Dollar Tree Picture Frame Candle Holder * DIY Candle Holder Centerpiece * Dollar Tree Crafts

Dollar Tree Picture Frame Candle Holder * DIY Candle Holder Centerpiece * Dollar Tree Crafts

hey everybody welcome back if you’re new here make sure to subscribe if you like what I got going on here on this channel and to all my new subscribers thank you so much I see you coming through and I’m very excited that you’re joining me I’m like inching closer to these flowers that I cut this morning they’re so pretty it’s like the first batch that has come up I’m going to try to propagate a new plant with some rooting hormone I don’t know we’ll see what happens but anyway that’s not what this video is about this video is about our favorite a dollar tree DIY now my last dollar tree DIY was something useful and for organizational purposes this is not useful it’s just pretty I saw this idea I believe on Pinterest I don’t remember exactly what they used I’m putting my own spin on it and we are here to make some dollar tree decor so let’s get into it and make sure that if you like this video you give it a thumbs up and like I said if you’re new here and you’re not subscribed make sure to subscribe you guys look out for my giveaway I just posted it a couple days ago I will link it up above them one of the eye cards okay so first we’re gonna need two smaller frames and one bigger one I chose 5 by 7 and this 3 and 1/2 by 5 I didn’t want to do like an 8 by 10 or anything that’s too large then you need to choose your base I got this square cutting board some other options would be the circle cutting board or if you can find the mirror circle mirror I have the mirror out right now but you get the drift you’re gonna need three candles and you’re going to need some candle lids now this candle I’m pretty sure it’s from the Dollar Tree you could get three of these and use the lid but I have all different sizes laying around this was the best I could do so that’s what we’re gonna do now I’m gonna first spray-paint 6 little knock off Jenga pieces because I might need them to help keep everything stable and also I spray-painted some of these wooden beads from the Dollar Tree there’s a bunch of different crafts I want to do with these I actually did not pick them up from the Dollar Tree I messed up I walked by them and now they’re gone so I ordered them off Amazon and I got three different sizes I’ll link them below I am a part of the Amazon Associates Program true that was hard to get out the Amazon Associates program so if you purchase anything or these beads from my link I get a small percentage of the sale it’s really like pennies on the dollar but eventually it could help support my channel and help me keep making videos so I spray-painted these gold already this cutting board has little feet but we’re gonna add prettier bigger larger feet this is the best spray-paint ever for silver and gold the rust-oleum specialty metallic so I sprayed my little Jenga pieces they’re drying I disassembled my frames here be careful with this class you guys it’s so flimsy dispose of it properly or store it properly if you’re gonna keep it and everything was going great until no I feel like I have to spray-paint this now because I just can’t have that before we spray paint though we’re gonna get rid of these little nubs that hold the frame together you can either bend it back and forth back and forth like this or if you have some little wire nippers see comes right off the bend back and forth method got it off nice and clean and it really didn’t take that long it was almost satisfying to get them off back outside to spray-paint okay guys the spray paint is dry and I have just sat the frames where I want them just getting idea of how this is gonna go so now we’re gonna get the feet on I used hot glue for the feet and it stuck them on pretty good and I decided to put the glass back in one of these frames you’ll see why in a second so I just put hot glue on the corners and a little bead on each side to secure the glass now to glue it down I’m using fix off from the Dollar Tree I will say this stuff works very well but it does take a good 24 hours to dry so here’s this idea I had to put that on the candle holder but I just didn’t like how it came out and that idea is done but I left the glass in and I really liked how it looked you can see when I use the fix off that I leave a little blank spot to fill in the hot glue of course I do the hot glue last because it dries the quickest and I messed up here I put the glue on to the very edges and obviously there’s no base at the edge so I just wasn’t thinking anyway we’re already getting this third one tacked down and it’s looking good I don’t know what I’m doing here I wanted to incorporate something else so bad and actually this looks kind of cute but I don’t know I just left it simple my vision is coming together and I’ve made a huge mess at the house so I’m just gluing the lids on the exact same way that I glued the frames down with the fix all and the hot glue you can see it’s coming together you all right I should have let this dry a little more but hey it’s looking good with the candles lit it’s really pretty cool and the first frame is leaning a little bit that’s because the glues not dry I put a brush in it and propped it up a bit and it ended up drying straight as a pin if you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up thank you for stopping by I post every Monday Wednesday and Friday so keep a lookout for my videos thanks you guys I will see you on the next one [Music]

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9 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Picture Frame Candle Holder * DIY Candle Holder Centerpiece * Dollar Tree Crafts

  1. Maia Stocks says:

    This is so pretty Lyndsey. You are really creative. πŸ™‚ Your channel is growing and I am so happy for you.

  2. diywithsusy Z says:

    Cute idea πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. The Average Life /Cassandra A. says:

    Awe so pretty and very creative. Tfs.

  4. Brown Holiday says:

    This is so so amazing

  5. MARIE'S DIY says:

    Those blue hydrangeas were beautiful! Love your nails color too. Very creative diy! Definitely a must try on my end. TFS! Thanks for supporting my channel too. I’ll be checking out some of your other videos, but I really liked this one. I also love doing diy, maybe we can collab. New Subscriber! 😊

  6. Luvenia Waiters says:

    It's good to see the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  7. M.J Aquarius says:

    So creative! Love it! Thanks for sharing! ☺

  8. Ree IV says:

    Orchid Place did this before you did. Please give her credit.

  9. Stu K says:

    two thumbs up!

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