Doctor Who Emoji Robot Artwork (DIY)

Doctor Who Emoji Robot Artwork (DIY)

Hello Internet I’m Matt Haas and this is
Awesome Wood Things. I made this piece of artwork showing an emoji robot. This was
featured on my favorite show which is not surprisingly Doctor Who if you were
anything other than happy in the presence of this robot the computer
screen would change from this emoji face to this one the skull face and then in
about three seconds it would kill you I recently made this Doctor Who alien
which looks terrifying but it’s one of the most gentlest creatures in the
universe that’s what I love about this show there’s probably a life lesson to
be learned there don’t judge things by the way they look this painted the
background and poplar frame use the vinyl cutter for the image and I
constructed this holder which I think I’ll hang separately and all of the
pieces fall into place on the holder because they’re sculpted out to have
them fit perfectly and they all have magnets on the back and they snap
perfectly into place so you can swap them out to reflect however it is you’re
feeling this was part of Shogun jime skull challenge 2017 thanks for hosting
this Jimmy and thank you Eloy Escovedo for the background music which we’ll
play later want to see how I made it stick around
I used an almost empty bottle of spray paint on MDF
oh and Eloy escalators rock-and-roll audio clip will play after this cool
robot music acrylic paint and a sponge are used to add the dust clouds be sure
to leave some of the black background showing through as well a toothbrush adds the star pattern I used the tip of this razor to add
larger stars for the frame I ripped down a piece of
poplar I cut a rabbit with two additional
passes on the table saw I jammed the edges on the router table I use my frame jig to cut the miters like I always do wood glue holds the
frame together and painters tape is used as the clamp it hasn’t failed me yet the ovals for the emoji faces get some
spray adhesive before I put them on the yellow acrylic plastic the bandsaw is used to just get close to
the line I clean that up on this disc sander I apply the vinyl to the acrylic oval this will be used to hold all of the
emoji pieces this wood is just a little bit thicker than the actual yellow
acrylic this solid piece of poplar will be used to hold those thin plywood
strips I think that’s a lot nicer looking so I take several passes on the
table saw to get a nice deep dado I use a marker to make the exposed
surfaces black and these will fit in just tension fit everything gets very
painted black a Forstner bits used to create an area for a large magnet and
this vinyl of the robot it didn’t stick to the paint very well so I knew I was
just going to fix that later two-part epoxy is used to hold the big magnet in
and you won’t see this so it can look a little ugly I just flattened it out the
robot vinyl is going on again this time over glass there’s glass over top of the
starfield this small magnet will be attached to
the emoji with plastic epoxy and this technique lines it up perfectly

Dereck Turner

28 thoughts on “Doctor Who Emoji Robot Artwork (DIY)

  1. Wood By Wright says:

    Super sick! love it!

  2. Shogun-Jimi says:

    Very interesting approach to the skull challenge – this is so Matt Haas – Awesome!

  3. Dan Enge Woodworking says:

    Are you happy? Gotta love the Doctor! Too bad we have to wait for Christmas for a new episode.

  4. Fabian's Tiny Workshop says:

    What a nice idea πŸ™‚ …see I'm smiling πŸ™‚

  5. JD Worx says:

    Great to see another project vid on the most criminally undersub'd channel on YouTube….and it's Dr Who one at that!
    Thumbs up!

  6. Waylight Creations says:

    Long time, no see. Fun project, Matt. I liked it.

  7. Moonpie Creations says:

    Always Smile!



    Matt that was just awesome! Love this Idea

  9. YouCanMakeThisToo says:

    Awesome to see another vid from you! Very cool project, I really like the way you built the stand, that was really clever.

    -Caleb Harris

  10. Average Joe's Joinery says:

    Nice one Matt!! Great idea, the new mood ring haha

  11. Shane's Hobby Shop says:

    Awesome Job

  12. TheGeekPub says:

    So glad to see a new video!

  13. Woodified says:

    I have the same star pattern on my bathroom mirror.

  14. Kostas Annikas Deftereos says:

    great video !!! ha ha ha ha new emoji for the social media !!! good luck with the challenge!!! have a great week !

  15. Vasilis Papadopoulos says:

    Cool project Matt.

  16. Mitch Deitrich says:

    SWEET build!!

  17. Dan The Maker Man says:

    Nice entry!Β  Any idea why the vinyl didn't stick to the spray paint?

  18. ROCK N WOODWORKS says:

    Always late to the party I am! I'm so happy to see you making again! You lift our spirits with your awesomeness. Thanks for the shout too.

  19. Heath Knuckles says:

    Nice project Matt! Love it! πŸ€˜πŸ’€

  20. Kaged Creations says:

    Haha I saw the title and immediately thought that has to be Matt's video

  21. Fix It Make It Break It says:

    That's pretty amazing! Good luck in the challenge.

  22. Woodturning Live With Steve Twydell says:

    Hey Matt, that's cool, I've not worked with vinyl yet, it looks like a fun material to use… Nice project, thanks for sharing. Regards Steve.

  23. Play-Wood with Viktor says:

    Great project, thanks for sharing! I like the black frame – looks nice and simple πŸ™‚ Good angles and clear shots!

  24. lignum says:

    πŸ˜€ super cool idea, love it!

  25. Know What Mom Knows says:

    Hi Matt, Sorry for not writing sooner, I saw this video with Shane. You are SO Creative and wow, one of the FUN Channels that I honestly look forward to catching when I can πŸ™‚ I just also wanted to say HI And I hope your Next week here is Totally AWESOME πŸ™‚
    Shelly πŸ™‚

  26. Paul Desmond says:

    Dooood! I love this so much! So much cool!

  27. Easy to tips and tricks ect says:

    πŸ‘ a big blue for you!
    God bless Ken

  28. Exploring With CF says:

    Lmao,,,,,now that is freaking Awesome! I'm a Tom Baker/David Tenant person. Omg you and Brenda need to do a joint project, you're both CRAFTY!

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