Hello there! So, at the end of November I went into Michael’s which is my favorite arts and crafts shop. It was Black Friday at the time. Everything was cheap on sale and I came across this awesome sketchbook. Look at this here, like black drawing paper. How cool is that? Of course I ended up buying it because you know, I’ve never used anything like this and it’s creatively challenging and we all know what I like with creatively challenging things. I genuinely have no idea what on earth I am supposed to do with this paper at all, I initially wasn’t sure even what supplies I could use, like I thought maybe colored pencils. You can’t use acrylic paint in here because it’s not mixed media paper. Watercolor paint would not show up in here whatsoever for obvious reasons. Until I noticed on the front. I read it. It’s always good to read the instructions. It says you can use color pencils, gel pens, or metallic markers and I actually have all of those things so that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. I’m going to be trying to fill a page of the sketchbook and wish me luck. Here we go, this is the Canson black drawing paper, the XL black drawing paper, and sports sheets 9 by 12 and apparently it’s “premium quality.” So uh, there we go. I think pastels would look really cool on this, but I really do not like pastels in the slightest so I don’t think I’m gonna go with those today. So for the pencils today I’m gonna use this set by Arteza because I’ve never used these ones before, I’ve actually never used any colored pencils by Arteza before and they sent me this awesome set. It’s got a ton of colors in here. It’s like one of those selection boxes you have at Christmas time with all the cookies and then you think you’ve eaten them all and then BOOM, underneath you’ve got even more cookies. Because they also said about gel pens, I have this set of gel pens by Arteza they also sent me, very kindly, so thank you so much to Arteza for sending me these awesome products. I’m very excited to try them. I love all of their other products that I’ve tried so far. Also just to quickly mention, Arteza are paying me for this video and to review their products but all opinions will be my own, don’t you worry. Hello? It’s quite- it’s editing Chloe here. I just want to quickly put this in because I didn’t actually end up using the gel pens, I swatch them out as you can see, they work nicely especially like the silver and the gold but I’m just not really a fan of gel pens and using like a waxy finish colored pencil. They just don’t go together at all so I just I swatch them out, but I didn’t end up using them. So, you know, they’re decent enough but I don’t think they got fair enough shot being used on black paper personally. Also if you want to get 10% off anything on Arteza’s website you can check out the links below and use the coupon code ChloeRoseArt2, because I did forget to mention that and it’s a bargain. Just gonna quickly swatch all of these pencils for you. They’re so creamy, like the way that they go on the paper is so creamy. Now I’m probably not gonna use all of these colors. In fact, I think I’m gonna do a snowy piece which involves probably mainly like these colors. They also sent me these watercolor pencils, which I’m actually not going to use today, but I have used their watercolor pencils in the past. They’re very good, I’m actually gonna give these away on my Twitter at some point in January. So make sure you follow me there. Okay, so this is how all of the pencils swatch on the black paper and as you can see they’re super vibrant considering they’re on such dark paper. And they’re very pigmented and they’re also very creamy. I’m not sure if you can just see how solid the actual colors are. Okay, you know what because it’s Christmas time I think I’m gonna do a Christmas tree, maybe the little snowman to the side or something like that. I’m thinking maybe we’ll do it like this way. We should probably clear our space. We’ll do a little moon over here in the corner, and I think I’m just gonna have like maybe a couple of hills or something like that. I literally am NOT looking at a reference for this so I probably should to be honest. I’ve never drawn a mountain with colored pencils before so this is probably going to look absolutely atrocious. In fact, you know what? I’ve never actually really drawn many mountains at all or painted many mountains in my life. So uh, excuse my noob-ness at this. I’m really looking forward to the new year because I’m gonna try and really do things a little bit differently on my channel? It’s difficult because the kind of channel that I have, I’m constantly trying out supplies I’ve never used before or I’m using supplies that are really cheap or not very good so I’m constantly using something different and as a result of that, I’m not good at any of the stuff that I’m sort of drawing with on YouTube, because it’s like my first time doing it so It’s really difficult for me to be able to really fully show what I know I’m capable of, because I’m always doing something different. I hope that makes sense and just like, I’m capable of so much better than half of the stuff that you see me make on YouTube, but I’ve got like 45 minutes to an hour to make these things and then in that time I’m using a supply that I’ve never used before, so all of my work tends to come off looking a bit disappointing to me purely because it’s not… it’s not something that I’m used to, you know, I love digital art but I can’t always make digital art videos. I feel like Bob Ross did an identical painting to this and I’m just like somehow subconsciously pulling it to my mind. Okay, that’s that. That’s that. Weird… one tree thing. I’ve got a bunch of little trees just lying around here. I do like these pencils though, I must say that. I mean I don’t like what I’m actually making but these pencils are very similar to Prismacolor. Like, they blend quite well. I’m just gonna stick with a little tree here. Lots and lots… lots of trees. I wish Bob was here and he could just help me sort out my terrible mountains right now! The only good thing that’s kind of coming out of this piece is that I realize how much I love these Arteza pencils. As someone that’s only just started using Prismacolor pencils, I genuinely didn’t think that these pencils being so much cheaper, would even be remotely comparable but they actually are. I’m very impressed with how similar the actual core of the pencil feels to Prismacolor. I’m gonna put a little snowman here, but quite a big snowman I think. Stick him right there. Okay, let’s get a little orange. I’m gonna give him a tiny little nose though. They blend so nicely! Look at that, I feel like they look so pretty. I’m gonna be a bit bold and put some purple in there. Let’s hope I don’t regret this. *Holiday music* I’m gonna give my a little snowman a Santa hat. So the red doesn’t really show up all that great, unfortunately, but it’s there anyway. You- you know that it’s there, you and I both know that it is there. There’s one eyeball. Color in the rest… oh dear, what’s happened there? I’m not gonna give him a mouth because I think he looks- he looks cuter without one to be honest. I don’t know what pencil I just used. I’ve lost it. I think I’m gonna be brave and do a little reflection in the water here on my little snowman. That was well off, well done Chloe. *laughs* This black pencil, I tell you what. It’s so helpful when you’re me and you mess everything up. So that’s one thing you can’t do with regular sketchbook paper, you can’t just use a black pencil to hide up your mistakes which I greatly appreciate to be honest, because I just make a mess with everything that I do. I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on these pencils if you’ve tried them or if you’re not… if you’ve not tried them and you’re just kind of watching me use them for the first time and say you’re a pencil expert, unlike myself. Do you feel that these are performing like normal pencils? From my limited experience, these do feel the same as Prismacolor pencils to me, I feel like I’m drawing on a chalkboard because it kind of looks like chalk, the effect that it’s giving off, which is neat. Definitely messed up on my snowman though, putting that purple there. I’m just gonna give them simple sticky arms just to make it easy. And actually I’m gonna add some little stars to be honest, no maybe snow. This can be… this actually, you decide is this snow or are they stars? Am I pressing too hard on the paper, like can someone with more experience tell me, am I pressing too hard on the paper with these? Okay, I think I’m gonna put a little line here to fully differentiate the water. *More holiday music* As much as I’m stressing about this entire piece, and as much as it’s very very simplistic and quite basic, I’ve still enjoyed doing this. It was a good learning curve. That’s one thing I will say, I do try a lot of different things all the time but I do learn a lot. So I’m really impressed with these so far, I’m not gonna lie. I mean, I’ve not used like, a massive color range here clearly. I’ve used about, I don’t know, maybe six different colors in this piece, but they do blend really nicely. They remind me a lot of Prismacolor pencils in that they are kind of soft… soft cord pencils so I do press quite hard out of habit. I know it’s not what you’re supposed to do, but you get such a vibrant pigment- pigmented. Pigmented. Like I really like the fact that because I’m using black paper, if I make a mistake and just- I can just use like a black pencil and then hide that mistake. Which is- look at that! Look at that. It just hides any form of mistake that I’ve made, so basically you just need to do that with the whole thing. I mean how they last durability wise and how they last light-fastness wise in comparison to Prismacolor, I don’t know. What I do know is they are very very affordable for the price and Arteza are one of those brands that you kind of, you hear about on and off, and they’re kind of… they’re a newer art brand still, but honestly I’ve been very impressed with them so far. Made a bit of a mess because I didn’t pre plan this but would I use black paper again? Absolutely. Would I use it to try and make myself look like a professional artist? Probably not. Would I use these are Arteza pencils again? 100%, absolutely, definitely would. Look at the quality of that tree. But it’s like really late and I’ve kind of given up at this point. I’ve really messed this up because the moon shouldn’t- *laughs* The moon shouldn’t be in this. I’ve just realized the moon shouldn’t even like, it shouldn’t even be there. Why have I put the moon in there? I’m so tired, it’s so late, I didn’t plan this out and I’ve put a moon where it shouldn’t be. I’ve put a moon- it shouldn’t even be visible in this water at all, should it? Let’s just run- let’s just try and remove that shall we? An insignificant, non-existent moon that should not have been there in the first place! It’s very very simplistic, but I kind of like it. I do like it. I like the concept of it, my pieces on Youtube I normally try to do in under an hour because filming something whilst I’m drawing, it’s kind of- it’s quite stressy because you’re working against a clock as in the battery time, the SD card storage, so I always try to make a piece somewhat simplistic instead of being able to spend you know, hours and hours and hours on a piece every week in a video. It’s just not feasible so I’ve always got to spend like 45 minutes to an hour on a piece every week. But this is what I’m currently working on, as you can see, this is a digital piece I’ve been doing with iPad Pro. This I’ve spent about honestly maybe five hours on, it’s not done yet as you can see, it’s half done. But this is the kind of thing that I want to make more of in the new year on my channel, it’s just- I can’t really do something this lengthy in every single video. You can’t really see the details on camera can you? But that’s what I’m making, it’s gonna be on my Instagram if you want to see the final finished piece when it’s done. This to… yeah, if you celebrate Christmas, you all have a wonderful wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year as well. And thank you all so much for your support over this past year. It’s been incredible, I’m gonna take the next week and a half or two off of my channel and I’m gonna be back with bigger and better content and art next year, so thank you so incredibly much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed the video, make sure you check out the Arteza products in the link in the description below and your coupon code as well, and I think that’s everything. So thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*

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