Drawing pictures with music!

*Fast Music Playing* Just incredible If you don’t know who Aleksander Vinter is (Also known as Savant) You should be following him, he’s an amazing music producer He started posting these MIDI drawings that he does This is the most popular one I think so far, it’s gotten 3 Million views in about a week He’s done a monkey, (nope, that’s a rare Pepe, Andrew) A T-Rex A dragon that plays the Super Mario theme. I don’t know how he’s doing this but I’m gonna try and figure it out today. And obviously I’m gonna make a unicorn. I’m gonna make This Unicorn *Music Playing* *Alert Sound* *Music Playing* *Opens box, takes out paper, waggles paper, printer prints* So here’s my thought process. My transparncey is lined up with this edge of the screen. So if anything happens to it, I can always put it back In exactly the same place. I made a MIDI clip and set a tempo And kind of test it out. How long it’s gonna take to play the whole unicorn And this MIDI clip is a fixed size So if I wanna go in and do some edits I can do it, But I can always zoom out And get to the same place To see the whole picture of the unicorn Without notes being in the wrong spots The first thing I’m gonna do is trace the unicorn as accurately as I can. *Music Playing* I have now traced it to the best of my ability It was a difficult balance to strike between getting the image to come across And also getting in enough detail that felt like a good picture So this was just drawing it, not thinking about the music at all. Let’s see how amazing it sounds! *Jumbled up music playing* Nailed it! *exhale* Okay! And now we attempt to make this sound musical. And I can It’s gonna sound better Okay. First thing let’s quantize All the notes to 30 secooooooonds And this just get’s everything on beat. Still looks like a unicorn, Okay. I’mma move this whole thing up Because a lot of the notes were kinda low. I’m just gonna see how many of those low notes we can get rid of And have it still look like a Unicorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn (Discordant notes in the background) Just kinda free hand remaking this mane. Come on mane! I’m gonna say that still looks pretty good for a unicorn mane But it isn’t so busy right off the bat Let’s give it another listen… *High Pitched And Low Pitched Unharmonistic Music Playing* Ooh… maybe I made this to tall! That’s a huge range of notes. It’s still really high and really low. Our lowest note is D So I’mma say where in the key of D Minor So if i was using a minor key. So now I’m gonna go in the first bar and delete every note Or move every note so that it fits in D Minor Or a melody that would go over top of D Minor *Note moving noises* *Kind of Jumbled Up Music Playing* What I’m learning Is that it’s pretty difficult To make it sound good Just using what I have drawn So I need to take the idea Of what I have drawn And recreate most of it With the music in mind I get a feel for the shape of the picture I zoom in, I make adjustments to the notes musically I zoom out to see if it still looks unicorn-y Also, look at how our picture changes when I zoom in SMOOSH DAT UNICORN And I got a first bar now that sounds pretty musical *Good Music Playing* Let’s keep going *Cool Harpsichord Sound Playing The Good Part* I’m starting to hear this was kind of a baroque piece So I have slowed down the tempo And changed the instrument to this nice harpsichord * Harpsichord Music Plays And Then Gets To The Bad High Pitched Part* Bad high pitch part appears Look at this awfulness Corrupt file I saved my MIDI Unicorn, no problems there I went to have lunch When I came back to open it up It was corrupt Sad inhale and exhale* This is super annoying! So next video I will give you A glorious MIDI Unicorn And for today You can have this *Horrible Music Playing* And now I will thank you for watching And dejectedly walk away *Sad, Defeated Sounding Piano Music Playing*

Dereck Turner

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