DO’s & DON’TS – How to Draw a Nose!【Tips, Tricks & My Technique】

DO’s & DON’TS – How to Draw a Nose!【Tips, Tricks & My Technique】

hello everyone welcome back to another
do’s and don’ts video in this video I’ll be showing you how I draw a nose not
only will I be showing you the front-facing view but also the 3/4 view
and the profile view this was a highly requested video and a lot of you guys
have commented on my previous video so I figured I would give it a shot and do a
do’s and don’ts for you if you’re new to my channel then welcome welcome thank
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social media Instagram Facebook and I’m also now on patreon on patreon you can
find the real-time videos of my nose drying process alongside other videos I
am slowly building up the content there so please be patient but I’m hoping to
do a lot of more tutorial stuff on my patreon so now let’s get to the actual
tutorial part of this video starting with the don’ts of drawing a nose I had
a little bit of trouble trying to figure out what was the best way to basically
illustrate this and the reason why is because there are so many different nose
shapes and sizes out there that there’s really no correct
way of showing you how to properly draw a good nose sure there are proportions
to follow and there are the kind of stereotypical nose shapes and sizes that
you can draw but for the most part I think it’s just easier to just break it
down with shapes and I’ll show you my own technique on how I do this
in this case of the don’ts that I’m drawing right now I just wanted to
illustrate that there’s more to drawing a nose than just basic lines and two
nostrils so let me explain a little bit more with the do section when it comes
to drawing your nose I found that the easiest way of doing it is to start off
with a super rough outline of the general shape of the nose and what I’ll
do is sort of like an oval shape as you can see I will maybe add a couple or
like a bit of angle to this oval shape where the nostrils or the outside of the
nostrils will be and from there I basically use this shape as a general
guide of where to place the nostrils alongside the outer nostrils I guess
they’re called I actually don’t really know if the terminology of a nose but
that’s that’s more or less how I began afterwards you can actually get super
fancy with the shadows and the shadows will actually help accentuate the
different curves and the sort of plains of the nose and this is where you can
really shape the nose and also give it a lot more depth what I really like about
this technique is the fact that you can really mold the shape of the nose with
the initial oval that you draw you can draw it as wide as you want as narrow as
you want as tall as you want and this will basically help you create
different types of noses now let’s see this in action with different views
starting with the front view you can just basically practice endlessly with
this sort of oval technique and you can see here I’m drawing different types of
noses different shapes some are fatter some were more narrow
I’m also extending the oval much higher to kind of do like a water drop shape
and this will just create a whole different look for your nose also on a side note I do apologize that
my hair does creep into Schad I did not realize this was the case when I was
filming so please try to ignore that when drawing noses I also do like to
practice the sort of ratio between the nose and the eyes so often times in my
sketchbook you’re probably going to see sort of lists eye nose combination which
I do really enjoy drawing and it actually just helps for future use in
terms of getting the proportions right between the nose and the eye bar the 3/4
view this is my favorite type of nose to draw it just has much more
characteristic for me and I really like the fact that you can really play up the
angle of the nose so in this case with the oval shape I do change it up a lot
compared to the front-facing view I tend to actually just do kind of a more
triangular kind of oval shape if that makes any sense
but I do play off the angle a lot and I will use the angle to do the tip of the
nose so here is actually really fun you can play with the different sizes and
make it sharper make it rounder make it a cute button nose and again these noses
here are pretty female looking so I would assume the male sort of nose which
I’m still trying to figure out by the way it’s going to be much maybe much
larger much sharper like much more angular I’m probably gonna do a whole
different video about this in terms of like male features but for now these
these eyes or these eyes these noses are pretty feminine looking I would say for the profile view these are still a
work in progress I’m still trying to figure out my style or the way that I
draw profile viewed noses um with this I do still stick to the overall the sort
of oval shape technique that I use but I do play up the front of the nose and on
an angle like it’s much more angular then maybe the three-quarter view or the
front-facing view I’m so in this case I’m still trying to figure it out but as
you can see it does work quite well with the general oval technique as well so I
think the trick here is to really play up the the sort of angle from where the
nose tip is to where it runs underneath the sort of nostril but again it’s just
a matter of practice who get the sort of angle right and the more you draw these
little noses the better you will become I hope this video helped you and gave
you some insight on how I draw noses with all the different view types of
course are different angles and these are much more advanced and these are the
things I’m still trying to figure out but nonetheless this is sort of the
technique that I have been following over the recent months I really do like
it and I hope you guys will like it also I’m just please note that this this
technique is not for like really super advanced like realistic noses this is
not my style and this is nothing that I will probably show in the future this is
much more on a cartoon sort of style and I really do like his style so if you
like this style – give it a big thumbs up give this video a big thumbs up it
really does help me and I am very grateful for it comment down below what
other tutorials would you like to see for me and I will try my best to make
them for you that being said I do have an upcoming
live stream this Saturday don’t miss out I will be just casually sketching away
in my sketchbook you guys have voted upon the sketchbook slam challenge and
believe it or not I have actually been working on it in my spare time and sort
of haven’t really announced it yet but I will be progressing in my little
sketchbook throughout this this live stream on on
so thanks again for watching I wish you guys all a fantastic day keep drawing
never give up and keeping awesome we will see each other very soon bye

Dereck Turner

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