decisions of my life, but for different reasons I’m really glad I went to college even if it’s just for a year And I’m so grateful for the experiences that I’ve had there, but I know my true career does not follow the traditional route I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I know that my path lies in the rising industry of Domino art that I unknowingly created We are witnessing the emergence of a new art form that cannot be ignored College is ending, but my revolution is just beginning Thank you for being part of my crazy journey and as always thank you so much for all of your continued support I honestly couldn’t do any of this without you so thank you so much to everyone who’s been with me by my side and I Cannot wait to see what the Domino community does next. I’m Hevesh5, and if you want to learn more about why I’m dropping out of college check out this video right here And I will see you next Saturday

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  1. Hevesh5 says:

    This video really means a lot to me and I hope it shows. If you enjoyed, please consider sharing this video with your friends or anyone who may be touched by my story ► http://bit.ly/2GLp8Im Thank you all for the continued support and for literally making my dreams come true <3

  2. Josie And the gamers says:

    Follow your dreams and you can do anything you set your mind to.

  3. Súper Salty Pearl 20 says:

    Your wel

  4. lunarrainbow2501 says:

    💞 ur videos they always cheer me up when I'm feeling down

  5. P-P Lodewijks says:

    I love jou

  6. Micha Grill says:

    Wow I think I watched the first video from you with line 250k subs that was quite some time ago! 😁
    Edit: Also congrats to 1 million subs! Sorry I lost u for quite some time lol

  7. Livia Holubowski says:

    That is amazing

  8. Sloth Fries says:

    Thank you for all of this your telling people to never let go over there dreams and if you a chive them you get many more good stuff then you will ever know good job I am amzed

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  10. Caroline Ploner says:

    cadê os BR?💚💛💙

  11. new informents says:

    Hi Hevesh I also have a set of 30 domino after my 5 subs I got my 120 pics it was bought by my mother please reply to my I am dp

  12. Brynn Nieber says:

    U go girl

  13. Per Son says:

    Pursue your passion Lily!! As for the rest of you, stay in school kids

  14. Theodore says:

    Good luck. I am rooting for you.😀🔥

  15. I Criticize Everything says:

    Lily, this is awesome! Pursue your dream, and good luck! My best of wishes to you!

  16. esthela bermudez says:

    I saw that movie

  17. AlexIsModded says:

    It's plainly obvious to me that this means a lot to you. College isn't for everyone, and I hope people can understand that. I also hope that, in the future, if you do gain new interests in addition to dominoes and find something you want to study, that you'll consider it. Dominoes will last a lifetime, and an education in something you really enjoy learning about will last a lifetime too. A college degree does not equal an education, and I speak from experience because I studied fine art for 8 1/2 years, and the only degree I have is an Associate's (I was pursuing a Bachelor's at SCSU, and dropped out due to financial constraints).

  18. Eternal Sailor Hufflepuff says:

    You are amazingly awesome/awesomely amazing.

  19. PaperMan says:

    You are genuis if u dont know it I will tell you. And leaving college was a excellent choice becux u have this talent

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  21. ohhihi says:

    Ayyyy flippy cat fans reunite!

  22. Jack says:

    Domino’s should sponsor you

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    A waaaaaaa wowo

  24. kr54lolor says:

    This honestly made me cry

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  26. Rui Alexandre says:

    Wow. You go, girl.

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  28. Phosnerd says:

    Great Big Story needs this

  29. Adrienne Otis says:

    I’m proud of her and don’t even know her

  30. Unknown Specimen says:

    So your 20 now??? COOL!!!

  31. Stefan Müller says:

    My Name ist Lilly Too ☺i Love your Dominos

  32. Lindsay Ettlinger says:

    we’re very proud of your hard work and dedication!

  33. Chad Raysby says:

    I didn’t know domino art could take you so far. Awesome!

  34. nitro_ii says:

    I started building with dominoes at (6?) years old

  35. jose quito says:

    Keep it up because you have so much talent and know that you will achieve all your goals

  36. Jade Stone says:

    Almost 2M 😀

  37. Mk Lao says:

    Don’t stop your hobby

  38. Mk Lao says:

    Your Astor

  39. SeattlePhoenix says:

    This video is so beautiful. I almost teared up.

  40. zeena bayoud says:

    i love you and your art.

  41. Lupe Garzon says:

    Hey Hevesh, I just wanted to tell you that I wasn't all that interested in dominoes. I always thought it was just a game that was played on the table. But you made me see that Dominoes is more than just that it could be creative interesting fun amazing and brings a different kind of art expression. I like your channel a lot I have subscribed to it the first time I saw one of your videos. I been a member ever since. You have imagination and wowness. Keep up the good work and talent.

  42. Smiley Error says:

    You go girl you can do anything if you put you mind to it you have a unique sense of arts and I think the whole world should know your name

  43. Sean -Bros says:

    Super deep

  44. Seawing Boss says:

    Live your dream 🙏🙏🤘🤘✨✨✨✨⚡️✨✨✨⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  45. Dave Brewer says:

    Hi Lily. Good luck on your career as an artist. These are some fascinating things you'd created. I'd love to see a video showing how you clean up and sort the dominoes after a big multi-color multi-shape event. Thank you.

  46. ῖ αϻ ϣεῖrδ says:

    You dropped out just for us wow thanks

  47. InklingFan77 Mettaton1936 says:

    I thought you like playing with dominos as a kid

  48. Chaddons Chaddons says:

    From a dad of an RPI junior good luck to you in your endeavors, all the best.

  49. Virginia Schwab says:

    That's so cool!!!!!

  50. elle gamer :] says:

    Great job !

  51. Rolling Coasters says:

    I guess you could say that the search you made as a ten year old really created a

    chain reaction?
    (ok I’m sorry)

  52. ColdAs1ce says:

    I didn’t know you helped make a movie with dominos!

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  54. gn lilu says:

    Little lady follow your dreams! 😇

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    Wow!!!! That’s great!

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    JK!!! This Video was SHOOOOOOOK!!!! It is amazing!

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    Keep it up👍🙂🙂👍

  59. Purple Beary says:

    What was your your first AMAZING domino masterpiece?

  60. Hannah Turnbow says:

    How did you do all of this

  61. Mangus says:

    The first thing I thought about when I read the first part of the title was TheOdd1sout

  62. Mirang Shim says:

    ㅓㅓㅍㅎ혀퍼ㅛㅕㅛㅅ쇼ㅕ펴ㅛㅊ솥숕쇼굧ㅊ샃셔ㅛㅕㅓ표ㅏㅓㅛㅛㅏㅓ파ㅛㅛㅏ셔ㅛ퍼ㅕㅛㅓㅅ로ㅗ솧소초셧료ㅓ666ㅕㅕㅕ7676ㅓㅕ5ㅛ4ㅅ4ㅗㄱ료ㅜㅗㅗㅎㄱㄱ토ㅜ소ㅜ쇼ㅜㅗㅗㅎㅅㅊㄱㅇ훌 ㄹ ㄹㅎ포ㅗㅜㅗ 흏ㅊㄱ소ㅛㅅㅍㄹ듛ㅊㅅ후ㅗㅜㅎㅅ춫ㅎㅅ숯ㅎ숯ㅎㅅㅅ춯ㅅ숯훟ㅊ수훟ㅊㅅㅅㅊㅅㅎㅅㅊㅎㅅ수로ㅗㅗ롯ㅅㄹ소ㅛㅗㅛ5ㅅ로료ㅛ5ㅕㅕ66러66러ㅕㅓ려66ㅓ려666려6ㅓㅕ6ㅓ려ㅓ료6ㅓ려ㅛ66ㄹ6ㅓㅕ6ㅕㅓ6ㅕㅓㅛ6ㅓㅕㅛㅕㅓ쇼ㅗㅛ쇼77ㅜㄱㅅㄱㅎ초솧ㅅㅊ륳ㄱㅊㅎ숙추숳ㄱ수초소촛소ㅗㅊㅅ소촛소초

  63. Knack Wurst says:

    I think your an amazing domino artist and person but I sincerely wish you do not drop out of college. It is wonderful that you have been provided such opportunities in life due to your skill with dominoes. With that said I would recommend re thinking your decision, while YouTube is huge and growing there is no guarantee it will be around forever. Furthermore there have been highly successful YouTube channels that have just died. What if this platform disappears? Or fans start unsubscribing for whatever reason or some crazy Youtube algorithm demonetizes your videos. All of these possibilities at present time sound as likely as a plane crashing, but still possible. I am unsure what you are or were studying in college but I suspect It would lead to a higher paying job perhaps with more job security. I am not trying to be mean, or be a troll, just trying to look out for your future. Why do I care so much, I don't know but I genuinely think you are a smart woman and have a lot more potential to share with the world than building dominoes. It is OK if people disagree with me, I would love to hear some arguments that favor her decision and for me to be proven wrong. I wish you the best of luck in your decisions.

  64. twiviolet_8 says:

    this is such a great video! love you so much lily! its extremely inspirational and i hope your dream job goes far and wide! <3

  65. Gloria says:

    That sooo 😎

  66. •Miane Coøkie• says:

    Damn and I only have like 2 pieces of dominos ;-;

  67. Nash Neefus says:

    This is not what I call a Domino Community… Lets call it…Topple!
    A new show that you can do on Twitch!

  68. Louisse's Vlog says:

    We are supporting you we 💝 you

  69. marcely de araujo costa says:


  70. Poloroid Picturre says:

    Dont drop out PLEASE.

  71. Ernesto Suarez says:

    Good Luck! Love your art!
    Question: I am Cuban living in Miami and as part of our culture domino playing is part of every Cuban. Do you know how to play the actual Domino game?

  72. Campbell Quattlebaum says:

    That’s harsh man

  73. Anand Swami says:

    Good job

  74. Brett Postel says:

    Whenever I try to do dominoes doesn’t even get around the corner you can do this that’s amazing

  75. Taco Tuesday says:

    This is so inspiring I'm probably going to follow your footsteps for being a domino artist thank you so much for letting out the true me in my soul I knew it was in there but probably deep down in my body but now you made it rise to the top once again thank you so much 😊 you are truly my idol in my heart

  76. Md Mubarak says:

    Nice video good luck all tha best

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    F* great! =)

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    wao all was freaking awesome

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    You are an inspiration!

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    Did anybody not see the pizza thing, cuz its episode

  82. xXLunar _PlayzXx says:

    I started to build dominos a month ago and you are the one that inspired me

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  84. Boba Chanシ says:

    I saw this in a magazine I love it!!!

  85. Philippine Eevee says:

    Wow… I wish I could collaborate with you when my dominoes ordered soon ^~^

  86. Mark Delano says:

    wow this amused me

  87. ok-sushi says:

    Now ur inspiring me to do this! Keep up the OUTSTANDING work that you put in! 😜

  88. RL102 says:

    Wow so Cooooooooooooooool!

  89. Scarlett Huang says:

    I know you guys are happy for her, I am too, I just kinda oppose the idea of her dropping out of college, it’s just not right to do that, I think YouTube shouldn’t be a full time job but a hobby, anyway that’s just what I think you don’t hav to agree with me

  90. カーネルColonel Sanders says:

    The dislikes were from the people working at the college you left.

  91. Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin says:

    Add Chinese Subtitles In This Video!

  92. Himanboy 1 says:

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  93. Heather B says:

    This is also an example of why college isn’t everything. You have had experiences – based on your talent and hard work – that some people in college are dreaming about and will never achieve. It’s not the be-all, end-all and you are making a fantastic name for yourself without the piece of paper.

  94. M says:

    Hard work is key.

  95. Taiyeb Rashid says:

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    Still my favorite dominos YouTuber

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