DIY Picture Frame | Unvalentine Valentine’s Day Gift

DIY Picture Frame | Unvalentine Valentine’s Day Gift

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel my name is Sendra and tomorrow is a big day for me, because it’s my anniversary So I would like to make a gift for my boyfriend I found this on my house, it’s a wooden pallette It’s from pine tree and I would like to change this to this so this frame could fit into this I would like to make a frame for my boyfriend so he can hang it anywhere he want, bedroom, or in his bedroom So he could still remember our anniversary If you want to make this unvalentine Valentine’s day gift, just keep watching this video, and I will show you how to make this frame just from this You will need: A pallette wood, a PVC glue, a ruler, a marker, a scissor, a knife, and of course your printables You can make your printables any size you want, just remember to give a border as thick as your wood I’m using 20×20 picture size, and 2cm wide for the wood thickness Next, you want to modify (cut) your wood from this to his, so it would be easier for you to make the frame Remember, you want the length as the same size as your picture Next, measure your stick to make diagonal cut Now it’s time to cut them again to this glue them all with PVC glu and you will get this the frame is finished now it’s time to move on with our pictures Remember the border I was telling you before? Now it’s time to bleed (slightly cut) it out you will need a knife and a ruler I’m using knife because it won’t cut as much as a cutter would so I would suggest you to use just a knife or the back-end of a cutter then you can bend it like this do this to the other parts (border) and then cut it out You will need to cut the diagonal corner around so they would fit the frame Now, it’s time to glue them all together I’m just using my hand, if you want to use a brush that would be great make sure you prepare a tissue if you’re using your hands When you’re done glueing, it’s time to wrap them all up You’re finished! You can make one, two, three, or as much as you want So that’s it guys, have fun having 14th of February

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