– [Josh] Hey, guys, this is ErgoJosh and welcome to my YouTube channel. Today I’m gonna give
you guys a special tip on how to draw faces correctly
almost every single time. But before I do that,
I wanna show you guys a little bit of proof of how other artists and companies use the
same kind of technique to get their characters
looking not only attractive or cute, but to keep them consistent every single time they’re drawn. For example, with this
portrait that I drew, if I go back into the time lapse replay, you can see I start off with a basic shape right about here, and then
at the end, I finish it up. So who am I talking about? Well, one company in particular is Disney. So with Disney, I wanted to
look at Elsa from Frozen. You can tell that the
character is very iconic. You know, everyone is visually attracted to almost every single one
of Disney’s characters. I mean, who doesn’t? That’s why they’re so popular. But something that I’ve noticed is that the way they
structure their anatomy and their face, in particular,
is very pleasing to the eye. I’m just gonna do a quick trace over to show you guys exactly what I mean. So let me reduce the opacity of these two. So I’m just gonna do a quick trace over of their facial anatomy
and focus on the shapes. So you can see here
that it’s very different from, you know, a normal human anatomy. Everything’s kind of squashed down. It’s very similar to like
a baby’s facial structure. Getting into it here. And then just gonna do a
basic outline for the eye. Just wanted this to be very quick. Basic diagram for the nose. Then for the mouth. I’ll go into the other one. Now some of you may be thinking, like, oh, I can, like, maybe impressed by how I’m tracing their faces, but this is just because I’ve studied a lot of faces and I know quite a bit of face shapes already. So don’t get discouraged, because after you watch this video, you’ll have the tools that you need to be able to kind of
identify these shapes, not only with other artistic
content that you like, but in every day pictures and people that you see in your walking life. Okay, so I’m gonna get the
rest of this nose down. I think I’m going to add a little bit of a line for the lower lip. I just wanna keep this very diagrammatic. And then, I think we’re good. So as you can see, I’ve
drawn the basic outline. And I don’t know, but if you’re like me, I can still tell, like,
with these extremely few basic lines, I can still tell that these are really
cute attractive girls, and I don’t need any details to know that. I can just tell. And this one more, in particular, because it’s at an
angle, but here as well, you can just tell, like,
I know a lot of you, if you could draw something like this, you would be really happy. And you can. I mean, this is basically an egg shape. You’ve got a triangle here for the nose. You’ve got an arc here for the lips with two smaller arcs aligned, and then another almond shape. And the thing is, if you
can draw these shapes, then you can fill in
the rest of the details. And what most people do is
they will get distracted and start with the eye, and
start with the other eye, not be able to draw the other eye. Or they’ll start with the
nose, and it just doesn’t work. Now, why are these two
shapes in particular very interesting, why do we like them? Well, I think it’s because
Disney knows the power of cats. So, cats. Basically, the anatomy of
Elsa and many other characters that Disney has created, they share similar anatomy
cues that cats have. And you know, we all like cats, right? Some would argue that
the Internet is for cats, cat videos, in particular. The way they’re face is
structured is basically, if you take a circle, and
use that to represent a face, and cut it in half, a
cat’s face is basically the eyes above the circle,
above the halfway line, and then the nose and the mouth below it. And that’s basically it. But if you look at it in profile, like I’m about to show you here… I’m not exactly sure if that’s the skull shape for a cat’s head. I feel like it isn’t,
but I think we’ll still get the message across. As you can see here, just getting the basic
shape of the cat in, it’s pretty much, it’s very simple. But in profile, there’s also this thing where the nose and the mouth are in this little chunk that
extends from the face. And so the face is
elongated because, you know, it’s a cat, it’s not a human being, but basically, you’ve got half the face all dedicated to the eye and the forehead, and then the rest dedicated
to the mouth and the nose. If we look at it in head on view, it’s pretty much the same thing. Working here… And then if I try to estimate, like, if I were to try to
represent a cat’s smushy face into like one shape, it’s really tricky to do. It’s more evident, the proportions
that I’m talking about. So this really does look like half, and you can see, like, everything is dedicated to the
eyes above the halfway line, and then below, you’ve
got this little chunk that’s just the nose and the mouth. So if we go back to the Elsa drawings, you can see it’s basically the same thing. Let me draw on the right layer. You can see it’s basically the same thing. It’s like, you draw a halfway line, you’ve got the nose and the mouth and this little protruding
little chunk here, and then the eyes, and
so we’re used to that. We think that kind of look is
really cute and attractive. See it here, she’s got
this really elongated little chunk of a face. I keep using that word. Just for her nose, her
mouth, and her chin, and then the rest of her face upwards is for her eyes and their forehead. And let me turn them back on. It makes a very cute, very youthful, attractive expression,
and I think, I don’t know who exactly designed all
of Disney’s characters, but I think they really
took cues from cats, because we all know
cats, we all love cats, and it really helps us
identify with these characters. And it conveys the innocence
and the interactiveness of a very cute person, and it gets people coming to the shows, it gets people buying the toys, you know? It works. So am I saying that you
need to copy the shape to get all of your drawings to look good? No, but what I’m saying is that instead of focusing on
trying to drawn an eye and guess where the nose is, focus on learning how to see shapes, how to look at an oval
and bend it properly, how to bisect it, you know. If I go back on here,
you can see this is a kind of a egg shape
that’s turned in 3D space, and you can cut it in half, you can draw a halfway line, you can draw the lines for
the planes of the face, and you’re getting into a lot of facial anatomy details here,
but still, if you focus on like these basic
shapes, and even if I were to erase the eyes, you know, and focus on the kind of diagrams that I just drew. Let me hide Elsa. Right, so if you focus mostly on just those anatomical shapes, I can tell that this is still going to be a successful drawing. So before you even draw any details, you should be drawing things like this, and then, once you get used to it, and I’m sure some of you even know, as you’re watching this video, you can visualize where
those eyes are gonna be. You can visualize where
that nose is gonna be. And you’d be really confident, and drawing the other eye
wouldn’t even be hard. You wouldn’t even feel like you need to look at so much reference, you would just get a feel for it, and guess like, okay,
there’s this kind of soft continual rhythm here
that flows into the nose. There’s a mouth that kind
of stays within this line. And I’m drawing a face
that’s different from Elsa originally, but it still works, because it’s just
something that makes sense because it follows the shape rhythm. And if you can learn to see this, then every single drawing you do is going to be successful, because you’ll, instead of thinking, oh, this eye isn’t right, this
mouth is in the wrong place, I need to shift it, you’ll be thinking, oh, this character looks a
little bit older than I wanted. Let me make her look a little bit younger. Oh, this character looks a
little bit too masculine. Let me make it more feminine by doing this thing that I know makes characters look more feminine because of basic, you know, something you can read in a book. For example, like, the jaws,
they’re much less pronounced. So I make it rounder to make the character look more feminine. And you start to really be creative, and you start to be developing things that people find interesting
rather than just copies of things that we see in reality. And then that’s where
you really start to see your style begin to come out, and really amazing things begin to happen, and you start feeling like, you know, you’re making art, and it’s fun, and yeah, that’s what it’s all about. So don’t focus so much on the details, but focus more on the shapes, and learning to see that,
getting an eye for things. But the question you
guys might be having now is well, how do I do that, Josh? How do I learn to see these shapes? And I’ll give you a little
tip on how to do that, but before I give it to you, keep an open mind, this
is kind of a taboo thing. I know a lot of people think
that what I’m about to tell you is wrong, but it really isn’t as long as you do it
and you’re understanding that you’re doing it to learn. Actually, scrap what I just said. I’m gonna include that in another video. I got into a little bit, and I realized, it was way too big of a topic
to try to smush into this one. So what I’m actually going to do, is I’m going to show you
a little bit more in depth of how I did it in this portrait here. So if we go back into
the time lapse replay, you can see I started off with a circle. And I just do that to, you know, it’s simple, it’s easy, gets
you in the mood for drawing, and having something on the
paper is always just a really great way to start to add more things. Starting from a detail is very difficult, and you’ll see usually only very experienced artists do that. But then, yeah, after
I move past the circle, I add into this V-shape,
and this kind of round shape for the cranium, and I’ve gotten very used to getting that gesture,
getting that stroke right, and that’s why you can
see it’s pretty much perfectly done, even though
it’s only one or two lines. And then I go in and then
I start shaping the jaw, and I know that I’m having
this head that’s looking down, so I draw the shape of this head. I’m cutting out where
the plain of the head, at the forehead stops, and recognizing that it’s this M-shape. Then I cut down, and I
focus on this V-shape. And so immediately I
know where the mouth is and where the nose is
without having to struggle, because once I’ve got
these basic shapes down, and I think you guys, too,
looking at this part right here, you can already get a feel for where everything is going to be. And the more experienced you are, the more details you can see
before you actually draw. So as you can see, I
continue to add more details. I draw these lines, you know, they kind of look like Spiderman, but it helps give my mind
a little bit more hints about where I should put these eyes. I’m not comparing the distance
between any points yet, I’m just trying to build it up for myself, even though I am using a
reference to draw this. And so there I get the eyes done. And I shift them a tiny little bit, but if you notice throughout
the rest of the drawing, I don’t really change them,
the position very much, and I just continue to add detail. And as we move forward, you know, I’m now focusing on the hair. I’m thinking about the composition, and the face is already done pretty much. I don’t fiddle with the face. I don’t struggle with it. And trust me, guys, I’ve
spent way too much time struggling with the faces before, but here it was done and it was quick, because I focused on the shape, and I allowed that to inform
my decisions moving forward. And here I am, finishing
up the final portrait. But I’m actually not finishing it up, I’m just adding a few more details before I convert it to something
that’s black and white, and then I will continue
to work on it from there to make it a final portrait
before my editing phase. But if you enjoyed this video, please feel free to subscribe. I make videos at least once a week, and I will definitely
follow up with the promise I made earlier in the video to show you guys how to quickly
learn how to see shapes. It’s something that I have
done very successfully, that has been very helpful to me, and has completely transformed
my artwork, in my opinion. So please stay tuned for that. It’s just, I would’ve loved to include it in this video, but it’s just, it would’ve gotten too
long, and I feel like, I really want people to understand it, and I feel like it would be best to have a completely dedicated
video for that topic. So thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video. Peace.

Dereck Turner

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