Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Bubble Letters

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Bubble Letters

Joe Hickerson, grindog.com. Today we’re going
to learn how to draw bubble letters. The first thing you want to do is you want to exchange
your straight lines for bubbles. So if you draw an A for instance, you want to come back
and draw a lips or circular bubble shapes where your straight lines are. Now you notice
I’m drawing in pencil here. I draw in pencil very lightly so I can come back after I pick
the lines that I want and erase my construction lines. Okay. So there’s an A, B, C; if you
have a curve like this, maybe break it into segments, like that. Okay. We’ll start with
four letters. The D, will have a little bit of both. Alright. There’s your bubble letters.
Now I come back with my marker or darker colored pencil and just pick the lines on these bubble
letters that I want. Here’s, for instance just the outside edge and on the inside, I
like to accentuate the curves a little bit. Okay. Same thing on the B; I come in. Alright;
C, D. Okay. Now if I’m done, what I wanted to do; I’m drawing very lightly on my construction
base, it should be very easy to come back and erase these construction lines and see
what I’ve ended up for. And once you get rid of these construction lines, you can come
back with your colors or with your shading and make them look even more bubbly. For instance
we’ll start on the A and I’ll just use a pencil for shading and I might come in and round
it out even more. And you do that, but maybe shading just one side of this bubble letter.
Don’t try to shade the whole thing. Okay, maybe just shade the bottom side. Alright.
I accentuate where the little bubbles come together. Okay. Alright. You might even put
a little reflection on it. If you really want to have fun and you want to make a balloon
out of it, put a little circle down here and a, and maybe a balloon line flying off and
same thing on the B and all the other letters. You just want to make them look more rounded
and to round these things off, you need to shadow one side and maybe give it a little
reflection. Okay. See how my trends running here? That’s pretty much what you want to
do with all your letters. And that’s how you draw a bubble letters.

Dereck Turner

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