Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations

Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations

hi very nice James: Hi everyone, I’m here with Jaiden Animations JaidenA: Hi James: Today we’re gonna draw Pokemon from memory! JaidenA : Yayyyyyy!!! james: We both have-… We’re gonna do one from each generation And! There is a time limit of four hours per drawing (picture) So… JaidenA: Alright so, strap in… This is gonna be a long video everyone! james: Alright, so your Gen 1 Pokemon, that I chose for you… Omanyte??? Lord Helix (Praise Him) jaidenA: And your’s is Meowth James: Meowth?? JaidenA: Yeah We’re starting off easy james: Yeah, this is level 1 No reference picture just… Art jaidenA: My biggest, like fear right now is being like “Oh yeah I’m a Pokemon fan” and then like drawing everything wrong Oh No, I feel like i should have studied for a test I feel like I’m in school again james: Why is this so hard?! He was like in every episode (No) I can’t remember him! If he has a nose or not JaidenA: Lord Helix I’m sorry (You are forgiven) James: Oh Crap Oh that’s on the same layer Oh No Maybe since he’s like a villain, he should be like “Hmmmm” you know? jaidenA: He’s like a bad Villain Like not bad as in evil james: But like a bad villain JaidenA: But actually bad james: When i going to be editing this i am just going to have a picture of it, like just off to the side JaidenA: I really get the feeling I’m missing something But I don’t know what else to add. James: I mean… it’s just like a shell and then like something popping out of the shell, right? JaidenA: Yeah, I think so I think I’m done James: Should we be giving any drawing tips? JaidenA: I always say practice James: That’s true JaidenA: And people are like ah Jaiden no. There’s….. Say something else. I’m like I don’t know what else to say. That’s… yeah. You just have to practice. James: Can’t remember if Meowth has a nose. I’m looking at it with and without the nose. So…… Whatever, Okay. It’s done, It’s fine. JaidenA: (Typing) Lord Helix himself. (James Awwwwwing) (Snorts) (Jaiden also Awwing) James: You actually did color it. (2nd aww for luck) (And cute giggle) james: You’re pretty spot on. Mmm.. Yeah. Does he have a nose (NOPE) (Contemplates Nose-Ology) No (Noise too weird to caption) He doesn’t?! I’m missing like a couple of…. Like… these. Woops ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . And his eyeballs are like this. Y’know Mmmmmm yeah…okay JaidenA: Alright. Next one. James: Next one. Your Gen 2 Pokemon is… Houndoom. The grown up. Houndoom? The grown up of…. of the Hounduras. Is that the baby one? (It’s not) JaidenA: Houndour and Houndoom. (Weird James Noise) James: Whatever Pokemon master. (James The Edgy Queen) JaidenA: And yours is Flaffy. Flaffy? Yeah, do you know which one that is? Uhhhh… Explain it. Mareep… The… The sheep one. (It’s adorable) Uh-huh The very first Sheep. Yeah? The… the pink one. It’s the second one. (Realization) S.. Wait. So it’s like a sheep. An Electric Sheep. That’s pink. Yes I got it. A little sheep afro. Augh! I’m doing it on the same layer again Just… Just gonna extend the canvas. Here we go. I”m just… I need to restart. Like, a lot of it. I thought you were gonna say I need to research. (Shipping Continues) That’s the whole point of these Is it weird that I actually sketch with a stabilizer I think it has ears (well duh) Yeah, It totally has ears I know he has a skull on his chest This looks like a seashell Somethings off I can’t think of what though. I.. I know! It has little like, sheep fur. Somewhere else. Just drawing Manectric yesterday. And this is like the opposites. Like…. the fire doggo vs electric doggo. Wait?, wait wait. Oh ohhhhh Okay, I thought you were talking about the thing I was drawing I was like wait. My thing’s a doggo. I thought it was a sheep.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Mateusz Brzezinski says:

    It's gardovouir James

  2. デッドプールピカチュウ says:

    Damn u use sai ur cheap

  3. WickZ Gaming says:

    Change the title to


  4. Dragon Dana Player says:

    When i woke up this morning: I saw a cotton candy shop
    When i decided to eat breakfast: Ny brother was screaming: COTTON CANDY!!
    When i was chilling playing pokémon: I saw my friend name they're pokémon: Cotton Candy
    When i went to eat lunch: my mom asked me: Do you like Cotton candy
    Then i chilled playing other odd1sout videos i see this:and hear Jaiden say: Aww, He looks like COTTON CAND
    Then i just hit myself in the door

  5. yaco miste says:

    In 2:43 james puts 666

  6. •Silver Wolf•:3 says:

    Fun Fact:My first game was Pokémon black

  7. ツXSpeed says:


  8. Mousumi Kar says:

    they say awwwwwww every round

  9. kaivalya sharma says:

    3:03 looks like mew with wool on it’s head

  10. kaivalya sharma says:

    11:12 it’s wings look like hawlucha wings

  11. Assassinator1979 says:

    At round one the team rocket theme song power blasted back into my memory

  12. Reuben Griffiths says:

    0:55 subtitles on

    im sorry lord helix (you are forgiven)

  13. RYAN SCOGGINS says:

    I know I know I'm late are yall dating???

  14. hewo-beautiful tortilla-chip says:

    Jayden: says 'absoul'
    Me: literally screams inside my soul out of excitement and starts kicking my legs while I'm sitting on the sofa and my mom just looks over from the other side of the room and just looks back down to her phone and I could tell she was wondering why I do these kind of things (this is what happens when you're obsessed with a pokemon.) ;-;

  15. Shyanimal789 mew :3 says:

    Something weird of jaiden hair
    In this vid she hv black hair but in other vid of jaiden HV brown hair
    I'm confused

  16. Hunter Lewis says:

    the absol looks like a nuzleaf

  17. Vicky Weaver says:

    I have 10 tag team

  18. Bailey Hirschy says:


  19. Julie Garnes says:

    Absol is my favorite pokemon

  20. T K says:

    Should’ve called me I <3 pokémon

  21. anthule1 says:

    garvador:sexy babe
    garbador: a result of the threesome between an ugly sweater,a tank,and a junkyard

  22. Liza Napoli says:

    That Pokémon with the two tails looks like tails from sonic 😑

  23. Dağhan Çetinkaya says:

    1:53 james spelt jaiden wrong

  24. Luke Lear says:

    Jaiden drew more accurate and James drew more cute

  25. chrisandrene says:

    Jaidens hair is black 😂

  26. Halloween The Pumkin leafeon says:

    “Who’s watching in 2019 ^^”

  27. soslodelsol says:

    How in looks like it got squished

  28. Kimberly Saez says:

    He put 666

  29. Blu Games says:

    i play my pokemon on discord and pokemon go fam

  30. Gacha_angle 12 says:

    Never let a pokemon fan watch this why. Because when you said dose meowth have a nose in just like NO NO HE DOESN'T

  31. Azimo says:

    james and jaiden should get together

  32. Peyton Woeller says:

    2:12 Yes I love Honduras 😂

  33. Heidi Mosbacher says:

    love the videos

  34. Severitas Band says:

    666…. devils number… coincidence? I THINK NOT

  35. Arabella Dwyer says:


  36. Biomecraft 35 says:

    I'm glad you referenced Digimon! You showed a Guilmon from Digimon Tamers.

  37. E. Khalilah says:

    He drew mew and charmander fused instead of flaffy 🤣🤣

  38. Syellicorn Melantino says:

    hello james and jaiden. just wanted to say hi

  39. shade the mystic says:

    Have you got any tips for digital art because I'm terrible al digital art

  40. Bunny love slime says:

    drawing is even harder when you do it with a mouse.

  41. Nome_1309 says:

    6:42 that face is killing me

  42. AV Rizq says:

    James's Flaafy kinda looks like ampharos but pink

  43. Michael Kester says:

    If your hot dog tastes like a pice piece of wood who you gonna call GOUST MUSTARD

  44. 10radair says:

    3:03 karen afro

  45. Misti Lilac says:

    6k thumbs down

  46. Tinley Pharo says:

    I love hoe James changed something to 666

  47. Im a Peppa pig fan says:

    Do social media as a Pokémon like Instagram pls

  48. Snicker Doodle says:

    ohse nose 2:41

  49. Yo mom Gay says:

    Plz tell me what Programm you are using

  50. Debra Sochor says:

    Same with the power over cute!

  51. Elephantgirl245 says:

    What do you draw on

  52. Real Chloe McCurry says:

    2:43 666

  53. francis draws comics says:

    Who else ships Jaiden and James?

  54. Jaeden Prakhin says:

    Gardavor is sexy one

  55. best family says:


  56. EDIZaster ok says:

    Jaiden can draw better. No offence james

  57. The Raging Phoenix says:

    10:19 That Digimon is named Guilmon, he has 3 digivolutions. Starting from Guilmon he evolves into Growlmon, then into WarGrowlmon, then into Gallantmon

  58. Benjamin Nicolai Brohus Bisgård says:

    James:does meowth have nose or not
    (Meowth in series complaining about not having a nose)
    R.I.P in peace james

  59. Joshy Andrews says:

    Gardevoir -the sexy one that everyone likes

    Me: he said what we are all thinking

  60. Elijah Kylie says:

    Let me just exstened the canvis 2:43

  61. Alejandra Beers says:

    was that even a noivern

  62. Olivia Turner says:


  63. Olivia Turner says:

    Greninja: James:WHAT!? Jadein:ithink i know it me:HES MY FAVRITE

  64. Jon Blair says:

    Hound door then Hound boom you don't know anything

  65. ¡Gacha Hanna øx¡ says:


  66. Gianna Clark says:

    HOUNDOOM IS MY FAVORITE POKÉMON. I never hear it mentioned

  67. Jasmine Jay says:

    Awwwwww so cute

  68. Nicki Fullick says:

    Huh I just remembered this is my fave video a few years ago

  69. Light 32378 says:

    Jaiden "do you think they make pokemon ugly on purpose?" well I find them cute especially Mudkips

  70. Star Chan says:


  71. dindo visaya says:

    did any one notice a jaidan written on the part that revealing the pokemon

  72. FunTastic112 YT says:

    Why is it jaidan no one notices??????

  73. Margaret Barrell says:

    How can you just recall pokemon from memory so easily

  74. ExtraBingo10 says:

    7.8 out of 10, too much water

  75. PhoenixBlaze says:

    3:53 why the heckity heck did i think that was barney but a more retarded version

  76. faiting skies 100 says:

    What app do you use to draw

  77. Da Stupid Potato says:

    When Jaiden said ruby and sapphire I thought of Steven universe

  78. Immanuel Tan says:

    3:10 umm mew withe a sheep heeeeeeeeeead
    If there's gardevoir what about garbageoir

  79. Poke De says:

    Well guess what? I hate seismatoad so much that I probably spelled his name wrong

  80. Lee Lee says:

    What app did u use?

  81. Tobias Barrett says:

    what app do you use for drawing, i would like to know

  82. Catherine X says:

    what program is this
    the drawing app or website

  83. Trevor Anderson says:

    Meouth is a fury

  84. Trevor Anderson says:

    Flaffy is a furry to

  85. goldracerJAR says:

    My name is spelled Jaden

  86. nightcat 1215 says:

    3:06 James just drew Mew with fur on his head🤣

  87. Ana Sofy Cortes Estrado says:

    No entiendo nimaiz

  88. Kawaii CatKween says:

    I feel like I'm theory I would be good at this, but if I actually tried I would suck

  89. Abby Grubbs says:

    Look up "Tommy boy creepypasta" IF YOU DARE!!!! (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN)

  90. Havoc Lizbiz says:

    1:47 just realized the closed captions.

  91. David Goodhue says:

    I liked the new one.

  92. Grumpel says:

    one of the pokemon is mising a leg james 5:54 / 11:38

  93. TheDeafault Gaming says:

    Watch jast monika

  94. Mai Vi Do says:

    2:43 666 the canvas is cursed .O.

  95. Kylo Nova says:

    Jayden and James are dumb

  96. Colin Bruce says:


  97. Camila Loza-Santos UwU says:

    2:43 JAMES I KNEW IT

  98. Tanisha Zainab says:


  99. Creeper Corps says:

    Jaidann won’t

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