Drawing Fire

Drawing Fire

The Drawing Fire assignment pulls together
all the elements explored in the previous assignments. In this exercise you’ll be exploring
charcoal again – a medium so well suited to this subject matter. You’ll also have the
opportunity to draw structure – the source of the flames, and also to try to capture
the movement of the flame, just like you tried to capture the movement of pouring water.
First of all, decide which level of flame you feel most comfortable with drawing. It
might be a full scale bonfire, or a small gas flame on the hob in the kitchen. An open
fire in a grate, or a night light candle. Each brings its own personality, and characteristics
to influence your drawing. Start by working with charcoal and work quite
quickly to create both a structure for your fire, and at the same time begin to capture
the flames themselves. As you start to make your marks on the paper, let yourself learn
about personality of the flames. Where do they erupt from? Does the fire feel like it
grows outwards, or does the fire feel constrained? Does it lean? Move? Grow?
Take advantage of the fluid nature of the fire, and of charcoal, and really push the
charcoal about the page. Like before, layer drawing upon drawing, following your instinct
and changing material when you feel it’s appropriate. Vary your mark making too – vary the way you
hold your drawing tool, and vary the pressure of the marks you make, and the direction of
the marks you make, i.e. what happens when you flick away fro your body, rather than
pull your hand towards your body. Keep your hand moving, like the flame, and allow the
drawing to take on its own life, rather than get stuck trying to replicate the fire too
accurately. Again, photograph your drawing at each stage
so you can feel able to push it even further…

Dereck Turner

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