[Mom] Oooo, Ross!
[Ross] What? [Mom] Look what I drew. I think it’s pretty. [Ross] Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draw. And today, I’m drawing with my Mom. [Mom] With this?
[Ross] With this! Ohh no. I don- We’re gonna do this again. We’re gonna do this again. Mother’s Day is around the corner and I thought I could bring my mom back for an awesome… [Mom] Tulips. [Ross] Tulips drawing-
[Mom] And butterfly [Ross] Tulip and butterfly drawing. We’re gonna draw something and hopefully it’s really good. Ross Draws!
[Mom] Ross Draws. For the Mother’s day.
[Ross] For the Mother’s Day! [Mom] Ross.
[Ross] What? [Mom] What’d you get for me for Mother’s day? [Ross] What’d I get you for Mother’s Day? Uhh… I didn’t get you anything yet.
[Mom] It’s coming Sunday. [Ross] I know! I’ll get you flowers.
[Mom] That’s not enough. [Ross] Why? Flowers is enough! Mom!
[Mom] Not enough! [Mom] Do you want to hear my wish?
[Ross] Tell everybody what your wish is. [Mom] My wish is… Ross get married. [Laughter] [Ross] Oh nooo! I don’t want to get married. What are you saying. [Mom] That’s my wish! [Ross] Mom, you were twenty-five when you got married, right? Twenty-four? [Mom] Yes, twenty-four. [Ross] Oh my god, my Mom was twenty-four when she got married. Why don’t you draw your wish.
[Mom] [Laughter] Oh really? [Ross] Yeah, you want to draw your wish?
[Mom] It’s hard! [Ross]I’ll try to bring it to life, ok?
[Mom] But I still love my flowers, my tulips. [Ross] They will still be here. Alright Mom, you ready?
[Mom] Yeah! Ok. Drawing your beautiful bride.
[Ross] My beautiful bride?! [Mom] Yes. [Ross] I hope she’s pretty!
[Mom] Pretty pretty, pretty beautiful. [Ross] What ethnicity is she?
[Mom] She could be everything. [Ross] Everything!? [Mom] Asian.
[Ross] Ok. [Mom] European.
[Ross] Ok. [Mom] Or black. A mix of all.
[Ross] [Laughter] Every single ethnicity. How lucky am I? [Mom] She’s wearing a wedding dress. And here’s Milo again. [Ross] [Laughter] Milo again?! Can Milo be a tiger or a panther? [Mom] Milo will protect her.
[Ross] Ok. [Mom] Make Milo bigger. [Ross] Mom she looks like a Nun. [Laughter]
[Mom] [Laughter] Noo. [Ross] Is she religious?
[Mom] She would be spiritual. [Ross] Oh she’s spiritual. I like that. Perfect. Mom, she’s a nun. [Laughter] So this is my mom’s wish. This is a beautiful bride that is all the ethnicities. So if you’re out there, say hi. [Mom] Let’s see how you can transform her to a real person. [Ross] Let’s see what she looks like. Let’s do it. All right Mom, what do you think?
[Mom] Wow, that’s beautiful. This is a sketch that I had. I’m trying to interpret my Mom’s sketch. It’s looking good so far. So I’m just gonna try to paint it. This is what my Mom started with, you know. A very nun-like bride.
[Mom] Nooo. [Ross] I’m gonna give you the pleasure of naming my bride. That’s the most important thing right? [Mom] Milo is Milo.
[Ross] Okay [Mom] So this lady could be…Mila.
[Ross] Oh! Mila! Mila. That’s pretty. But I feel like it’s a little too easy Milo, Mila, right? Isn’t it too easy. So we’re gonna bring up our random name generator. We’ll also generate a life story. [Mom] Remember I want her to be real, not from the computer. [Laughter] [Ross] She will be real! Abigail Ohh no! Oh! I mean, I’m really sorry all the Abigail’s out there. I love everybody. You know, but, yes. [Laughter] [Mom] We have only 3 choice.
[Ross] Okay. So that’s one right. [Mom] Okay.
[Ross] Okay. Andrea!
[Mom] Andrea. [Ross] I kind of want to know what the third one is.
[Mom] Okay! [Ross] This is the last one. This better be the best on- [Laughter] Eugenia! She’s age one! What?! Oh my gosh, she’s one years old! [Laughter]
[Mom] Nooo! [Ross] So her name is Eugenia. She’s one years old.
[Mom] No! You pick-! No not-! [Laughter] No, not toddler! [Laughter] No, maybe you put a wrong category.
[Ross] Oh, no, no. All jokes aside, I don’t condone in any underage stuff, but this is my bride. [Mom] No! [Laughter] No!
[Ross] Hold on! Eugenia. Right? She’s one years old. She dies from liver disease at 34. Alright, so my Mom doesn’t like this at all, and this is her wish, so we’re just gonna stick with Mila. [Mom] Yeah?!
[Ross] Okay. Yeah, so I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and this is the progress of our bride so far, Mila! What I’m trying to aim for is something really romantic and soft. At the same time, very striking. You know when we’re at a beach and we watch the sunset, it’s really relaxing. Very therapeutic and we can see the bright red sky and then the water The most relaxing color combinations are blue and orange. These color combinations really resonate with us and really puts us in a very relaxing mindset. That’s a little bit about what I’m thinking about. It’s looking pretty good. I’m gonna wrap it up and I’ll check back soon. Hey Mila! [Mom] It’s color dodge time! [Ross] Aw man, here we go. Ooo! [Mom] Wow! It’s so pretty.
[Ross] [Laughter] [Mom] Wedding mode activated! Wow! You have to fix it Ross. [Ross] Noo! [Ross] Milo! Your turn! Ohh! Milo! Mom, I’m married!
[Mom] Yea, you are, I’m so happy! [Ross] One, two, three! Happy Mother’s Day. [Mom] Oh, thank you, but I haven’t received anything from you yet. [Ross] Digital flowers! Oh, whoa! Mom look flowers!
[Mom] I want something real. [Ross] You know what fine? I’ll burn these flowers. I’m redrawing another fan’s drawing soon! These are so popular. I’ve only done two. Make sure you’re following my Instagram at Ross Draws. I’m gonna announce on my story about when to submit your drawings. It’s gonna be awesome. So stay tuned. If you want bonus content and video demos, It’s a deeper insight into how I put these painting together. Don’t forget to check out my Patreon. The print winner is… [Mom] I Draw Unicorns.
[Ross] I Draw Unicorns. Yes. Congratulations! [Mom] Congratulations. [Ross] If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is… What is something you love most about your Mom? I love that, you’re gonna give me a new car! [Mom] No, not gonna happen.
[Ross] Yea! Woo! Awesome! [Laughter] Let me know in the comments below, about something you love most about your Mom, and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. [Mom] Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms. [Ross] Yes, happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there. You guys are the best. So don’t forget to subscribe and remember [Mom] Every day is a color dodge day. [Ross] And do something awesome for your Mom. Like, get her digital flowers. On fire! Ow!

Dereck Turner

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