Draw My Life : James Charles

Draw My Life : James Charles

Hi sisters James Charles here, welcome back to my youtube channel Hey guys, welcome to another episode of draw their life and the shout out winners for the previous episode are Thanks guys for subscribing you guys are awesome if you want to win a shout-out subscribe to my channel guys and Comment that you subscribed and I’ll announce the winners in the next episode and today we’re drawing the awesome life of James Charles or as he might say Sister James Charles if you’re a fan of makeup and beauty gurus you must have heard about James If not, let me explain it to you James is a massive youtuber beauty guru model makeup artist and internet celebrity He rose to fame through Instagram Currently he has around 8.7 million followers in Instagram and he’s equally successful on YouTube He has around 9.1 million subscribers on YouTube That’s a massive amount of fan following and he’s just 19 years old What !!James makeup career started when he became the first male covergirl spokesperson on October 11th 2016 after that point everything changed for him He gained tons of fan following brand deals and all that sweet stuff, but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows He had to face many controversies and drama. So today I’m going to cover everything in this video comment below Who’s your favorite beauty guru, James Charles or Jeffrey star. Also I’ve done a draw my life video on Jeffrey star, so Definitely go check that out and let’s get right into the video and check out the awesome life of James Charles James Charles real name is James Charles Dixon. And as you guys know, he’s known as sister James His parents named him after both of his grandfather’s James and Charles James was born on May 23rd 1999 in Bethlehem, California, which makes him 19 years Now James has a sibling a younger brother Ian Charles and throughout the years Ian is being featured in many of James YouTube videos James did his schooling in Bethlehem Central High School and graduated in June of 2017. James. Charles is openly gay When he was in middle school, he came out at the age of 12 his family was very supportive of him and accepted him as he was his parent’s support and Acceptance has actually helped him grow as a regular kid Which has exponentially helped him in molding himself to be an exuberant and vibrant personality that millions of people love today James has featured his parents also in many of his YouTube videos was who My favorite people on the planet the ones that gave birth to me sister mother Charles and sister father Charles. Welcome to my channel His dad was a building contractor and when he came to know about his interest in makeup he moved his office Which was in their home basement and helped James to build his makeup studio There .his mom has told that when they got to know about his makeup interest They thought James was transgender and they talked with him about this They never wanted James to feel bad or hidden no matter what .my first thought was that Perhaps he was transgender which would have been totally fine. But that was a whole new unfamiliar area for me and i was nervous for him After that James had to convince his parents that he’s not transgender He just likes to wear makeup and it’s his real interest to pursue makeup in his life James was also mentioned that it was his dad who first taught him how to do hair braiding When James was attending high school, he started hair styling of his friends and family He took up small hair works and one day he was doing hair styling for a girl and her makeup artist didn’t come So she asked James to do her makeup James has later told that he agreed doing her makeup But only on a condition that she should not tag him in her Instagram if anything goes wrong with the makeup Well, the makeup turned out to be pretty good and he started getting into makeup more seriously James started his Instagram page in 2015 his initial post featured girls who he’d done makeup on slowly He started uploading his own pictures Then he went ahead uploading trimmed videos of his makeup transformations His followers increased gradually his insta followers started requesting him to open a YouTube channel So finally James opened a YouTube channel as per the fan requests and he started uploading full version videos of his makeup transformations now Let’s see how James makeup career started on September 6 2016 James had a photo shoot for his yearbook However, he was not satisfied with the result So he contacted the studio and requested a reshoot for which they agreed for the reshoot James took his full glam set and ring light to the studio, which they used for the shoot. The pictures came out quite well Here are the pictures James loved the pics and decided to share this on Instagram These pictures went viral and attracted a lot of attention and fan following to his Instagram profile This was the first time when covergirl noticed him the LA covergirl magazine approached James Presenting him the wonderful opportunity of becoming their spokesmodel now That’s something big so there he was on October 11th 2016 James Charles became the first male spokesperson of Covergirl here’s a clip from the ad campaign James life changed and escalated to a different level after this today is a great day for lash Equality new solashy mascara works for all lash types. lash equality with new solashy Mascara During his covergirl photo shoot Katy Perry surprised James on the studio, and it was a very exciting moment for him After this point James was meeting big stars attending shows and doing everything he wanted to do on November 14 2016 James Charles appeared on The Ellen Show For a 17 year old teenager. It was truly an overwhelming experience So James Charles, you’re the first male cover girl. That is how do how does it in your 17? Yeah. How does this happen? That’s amazing though. Alright, so His appearance in the show really boosted his career his Instagram following rose to millions and is currently at eight point seven million as I mentioned earlier James already started his YouTube channel by this Time he uploaded his first ever YouTube video on March 3rd 2016, and it was a makeup tutorial video Hi guys, my name is James for those of you who don’t know me I’m a 16 year old makeup artist from New York and I run the Instagram page JCharles beauty lately literally 150 percent of my comments have been So here I am on YouTube in front of my camera with my lights .for his makeup Loving fans and followers James frequently uploaded videos where he showed different kinds of makeup transformations He came up with many bold and loud looks and is very creative in his makeup look ideas James enjoyed playing with his makeup in all possible ways and his viewers enjoyed watching them He’s done some really interesting stuff and collaboration like makeup in Reverse makeup and makeup in dark makeup in hot-air-balloon makeup in public makeup in uber makeup in helicopter I mean, I don’t understand how that works, but it sure does get tons of views So why not another main reason why James gains tons of subscribers is his interesting collab videos Over the years he’s done collab with some big names in the industry like Shane Jeffrey Dolan twins Also his recent collab with Kylie Jenner already has 13 million views in two days We are here today to film a collaboration , and Im so beyond excited. o me too . Im so excited u guys because Kylie wanted me to do her makeup and I was So down so James knows what he’s doing at such a young age James association with la covergirl and his appearance in The Ellen Show followed by a success in Instagram also had a direct impact in his YouTube fan following currently he has eight point eight million subscribers in his YouTube channel and each of his videos gets an average of four million views in His own words over the years James has drastically improved in his makeup mastery and has changed a lot since the start of his YouTube channel For his work James shifted to LA and currently has set his base in LA as we all know Controversy’s is a part of any social media person’s life. And James was no exception He had his fair share of online uproar hate comments and personal attacks This happened while James was preparing for a school trip to South Africa He tweeted about Africa and the disease Ebola in a funny way and that started the whole thing. The tweet stirred controversy People called him insensitive and racist and his social media account flooded with all kinds of comments Many people demand that James should not be associated with covergirl anymore and they should throw him out of their campaign James deleted his tweet immediately But things were not settling down with that James tweeted a line of apology saying his intention was not what he said in words however, realizing the gravity of the issue after a few hours James came up with a long apology tweet where he acknowledged his mistake and Said sorry for what He said previously that was a heartfelt apology from his side and he told that he has a lot to learn and grow Following this tweet covergirl tweeted with regards to this and they mentioned that James tweet was inappropriate However, appreciated the fact that he’s issued an apology Keeping everything aside guys I think James Charles is an awesome guy for the age he is at the success in his career is immense and commendable? James’s clearly made a mark on the traditional female dominated beauty industry and broken barriers through his work His extraordinary creativity and out-of-the-box ideas have played a part in his success at an early age His followers love his jovial attitude and adore his funny chats with them James has wisdom beyond his age and unique insights James’s understanding parents and strong family support has always been his backbone and it will continue to be if You think about it Just being 19 and having such an impact of the beauty industry. It’s just mind-blowing So they’re guys that was the draw my life video of James Charles If you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel guys also Go ahead and check out jeffree star draw my life video on the playlist and I’ll see you in the next episode till then peace out

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