DIY Picture Frame Greenhouse | Michaels

DIY Picture Frame Greenhouse | Michaels

Turn picture frames into a greenhouse We got all our supplies at Michaels Four 5″x7″ Frames, Greenery, Spray Paint, Four 8″x10″ Frames, E6000 Washi Tape Paint it! Let dry and paint other side Add E6000 inside frame Insert glass and let dry Glue the base Using 8″x10″ frames Tape an “L” shape Make another “L” Glue together to form base Build the roof! Using 5″x7″ frames Glue along each edge Leave to dry Michaels #Makeitwithmichaels + Darby Smart Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel and share your projects using the #Makeitwithmichaels

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  1. Lorraine Jessop says:

    I already did unubscribe why am I still getting info

  2. Kellie Westley says:

    love this

  3. Staci Bailey says:

    Folder kite looks. Like mine

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