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Hey, everyone. My name is Funneh and this is my draw my life I’ve been very nervous to share my story with you all but after hitting 1 million subscribers on my channel I thought I should create something super special my story will explain how I became the person I am today and with the help of you guys. Who’ve changed my life, so let’s begin My story begins in Canada. I was a cute little bubbly baby who was born on October 31st 1995 this is also the day my two older sisters Miss trick-or-treating My Dad came to Canada on a boat No, not that kind of boat this kind Soon after that he met my mom and two years later my oldest sister was born Anyways, this is my family We lived in a small bungalow it had two floors the basement was always rented out so we can never go play in the basement We basically lived on one floor but to me it was gigantic This is my dad, mom Sister,sister,me Little sis and little bro That’s right My parents had five kids and as you can imagine it must have been super hectic for them But they loved us all equally my parents wanted five kids because they didn’t want us to be lonely My Dad was a chef and my mom washed dishes at a local restaurant And some nights my parents would eat very little just because they were worried they wouldn’t have enough food to feed us and yes We were very broke at the time when I was a kid I didn’t really know how much they sacrificed for us but knowing this now that I’m older it really breaks my heart When I was about 22 months old that’s almost 2 years old I had not grown in any baby teeth babies usually get their teeth around 6 months, so my mom was scared She took me to the doctor and the doctor said that if my teeth didn’t come out By 2 years old they were going to have to bring me to a specialist, and maybe manually pull out my teeth I probably pooped my pants I don’t remember anything, but apparently after that conversation my teeth popped right out See that that’s not my teeth grew in! I had a big space between my two front teeth, and I love to whistle through them it annoyed my sibling so much But I thought it was so funny Since there is five of us you can obviously Guess that we tend to get ourselves into mischief I remember one time my siblings and I thought it was a smart idea to microwave a gummy pizza to see if it would expand we popped it in the microwave for one whole minute and Boom it exploded all over the microwave We did get in trouble for it, but hey it was a cool experiment to see something explode! One day my dad bought home an used Nintendo console that his humble boss gave him from work Because he felt bad for my dad He told my dad that his daughter didn’t want it anymore, and maybe we would enjoy playing with it It was called the famicom I know it sounds silly But this was the best thing ever my siblings And I would play Super Mario brothers and other games all day long We would sit there for hours and hours just playing video games Moving on this is me in elementary a pretty shy kid with just a few friends. I was also a mini artist I would carry my doodle book everywhere drawing things that I thought were fascinating one day at art time my teacher saw me drawing in my book and thought it was really nice so she asked if I could share it with the class I didn’t want to but she convinced me anyways After this all the kids complimented my work, and I felt really happy my smile was unbreakable I Remember in second grade our teacher made us do an assignment on what we wanted to be when we grew up In my head at the time. I wanted to be an artist. I loved drawing and expressing my ideas on a canvas That’s what I could see myself doing in the future One day the famicom broke we were really sad Four years later our dad saved up enough money to get us a new console It was called the Nintendo gamecube the console only came with one controller, but we didn’t care We loved it so much that we would spend all day taking turns playing on the gamecube In 2005 my family and I moved houses they wanted more space for us growing up because our house was starting to get cramped So we moved into another home I was excited and sad at the same time moving houses meant we were moving school and moving schools meant saying goodbye to my friends Here I am at the new school with brand new faces. I was really quiet at school when I tried making new friends I was nervous and awkward so all the kids thought I was weird in Those two years I built myself a self image of being a quiet weird girl who didn’t talk to anyone… But being alone wasn’t that bad after the first year went by I just didn’t care what they thought about me anymore During these years my parents gave me an old digital camera I would record funny skits with this and show videos to my family and cousins everyone laughed and really enjoyed it I was also known as the little comedian in my family being able to see my family last meant the world to me because Growing up with not a lot and seeing my parents come home from work exhausted and stressed I knew that with my videos I can make their day a little better with laughter As the year went on I continued to make these funny video skits. They were never posted on YouTube though. Thank God I think this is the time where I realized I really wanted to pursue a job into creative filmmaking In 2008 my parents brought a restaurant downtown Hoping that the business could make more income to support the family it wasn’t the nicest part of downtown The windows would always get broken and you know all of that stuff I would work here on the weekends and sometimes weekdays bussing tables as The year went on we spent more and more time at the restaurant the business wasn’t very successful So my parents couldn’t hire anyone so we had to help our parents. We would be at school in the daytime and after school We would bus down to the restaurant and work there until 10:30 p.m. At night when the business was slow my siblings And I would watch Youtube videos on our laptop. It made working down at the restaurant less miserable We would watch tons and tons of videos from different creators. It was awesome and made our day a little better As months went on this family restaurant became the most depressing point in my life because each night when my family came home around 11:00 p.m. At night there would be arguments tears and anger the biggest problem was debt We were in a lot of debt because the restaurant was losing a lot of money and business was slow I finally made some new friends in Middle school these girls, and I didn’t have the same common interest, but we still talked anyways one day they started making rumors about me and At lunchtime these girls got a bunch of other girls to tell me they didn’t want to be friends with me anymore I let these mean catty girls bully me into silence, and if I could go back in time I wish I could tell my younger self to have confidence and don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself but at the end of the day there was a couple of things that made me smile which was video games my dog and YouTube Every single night I would play video games for hours and watch YouTube videos with my dog. I was happy After three years my parents sold their restaurant because we were growing up And you know we couldn’t work there forever it felt like the chains finally broke off Until my parents brought another business of course, but hey this one did better than the last one On September 1st 2011 I created my first YouTube channel. Which is the channel you are watching right now The first video I ever created on my channel was called Black Ops Ranger match But that’s a private video now At this time Minecraft was a very popular game, and we were so obsessed with it So I said hey, we should make some videos my siblings and I got to work We created Minecraft Machinima’s and Minecraft parodies I remember one of our parodies hitting 1 million views at the time and I cried tears of Joy But I also cried tears of sadness because the video was taken down due to a copyright strike after this we just worked on Minecraft machinimas and slowly as the months came by I Became very busy with school and where I told myself once we finished the last episode of the Minecraft love series I was going to quit youTube because I couldn’t keep up with posting these videos so I stopped High school was pretty chill for me. I was quiet, and I got decent grades I also skipped class a lot because I didn’t really like school my mom would always call in sick for me Isn’t she the best? No, I’m joking don’t do that guys don’t do that. Anyways whenever I skip school or classes I had to go work at my parents shop where there was a computer and on that computer I played a Minecraft and watch Youtube videos so it wasn’t all that bad All the days when I did go to school I mostly spent my time writing scripts at lunch secretly in the library they were for YouTube It was just a bunch of ideas That I never got the chance to make videos of I know I know this sounds pretty weird, but I was a weird kid okay? I graduated high School in 2013 and wanted to pursue my dream job in Digital Media One day when I came home from school my older sister you guys might see her in a lot of my videos said hey We should start posting on your channel again except we should play Minecraft and commentate this time Sort of making silent machinimas me Commentate I can’t even talk to people in real life So what made her think that I could talk in a mic for random people for for the internet to hear???? I was so nervous and against her opinion, she Convinced me, and we posted our first Minecraft Let’s play ever it was a Minecraft school video I am pretty sure you guys know what it is. I remember this day so clearly and Vivid because after recording the video for two hours I wanted to trash it but my sister said we should post it anyways so we did after a couple of weeks the video blew up our channel was discovered by you I was in Shock and Excitement in my head, I thought why would these people want to watch me? And you guys always left the nicest comments on my videos to help me continue and post more and now Here we are today with 1 million subscribers! Something I would only dream of I feel blessed to have you guys in my life and to found what I love to do I Like making people smile and being able to make one person’s day better with laughter means the world to me you Have changed my life forever, and I would like to say thank you Thank you so much for watching my videos every day and leaving your amazing comments I really do appreciate each and every one of you, and I can’t say how much I love you guys This is my life up until now. I hope my story inspires you and without these ups and downs in my life I wouldn’t be the person. I am today life isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it awesome You’re the only one who can write your own story and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Thank you so much for watching my draw my life video I love you all so much And I can’t wait to see where this takes us next If you did enjoy it make sure to leave a like and I will see you guys all in the next one! *Joyful Music starts to play*

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