Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. I hope you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Today, we’ll be drawing Wreck-it-Ralph! I know you’ve seen me draw many Disney Princesses But in Wreck-it Ralph, they have all of them! We’ll be doing something super challenging today and drawing ten Disney Princesses! There are more, and I might miss a few, but I hope I got your favorites. So, let’s jump right into it…Ross Draws! Disney Princess Battle Royale! Okay… ten princesses, oh my god. I think the most characters I’ve ever done in one painting is like four or five, and now we have ten of them! This is a great opportunity to do a really cool battle scene! Magic powers everywhere. But this is the sketch I prepared for the painting. You guys ready? Here we go. One, two, three. Ohhh! There’s gonna be a bunch over here and there’s gonna be a bunch over there. You guys recognize any of them? Not yet? Don’t worry. We’re about to add color in a minute And then you guys can instantly tell who they are. You guys have seen me use food before and genderbend people. But today, since we have so many characters, I thought we could start from scratch. Show you a great technique to get the perfect colors. First thing you want to do is have a sketch! Something decent. You don’t have to spend too much time on it. Enough to see where you’re going. And then you’re gonna want to get your candy! Every artist has a stash of candy somewhere and it’s gonna be super useful for this process. Lets think about which princess we want to start first. How about Ariel? Little Mermaid, very popular. So, what you want to do is grab a bunch of candy that corresponds to the color. Because it matters. And you’re gonna want to think about it. Take a moment, breathe in, and then Wow! Look at that, amazing! The more candy you have, the more colors you can make. Let’s grab some gummy worms. Awesome. Which one should we do next? Let’s do Merida! Merida from Brave. We’re gonna take this blue and orange gummy worm and we’re literally gonna Now we have the colors for Merida and it looks super great. You can also mix and match. Say for Tiana, I have a cookie and then there’s some green for her dress. Lets do this real quick. Oh my god! Look at that! Tiana! So graceful. We have seven more Princesses to go. Let’s double time. Guys, look at this giant snickers bar. Ohhh my god. Let’s split this in half. Nice. Look at that. Pocohontas, Moana. One, two, three, go! Ohhh! Amazing. Ah! Perfect. Ahh, look at that. One, two, three. Ahh! And as you know, the process of turning candy into art creates a lot of mess! but hey it garners some beautiful, beautiful result. So let’s take a moment to clean this up and I’ll check back soon. This is our scene. I feel like something’s missing, you know, like we’re missing one character. Oh my god! How could I forget?! The most important princess from Wreck-it-Ralph! Focus all our energy into this gummy bear and we’re gonna bring her to life. One, two, three! Ohhh! Oh my god it’s Vanellope. And that brings our princess total to eleven. Eleven characters I’m gonna have to paint! Help me! Seems like I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. So, let’s get started. Hey guys, welcome back and this is the progress of our epic, princess battle royale piece so far. So when you’re designing a whole cast of characters, it’s essential to have a flow. Moana’s wave right here curves around… to help contain all these characters Same thing goes for Ariel’s force field bubble. Like that. And then we have our eye leading in the colors of the wind that way. Another very important thing is… Curves vs Straights. You need it to make your design interesting. To break this curve, I added a straight trident, like that. For this beautiful straight arrow to compliment the curve over here. So I’m sure you can go around and try to find straights and curves everywhere. There’s a long way to go, but I definitely see some progress. So I’m going to work on this and I’ll check back soon. Yo everybody, it’s color dodge time! Aw man here we go. Oooo! I’m having a sugar rush! Rapunzel! Merida! Colors of the wind! Go Mulan, go! Elsa! Tiana! Moana! Snow White! Raja! The sugar rush! Hey guys, how’s it going? I hope you enjoyed the video. That was so much fun and probably the most challenging piece I’ve ever done. Eleven characters! Milo are you a princess? Milo you’re a princess, look at them. He’s a princess. Many of you saw the preview and messaged if you could buy a print of it. And good news, we are relaunching the Merch store next week! It’s been in construction for a very long time but we are relaunching it and this print is gonna be on there, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in a deeper insight on how I bring these pieces together with video demos and process tutorials, come check out my Patreon. And also our official discord is finally live! Yes! We just became a disc-…where is it? Where is it? A Discord partner! We have an awesome, active, online community. We run art contests. Please check out the link below for the link to the discord. The winner of the XP-Pen Artist 12 tablet is… [James] Katie Lyn
[Ross] Katie Lyn! Congratulations. I am going to make a small doodle on this and I’m gonna sign it. Milo’s gonna sign it. We have one more to give away. Check out my Instagram for the details. There’s like three days left… so hurry. If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is… Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why? You guys already know mine, Princess Kida from Atlantis. She’s super cool. Let us know and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Look forward to the Merch announcement next week. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

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