hello everyone and welcome back to
Hannah’s happy home so in today’s video we’re going to be talking about all
things organization and how to organize your home on a budget I recently went
shopping at the Dollar Tree and I found a ton of awesome organizational products
that I’m excited to share with you guys and the best part everything was only a
dollar I feel like Dollar Tree has more
organizational products right now than they’ve ever had so definitely go and
check them out for all things organization so I’m going to be showing
you guys everything that I got and how I used it to organize all throughout my
house but before we get into that the question of the day I want you guys to
let me know down in the comments after you watch this video how would you use
all of these organizational products that I’m going to show you I would
really love to hear your ideas I’m going to be sharing my ideas on how I would
use these products but I also want to hear your ideas so let me know down in
the comments I’m sure that everyone else would love to hear as well so now with
all that said we’re going to get straight into the video and get
organizing so the first thing that I got are these fridge organizational containers
and I’ve never seen these at Dollar Tree before so it’s really excited to see
them this first one says it’s for soda cans in the refrigerator but I feel like
you could use this for so much more in the refrigerator first off you could use
this for kids snacks you could keep it in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator
you can keep all like the cheese sticks or cheese packets in here for the kids
make it easier for them to pack their lunch they can grab a snack out of here
you could have like a couple of these in the bottom of your fridge with snacks in
for the kids to put in their lunches or to just eat throughout the day and you
wouldn’t have to just use these in your fridge I mean you could use these in
your pantry for snacks as well I feel like this would be great a whole bunch
of these lined up in your pantry with like snack packets granola bars so this
next little organization bin for your refrigerator has a great little handle
on it and I recently bought something very similar to this at Marshall’s and I
paid $4 for it so I wish I would have waited and just got one of these with
the Dollar Tree but what I use mine for is I keep all of my yogurts in it
this great little clear plastic bin and this one is a little bit heavier duty
than the other plastic bins and they show someone having like a bunch of pins
in there so you could use this to store pens in like they show or markers but
you could also use this in your refrigerator or your pantry you feel
like this would be great in a desk drawer to keep all of your markers and
stuff in or you could use this in your bathroom drawer to keep bathroom
essentials in or hair products so you can basically use this clear plastic
container anywhere in your house I’m sure that you guys can come up with so
many awesome ideas okay so now let’s talk about these awesome little plastic
containers these are over where they have all like the plastic Tupperware and
stuff so the lids on these can easily pop off you just grab it here to fill
them up and then the best part of these containers this front pops up and then
you can pour stuff out so you could keep cereal in here oats granola bars I mean
if you keep anything in here these are very stylish little containers clear
plastic with a gray lid these would look so nice all lined up in a pantry would
look like you went out and spent a bunch of money when really you spent hardly
anything at all because these are only a dollar piece so I only bought two of
these containers but I might end up going back and getting more because
there’s such great containers and they’re only a dollar you just can’t
beat that I also grabbed one of these great little collapsible storage
containers they have a ton of these they have them in different colors and
they’re only a dollar like everything else they’re definitely a little bit
cheaper feeling than the ones that you can buy at Target but if you’re on a
budget and you don’t want to spend more than a dollar for a storage container
then definitely go and grab a couple of these so I feel like these would be
great to have in your dresser drawers you could just have like a whole bunch
of these and your dresser drawers put like your socks and your tank tops
t-shirts whatever these would also be great in a nursery they look pretty
stylish you could have them setting up top of the dresser and have like your
white container and all your diapers in here if your nursery is upstairs then
you could keep one of these downstairs with diapers and wipes in feel like
there’s so many ideas of what you could use these for I’m sure you guys could
come up with some great ones these are just great little storage containers to
have and they’re only dollar so next up I grabbed some of these these are called
organizer baskets and they show using these for like all of your sponges and
your brushes in your kitchen and I think that that is an awesome idea you could
put like two little hooks on the side of your sink and have this hooked on the
side of your sink and keep all of your scrubbies and your brushes all that
different kind of stuff your gloves to wash the dishes this smaller one would
be great for organizing brushes and stuff and your sink as well if you don’t
want quite as big of a basket in your sink I also grabbed one of these drawer
organizers and they have like the rubber on the bottom you could use these to
keep like spoons in measuring cups serving spoons these would just be great
all lined up in a kitchen drawer and I cannot remember if they had different
sizes of these I’m pretty sure that they did but these are like a necessity to
have in your kitchen drawers helps to keep them not so cluttered looking my
drawer is looking so and organized right now so I need several of these in there
to organize all of my spoons and measuring cups different things like
that and I think that these next organizers that I got from the Dollar
Tree are my favorite ones out of all of the organizers that I got these are just
so awesome they’re clear plastic and they’ve got three different compartments
in them and I got two of them because I really liked them and i thought up a lot
of different uses that i could use them for the first idea that came to my mind
was to organize your jewelry in here so you could put like your watches your
bracelets your necklaces these would also be so awesome in a bathroom drawer
to keep all of your hair ties bobby pins hair clips you could also use these at a
desk to keep paper clips erasers these could also be used in a kitchen drawer
to organize different small kitchen items that you might have I feel like
these are just such an awesome find and you definitely need to go and grab
blippi I think that these are definitely gonna help me to organize my bathroom
drawers a little bit better hopefully so the next item that I got is this awesome
little organizer case and the first idea that I had for this was to use this when
you’re traveling and you could get one and keep all of your jewelry in it shut
the lid easy to put into your suitcase it’ll slide right in between your
clothes I usually put my jewelry is like plastic baggie that I’ll put it in
between my clothing and stuff and that just doesn’t always work very well so I
think that this would be so much better you could also get another one to put
all of your hair products in like scrunchies and bobby pins and hair ties
and hair clips you can keep all of your other bathroom items like medicine
q-tips different things like that these would just be so awesome you could also
use these to organize in your bathroom as well just to keep different things in
there so I think that if you’re going on a big trip you definitely need to grab a
couple of these I think it’s gonna make packing a lot easier next item that I
got this is called an organizer with a lid and this is wrapped in plastic so I
need to take this plastic off here so I can show you what it looks like so this
is another great clear plastic organizer and it has a lid which makes an extra
awesome so again you could use this on a desk
for different desktop lines keep a lid on it
this would also be great in a bathroom drawer for different hair ties different
things like that another idea that I have for this is that you could organize
your tea bags in here you probably would be able to fit the lid back on it but it
would look really cute with all of your teabags in there so the next item is
this clear plastic container that is actually a chore and these are stackable
they had a whole bunch of these there’s so these would be great to have stacked
up on a shelf in like your walk-in closet to keep all of your jewelry in
here these are even cute enough that you could have them stacked up on your
bathroom sink and you could have cotton swabs in one q-tips also put like hair
pins any hair products in here you’ve come up with a lot of different awesome
ideas for these but I just had to grab one of these
I might have to grab a couple more next up I grabbed one of these great little
cabinet shelves they usually always have these in the Dollar Tree near where like
the cups are and these are just great for organizing your kitchen cabinets
organizing your bowls and your cups you can even organize your canned goods on
here in the pantry you could organize your baking supplies underneath and on
top of here your spices you could even use this for under the sink storage
there’s so many different ideas that you could come up with to use this cabinet
shelf but I feel like a couple of these are a necessity for a kitchen or a
bathroom okay so this is the very last item that I got this is one of the wall
mount wire hook racks and this is in the hardware aisle where they have all like
the tools different things like that they do have a ton of different options
for hooks though they do have like single hooks they have over the door
hooks I bought this one because I want to use this in the boys bedroom I want
to hang it behind the door so that I can put their hats on it and backpacks
different things like that and it still looks really cute in their
room since their color scheme is like black white and wood so this white hook
matches everything perfectly and of course it does come with the two little
screws to hang it up on the wall so that is all of the organizational products
that I got at the Dollar Tree I hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you
did be sure and give it a thumbs up maybe this inspired you to go to the
Dollar Tree and stock up on some organizational products so that you can
get your house organized and this just goes to show that you don’t have to
spend a ton of money to get your house organized you can just go to the Dollar
Tree and only spend a dollar on each item don’t forget to share all of your
ideas down below in the comments on how you would use all of these products to
organize I would love to hear all of your ideas and I’m sure that everyone
else would as well definitely share it down in the comments and thank you so
much for watching I will see you guys in my next video bye you

Dereck Turner


  1. ClutterBug says:

    Love all these ideas!

  2. Jennifer Roseberry says:

    Ive seen so many things used in CRAZY Awesome ways What I do with my earbuds is get a Pens with pocket clip I make sure i lightly pick the clip up slide my buds in first so they are secure then wrap the cord a little quick then put the end of it through a loup secure it and put it in a small zip pouch wih my charger and charger cord.
    Also what about Milk Carton I'm thinking there use for them too there water proof and can be made into Cool things. My Brain is full of ideas from watching all these. Amazing things so Inspiring and my own ideas. I think my brain cells are saying "Look out here comes another Idea!!! Is she trying to make us go on strike, how much info can a Cell take, hey you cells in thought Processing Department make room!!!", I feel like running down the Street saying "it can be done", and if someone ask "what", I would Reply "Anything".

  3. Charlie Hardingham says:

    For the Brits watching… these can be found in places like; Poundland, Primark, Matalan and in the sales at B & Q or Homebase. I am an organizing nut and love watching these kind of videos! xx

  4. momina khan says:

    This comment is how i will do my room so first of i would put paper on my floor and take out my furniture and then paint my room when the paint dry's i would put wall stickers on my wall and then i would move my bed back in my room put a pink cover bed sheet and alot of pillow's and a light pink furry blanket and then i would put pink chairs in a corner and then i would put a pink furry chair and a curtain around it where i could read my book and then i would put a mirror dresser and put a white chair and paint my closet white mixed with lil pink and then a book shelf white paint HOPE YALL ENJOY MY OPINION

  5. Amy Hutsko says:

    I use those fabric boxes fire DVDs, as they're the perfect width!
    That white hook rack at the end, I used two over- the- door hooks and hung it on the inside of my closet door for scarves or belts.

  6. V Cruz says:

    Thanks for your organizational tips

  7. Lea lu says:

    I used the soda can bin for my canned goods in pantry, the over door hook rack in bathroom to hang wet towels. The white bins with grip to organize my vanity, large bins to store extra toilet paper under sink and the wire rack to organize my Tupperware

  8. Sam Nikole says:

    the ideas are great and all but you are buying cheap stuff made with slave labor!

  9. MILLYNWILL says:

    The q tip one I use for my husband he takes off his watch rings and jewelry it all fits and wont scratch my dresser works great.. I have the white hooks they work great I put mines in the front hallway for the kids clothing I might get some more for the shoes.

  10. Usha Shivshankar says:

    Can I know the Dollar tree location. I am in Glendale,I have not come across these wonderful things

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I keep acrylic trays for my makeup sponges

  12. Le F says:

    Hannah's Happy Home

    I believe you have some nice ideas. What I'm looking for is something in plastic at the Dollar Store like a towering carrousel for pill bottles. The bottles aren't aways the same height so it would help if the carrousel was adjustable in height and how wide the carrousel is also a factor since I feel smaller is better (diameter). Medical pill bottles in rectangular contianers just takes up countertop space.

  13. Syamantak Pati says:

    Did she just took out the already organized markers from one tray to another?

  14. Terri Hess says:

    Just watch the edges on plastics – some are so thin that you'll slice your fingers, or have to sand/trim the edges. (Not just dollar store brands.)

  15. John Roberts says:

    Hi Hannah's Happy Home ! Merry Christmas !! 🎅🎄🎁🎆⛄💮

  16. June Hall says:

    Great ideas, but, OMG, can that voice get any scratchier? Try to "raise" your voice. Be proud of it.

  17. vinty daby says:

    I guess the storage stuffs are meant for small quantities items

  18. Shamica Thomas says:

    Hello Hannah. Those draw organizers with the rubber strip inside; yes, they do come in different shapes, sizes, & colors, I have 4 different shapes in the color of black. However, I had to visit more than one dollar tree to find them. They work really well for jewelry & make-up also.

  19. Brittany Von Rissen says:

    I LOVE the divided tray with a lid for Legos and first aid kits

  20. laurynstar says:

    People literally sleep on the dollar tree dollar tree ROCKS‼️💕💕💕💕It’s easy to be crafty

  21. Erna St.Amand says:

    Love your ideas.

  22. Donna Baker says:

    Do the acrylic drawers come in multiple sizes? Would a roll of washi tape fit standing up in them?

  23. Rick Ilich says:

    Everyone else's dollar tree has all this amazing stuff… meanwhile all I have is candy.

  24. sassyteenager2 says:

    I can use some of these for my essential oils!!

  25. Simple’s Good says:

    Really love your ideas. Containers in the fridge really make a difference. I have to try it.

  26. Selina Antonia Graves says:

    Thanks 🙏

  27. Michelle Melton says:

    First to like this……..😯❣️

  28. Laurie Martin says:

    thanks for sharing, got some ideas. your second item. with the flip lid, you can get dollar trees small plastic bags,they have some that are scented, place in container,put lid back on it and place it in your car for a trash container, better than the bags, it tips over things don't fall out. put a couple of extra bags in bottom,put a bag in it,put lid on,ready to use. to empty grab bag tie it up and pull out another bag and ready to reuse..have a great day.

  29. alicialowesyou says:

    I subscribed after I saw your full circle brushes

  30. Rosalin Matthews says:

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    Also they have lipstick organizer i use for all my essential oils in

  32. G Smith says:

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  34. Ramesh Deshpande says:

    Excellent video and ideas . So practical and budget friendly I am from India and wish we produce useful products such as you displayed. Thank you for the video

  35. Lavander Sky says:

    I bought like ten of those collapsible cloth drawers n put all my kids snacks in it in the pantry then used the rest for toy organization in their room

  36. jsmartinez07 says:

    I haven't been to the Dollar Tree for awhile. The Surefresh container at the 98 cent store are $1.99 or 2.99 each depending on the size.

  37. Laura Wilde says:

    The fridge organizers I have used in the bedroom dresser. They are great for panties.

  38. KMF says:

    I like the collapsible containers. I used them in my closet for all my non hanging clothes

  39. Ivy Ramirez says:


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    We use those cereal containers for cat food.

  44. JmeTN says:

    Where you show the container being stuffed with electronic cords, tidy that up using toilet paper tubes & use each tube for a cord, so you are not just tangling all the cords on top of each other.

  45. Janice Freeman says:

    I’m excited to learn more.

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    I would use them in my studio. For sewing, painting, embroidery and hand sewing.

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    Cute video

  48. Relate and Create with Mary Romero says:

    SO glad Dollar Tree is coming out with more organizational items. ALL of these will be great to use in my craft room to organize everything from mica pigments which, come in small bags or small jars, to paint brushes, pallet knives, small pouring cups, all my small items that I embed in resin and the list goes on. Great find👍❣️

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    amazing videos i love it thanks for sharing
    i also tried this bags and they save lots of space

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    Wouw all I nearly see is plastic. Don’t you have glass jars or something not plastic? Think of the environment. And think of your kids future. Reuse old jam jars and so one, and save a lot of money and the environment. Just a tip 😃

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  55. Wanda Bigelow says:

    I have lots of turn tables (lazy susans). I put my spices on one in alphabetical order. I also have one that is 2 tier, have one under my bathroom sink and my kitchen sink, my latte syrups. I try to put things in alphabetical order for ease in locating items. I store my storage bowls on the shelf divider so I can get to those easily and double up storage space.

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    A lot of the plastic organizers would work good for sewing and craft supplies too!

  57. Lynate Dalton says:

    Music is annoying!!

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    That clear plastic containers with gray lids aren't Tupperware. They actually cost like $10.00 or more dollars, are replaceable, if they have isssues, and they put their name on their containers. I know, because I have some and my mom sold Tupperware years ago and would also host Tuppereste parties to promote and sell their products.

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    I wish I knew what dollar store you shopped at….ours only had one of the items you listed. 😭

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    Great deals but watch out putting food in some of those plastic containers.

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    sorry looked interesting but the address to the nation was over whelmingly wordy. Count the times you say organization…

  63. Third Eye says:

    What a waste of life! These videos inspire me to get rid of all my excessive stuff! Besides that, most Dollar Tree plastics are just junk; they crack way too easily, fodder for the landfill. Buy good ones at yard sales and 2nd hand stores. Or make your own out of free cardboard boxes that come in all sizes.

  64. imocat1030 says:

    Plastic is a bad idea for food storage! Haven't you heard of BPA?? IRRESPONSIBLE.

  65. Joyce Fahey says:

    I love all of these ideas I also shop at $ Tree for most everything I love the wire racks for kitchen, closets, etc. GREAT Video I use the cloth fold out on my computer desk fits right under a shelf.

  66. peggy thornton says:

    i use a shoe holder on the bathroom ddoor behind

  67. Elaine Wammack says:

    Another great idea for those little wire baskets, if you have a dishwasher where the drawers have widespread metal bracings You could use the smaller baskets to hold smaller items that don't fit in any of the provided spaces. For instance a lot of my small Tupperware lids or small kitchen utensils get lost in the utensil basket on the bottom drawer. Or take up valuable real estate in the utensil basket. So having these removable baskets works for those small items. So they don't fall out and go to the bottom of the dishwasher!

  68. nc27bunny says:

    I use the fridge organizers in my craft cabinet. I have used the gray lid containers for my pens and sort them by kind ex. Markers, crayons, gel pens, glitter pens, I use the black drawer to put my containers in and makes it easier to grab them all at same time. I use the organizer case to keep my desk items sometimes I also use them to keep my beads and jewelry supplies seperated and in. Thanks for your ideas. I use the little baskets for my girls school work and activities

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    I've got so many leftover vases, big and small in which I put all my most used kitchen utensils. The Dollar Tree is good for snacks and picture frames.

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  87. Andrea McLean says:

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  92. Marion Gillespie says:


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