Draw My Life – Dunkey

Draw My Life – Dunkey

Hi I’m Herman Uh, this is my dad on the left Sunglasses, pretty cool guy, guess back in the day he said, sweet talked my mom. And then I’d guess they’d probbly’ start doin’ one of these. Uh, if I could guess myself They probably’ started and then after that they probably’ did one of those. uhm, And then they’re probably lookin’ at one of these I bet. And then, you know after a while it got boring, started doin’ some crazy shit. Uh, Let’s just, I don’t like this part You gotta understand that I was born on a ship, the S.S. Minnow Johnson. And we were sailin’ the seven seas when this big old stupid old pirate ship came out, led of course by Johnny Depp. This was about a decade before his pirates franchise. He was just preparing for the role he said, “Gimme’ that little fuckin’ baby so I can shoot him!”. Completely nice guy. So my dad came up with this genius idea, to put my baby body, into a cannon, and then fire me out of the cannon, to shoot me over the ship. And the genuis part of it is that I had these two, uh, machine guns and he had TNT on deck so I shot the machine guns I blew up the whole pirate ship. But, uh, turned out my dad was a fucking jackass, and over-shot me by a million miles and I started drowning, *drowning noises*. But luckily, I ended up drowning into the lost city of Atlantis And they had all this futuristic technology like a rocket ship, And they even had the next man from the next year, And I said “What’s new in Madden?” He said “Nothin”. And, uh, he explained that the Atlantis people really needed this, Moon Crystal. to- It was a very important quest he was sending me on. So he had the genius idea of putting me into this rocket ship, and, I drove that from Earth, into the Moon. so- And then I crashed cause I’m not a good driver when I was a baby. And then Sheriff-Woody-was-on-there-he-say-YEEHAW. And then I said uhm “I got my, you freeze there buddy.” “What’s goin’ on?”. He said “We’re in trouble, there’s Gorgogon, Googoogon is killin’ everybody. So I said “I’ll stop this guy.”. I shot him *PEW*. But I was out of bullets, so Googoogon, he kicked my head off. And he kicked my head off so hard that he kicked my head off into the sun, so that I landed at “Sun Land”. And, I met a man there named, uh, Tito Lounge. He said “Look, look kid, if you can sell $500 worth of this spaghetti sauce then i’ll give you this car and you can go drive back to the Moon in this new Moon Car.”. I said ” OH SPAGHETTI!”. * SPLAT* And then hahaha, oh I got spaghetti everywhere. Oh, this shit, this is a fuckin’ mess. So I said ” Um, look.”. This, this is not working. There’s spaghetti everywhere. This was not meant for spaghetti. Uh, clean this. So, I had, the Idea was I had to use my cuteness, and my charm cause I was just a little kid everyone thought I was so cute. “Aww, we gotta get spaghetti from this old cute guy.” And this one man though he didn’t, he was like “HEEYA.” and he didn’t like me He kicked me in the eye, he kicked my eye off. That’s why I have to wear glasses now. So I look like a fuckin’ dweeb. But then Micheal Jordan saw me! And he was like “Oh look honey. Look at this fuckin’ dweeb”. “Here you know how everyone thinks i’m their hero well you’re my hero Dunkey “Here’s $500 kid I love you.” “Here this is for your college tuition.” But I spent that on the space car instead. So I went back to the Moon, and I went up to the Gorgonite and I said, “Watch out, for my spaghetti move!”. *Maniacle Laughter* *SPLAT* *Laughter* And I killed him! And there is spaghetti an blood goin’ all over the place. And I really killed him bad. And this, uh, it’s not working now, this marker just-, maybe if I step? a little bit of, uh knife? Uh, bend it? That’s fuckin’ busted, fuck this! Uh, I’m gonna use the latest invention, this is from Atlantis, it’s called a “Computer”. So I gave the Gorgotron to the Sheriff Woody. And he gave me the crystal, so I’m back to the moon. I gave the crystal to the Atlantis man, and he put the crystal in a big big machine. And it was, oh so BIG. And it shot out this little soda, and he said “Now I can be a Soda Man, thanks, thanks Dunk. And then I fuckin’ I-, hang myself. The End

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Draw My Life – Dunkey

  1. ihypsi says:

    likely story, but I don't quite believe you just yet

  2. amir aznor says:

    Man,your life was such a sad and tragic story. Whenever I watch this,I’ll always cry

  3. Alberto Sambrotta says:

    That explains a lot

  4. FunFan23 says:

    Hey, wait a minute. If dunkey died in the end then how is he making this video??? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Vesper says:

    He forgot to explain why his right hand turned white

  6. shuadow says:

    One spaghetti a day makes the whiteboard away

  7. Sambogangzino says:

    3:22 dunkey is how to basic confirmed

  8. ΩßrewerΩ says:


  9. Evan Romito says:


  10. Adrien Guimond says:

    these draw my life videos are always so relatable

  11. YEET MQUEEN420 says:

    Where’s the part 2?

  12. Nabbie says:

    And it's all based on a true events

  13. Hello says:

    A part of me wants to believe all of this is true.

  14. SticksTV says:

    This sounds like a dream

  15. emienmienm says:

    that's not him that's his little brother

  16. lilathrone says:

    "I said What's new in madden? He said: Nothing" I died

  17. doofendous says:

    Wow, what an inspiring story. It’s no wonder he holds the world record on
    Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito.

  18. Kephalos says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

  19. ZombiePUPPEH says:

    "What's new in Madden?"

  20. Maniac RaditZ says:


  21. Hayden Abraham says:

    And now that baby has the world record for Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito

  22. Peter Mag says:

    Man just drew his parents screwing

  23. Lee Hitashi says:

    This is completely illogical. The moon people used emeralds not crystals

  24. Michelle DeLucien says:

    Whos re-watching in 2019

  25. Nate Hicks says:

    whats the first song called?

  26. yeeet says:

    Every super hero has a good backstory so now Dunkin’ Donuts is captain of the Avengers

  27. Riot Breaker says:

    I cried several times

  28. Karma Cuber says:

    That yoshi music is so nostalgic

  29. LuicD says:

    Dunkeys vids are timeless

  30. Ethan Pearl says:

    but then he come back

  31. bisma mitch says:


  32. skeletor says:

    I lost it half way in video no more skeletor

  33. Metroz Lu says:

    then i fuckin hang myself

  34. jo bro says:

    i only thought it was real until he started talking about john depp wanting to shoot him

  35. Dad says:

    What a heartwarming story

  36. Blazey! says:

    Dunkey's Bizzare adventures

  37. Fatman Zeitgeist says:

    9.2/10. It has a little something for everyone

  38. Nicholas Swanson says:

    S.S. Minnow John is from Rush Hour 2.
    When Carter sneaks into the yacht party and is hitting on the girl, he claims that he owns that yacht and she asks what it's called. He gives the fake name S.S. Minnow Johnson.
    I love the weird details in Dunkey videos.

  39. Nicholas Leclerc says:

    “They had all this futuristic technology like rocket-ships”

    FBI, OPEN UP !!!

  40. Skylar Lofland says:

    Man this hit me on deep emotional level

  41. Ironic lvl %110 says:

    It’s fake are you guys stupid? How could you believe he did that? Millennials… 9,5/100000 has nothing for none

  42. Slayer Wolfx says:

    Better than twilight at least

  43. 300ninjas says:

    Dude has seen some shit

  44. Angelo Dimarco says:


  45. K Lean says:

    Pretty good anime but I'm excited for the netflix adaptation starring Reggie as Dunkle and Hideo Kojima playing Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow.

  46. Clay says:

    7/10 not enough sauce

  47. j.kedisi says:

    This makes me really feel like Dunkey.

  48. Ghost_Drive says:

    If asks how he crashed on the moon but was fine driving back from the sun, it's because the rocket ship was being controlled by a usb steering wheel.

  49. Golden Flame says:

    This is fake lol most of it is true

  50. good boi says:

    You can tell this is real and not exaggerated

  51. pee-pee promemeus says:

    1:10 I swear he was going to write bioshock

  52. moose drool says:

    tito lounge

  53. KID MORTAL says:


  54. Michael Mullaney says:

    I'm not gonna lie, dunkey. You had me sold until the end. What do you mean "the end?" This was only the first month of your life! Everything else added up, though

  55. Auto_ Automation says:

    this is oddly giving r/meirl vibes

  56. Free pizza for says:

    Lol, i thought this was gonna be satire.

  57. The Avenger says:

    Biggest crossover event in history

  58. Trevor Miller says:

    What an exciting life you’ve been living!

  59. Original Channel says:

    what a great story

  60. Farouk Tamer says:

    This has to be fake, how was dunkey not good at driving?

  61. Zycklacon says:

    What if this is actually real

  62. Surge Vinooo says:

    Can’t wait to see his Son Doing one of these . And Drawing Leah and Dunkey doing it

  63. Sw0 says:

    How is this the first time Ive seen this

  64. Almador says:

    script writers, take notes

  65. nef_dachef says:

    This is like the 20th time I've seen this

  66. Insanely Stupid says:

    seems legit

  67. Poop Poop says:

    Dunkey has the amazing ability to come up with random original names in 0.1 seconds

  68. JosephJX says:

    Little did you know he did all this with a blindfold and a steering wheel

  69. oxepodz says:

    I litterly love this so much

  70. LAUIK Filoteo says:

    how would a baby know how to shoot a gun and curse?

  71. Stair Worse Studios says:

    This is impressive for not being born yet with a blindfold on using a USB steering wheel

  72. Ash ??? says:

    And That's the story of dunkey and some random shit.

  73. George Tudor says:

    ATHF I see you bruh….I see you

  74. Sniffy Ultimate says:

    Better than Youtube Rewind 2019

  75. djsombrero says:

    Play this at .75% speed, its awesome.

  76. Smellslikeupdog says:

    “Give me that little fucking baby so I can shoot him”

  77. Baked Beans says:

    its good to have someone who is truthful when it comes to drawing their life and im not gonna lie, i dropped a soild tear during this.

  78. Justin says:

    Dunkey bleached his skin in this video

  79. Gaspar Tiznado says:

    This Super Mario World sequel sounds amazing. 9.5/10

  80. Sniper9warfare says:

    The only "draw my life" to have an end.

  81. Fredrickson the 96th says:

    You forgot the part where Hitler revived you to recruit you into his army on his quest to take over the world. Then, what actually happened was, you killed him 1945 as an undercover agent in Germany with Atlantean technology. But as modest as you are, you never took credit for that. The sun-people, however, saw your act of bravery and kindness. So they took you back to sun land to make you an official guardian of planet earth. But after an extended period of at least 30 minutes you got bored of that shit. So you left sun land with a notice to all the sun-people that those dumbasses are actually living ON THE SUN. So as you left, they all started to burn and die a painful death in face of the realisation of their stupidity.

  82. Lord Tuan Anh says:


  83. Eli Donald says:

    I watched this four times today

  84. LazyRare says:

    I can’t tell if this is real or not.

  85. Blengan says:

    Why is some white guy drawing for dunkey? He should do it himself…

  86. BOBBY!!1!!1!1!1!!!!!1!1!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!! says:

    He really KILLED HIM BAD

  87. Gpav says:

    IGN rates this story: 10/10 “would wecommend dis detitated wam story to anyone”

  88. Mannjan Devil says:

    This video really makes you feel like you're Dunkey

  89. PanVids says:

    Dunkey was born with a blindfold and he wasn't even trying

  90. Picolas Cage says:

    How is it that dunky somehow predicted aqua man

  91. Shade Pizza says:

    Madden 92 was in 1991 and he got it a year early on his day of birth meaning he was born in 1990. Now taking into consideration that he is a 70 year old black grandma we can come to the conclusion that these videos are set in the year 2060

  92. The Daddyland says:

    Can't wait for the second day of life

  93. James Markoski says:

    Why does this sound like a 5yo white boy when dunkey is indeed a 80yo black grandma

  94. Kav SZN says:

    Dunkey is the only person who tells the truth in these videos he rode that rocket ship with a blindfold that why he’s not so good then his brother was playing

  95. Josue Galvez says:

    This is so fucking sad but at least it has a beautiful ending

  96. Miles Hahn says:

    this really makes you feel like dunkey

  97. man3rach says:

    Guys I think he might be lying about the spaghetti part idk

  98. Jackson Arthur says:

    Keep in mind, he was only using a USB steering wheel

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