Drawing Faces From Any Angle

Drawing Faces From Any Angle

Dereck Turner

26 thoughts on “Drawing Faces From Any Angle

  1. Bloodmoon Monsters says:

    Someone needs to make a story of paper boy, each level is a different story

  2. Josey _ says:

    This is incredibly insightful, thanks man my art is looking much more clean.

  3. Carlos Vargas says:

    RIP my ears with that intro

  4. NimW says:

    Karate kid reference?

  5. Ishika Shanai says:

    Level 1 immediately blew my mind.


    WOW. I'm gonna try this. This dude is so creative and smart, I would've never seen it that way.😲
    I'm so happy that everyone is different and has their own point of views and different ways of thinking.


    If your not already.. YOU NEED TO BE AN ART TEACHER!!

  8. Natasha Kawde says:

    Thank u so much

  9. Soft Waffle says:

    "Drawing Faces From Any Angle" or "How i learned to stop worrying and became a god"

  10. camilo daraghma says:

    Most of the time you dont know what youve drawn until a couple of hours went by and you you Look at it again

  11. Nope! Ha! says:

    This changed my life so much!! Subscribe!

  12. Aaron King says:

    Lmao what's up w you and cirlces? Yall got beef?

  13. Anjum Ara says:

    tbh the voice crack is slowly killing me inside

  14. StarFightGaming says:

    Could you also use this method for anime and manga?

  15. Hobi's Sprite says:

    that really is a very charming paper head

  16. Cata Adorio says:

    Wow! Thank you very much for this. I've been struggling with foreshortenning angles of faces. Trying different methods like loomis but i can't seem to put the image on my head on paper. But with this I drew the head pose I've been figuring out for a long time (which is a chin up pose). There are a lot of references in the internet yet this is the only one that I understand right away. Thank very much.

  17. Jake M. says:

    Quick but very full of substance. Don't you wish all drawing tutorial were similar?

  18. I'm Scout says:

    Omg, I never realized how much circles have been messing with me until now

  19. a a says:

    Loomis method is far easier I think, and if anyone is struggling with Loomis, make sure you can easily draw a cube from any angle first to ensure you understand the basics of drawing in 3D.

  20. TheMeekWarrior says:

    Level 1 – Paper
    Level 2 – Paper boi
    Level 3 – PAPER MAN! fanfare

    Seriously though, this is a really cool trick. I totally got lost at level 4 though. XD Human anatomy is not my strong suit. I will probably be trying this out someday!

  21. hazeroid says:

    You suck.

  22. davoxime says:

    WOW!! This method is pretty useful! I find it even more helpful when combining with the Loomis method. Thanks!!

  23. OverallAverage says:

    Wow okay this was not supposed to be so easy

  24. link says:

    Okay what just happened, it can't be THAT easy. I was struggling for ao long and now I see this and it's way easier than I thought (??)

  25. Superior Home Arts says:

    WOW! This made it soooo much easier! Thanks for making these videos they really help.

  26. Brandon Alaan-Nguyen says:

    What was that random rap music that faded in and out at 3:26 XD

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