Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

hey what’s up guys Dhvanesh again from iGeeksBlog and in this video I’m gonna show you how to download Twitter videos
to your iPhone camera roll. I posted a video on the same topic a few months back and
it was a big tedious process but it is still useful if your device running on
iOS 11 or earlier. You may find the link of the video in the description area. But
if your device is running on iOS 12 and having shortcuts than what do you
have to do is you have to download a tiny shortcuts again you may find the
link of the shortcuts in the description area once you install the short curls
what you have to do is launch Twitter and find the video you want to download
now tap on the share icon and hit share Twitter via. Now tap on the shortcuts
from the share set and run the shortcut now shortcuts lets you download video in
high, medium or low quality choose the option as per your need and wait for a
while and a pop-up will appear that video is downloaded. Now go to photos
app and you can access the video you just downloaded. that’s all guys this is
how you can download Twitter videos to your iPhone camera mode without any
hassle if you find this video helpful give it thumbs up share this video and
subscribe to our channel for such interesting videos I Dhvanesh sign off
and we’ll catch you in the next one

Dereck Turner

21 thoughts on “Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

  1. Anu Modi says:

    Thank You For This Very Helpful Video.

  2. Rashid Emcee says:

    Thank you. This worked well for me!

  3. Damion Griffiths says:

    You need to be more specific

  4. Satchit Contractor says:

    बढ़िया है।

  5. al raigan temporal hugo says:

    How to set up new sheet?? I cant find twitter video downloader..

  6. Karan Kathuria says:

    How did you get the other SHORTCUTS links ??

  7. PhiLTer says:

    Error every time.

  8. Michael Winslow says:

    When I share via Shortcuts, it says I don't have any Shortcuts yet

  9. cat danger says:

    thank you

  10. Brad Burns says:

    You little beauty 👍🏻

  11. Emmett says:

    Clutch tip, thanks man

  12. priti A says:

    Can’t find the ‘download twitter video’ shortcut in the shortcut app

  13. ASBasf says:

    No Twitter video downloader shortcut, are you trying to just promote the app? Stop lying

  14. Ryan Aero Abarico Arbis says:

    The shortcut app is not openning and installing on ipad.

  15. Brian Ted says:

    pls slow down i cannot understand your english with indian accent. however, make it clearer and slower. what was that you said '' a tiny suckers?. delete this video and redo it slower and show what you intend to say because your english is not clear

  16. Dariel Hernandez says:

    Holy crap, it worked like a charm! Thank you!

  17. Omega says:


  18. TᗩᗰIᘔᕼᗩᑎ ᗰᗴᗰᗴ says:

    Thank you. This worked well for me!

  19. Mark Khaztrögôff says:

    A guy from India 🇮🇳 who knows about computers ? 🤔
    Who knew !🤷🏻‍♂️

    ( sarcasm of course ☝🏻😛👌🏻)

  20. Pure says:


  21. Mandé Sensie-milia says:

    Thank you !!

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