DIY Picture Frame | Axe Family

DIY Picture Frame | Axe Family

(music) Hey George haha (laughing) (music) okay so today i’m going to make a picture frame and i’m going to use this piece of wood it’s just a piece of scrap from the mill and i’m going to peel the bark off and then we’ll uh cut it up and we’ll have ourselves a pretty cool looking juniper picture frame (music) okay so the first thing that we have to do is peel the bark off and it comes off pretty easy it just has a really cool pattern underneath the bark and that’s what we want for the picture frame that’ll be on the outside Chief is a natural wood chipper this picture frame is going to look something like this i’m figuring out what pieces i want to be the length and what pieces i want to be the height and because we have this knot hole here i want this section to be the top we can’t have the two pieces connect right here if i cut it like that i can’t have the two pieces connect right here so i need to shorten this up it has an average width of 8 inches all the way up so i’m going to want to rip it at 4 inches i’m going to use this side as the side that i run along the guide because it is more straight than the other one is it’s obviously not going to be perfectly straight because that is the type of frame we are making and but this edge is straight enough that we should be able to cut it in half, and then we’ll have our top and our bottom piece (music) (saw noises) hey you guys sorry about that my camera died right in the middle of cutting so i didn’t film the rest of it but i ended up making the frame so i finished the frame and all i need to do is stain it and put the picture in it and hang it up make a device on the back to hang it up so this is what it looks like and yeah it turned out really sweet it’s kinda cool how this matches right here yeah it’s fun just having this these branches sticking out yeah, hello it is me got some stain, and we’ll just put some stain on there make it look pretty (music) okay it’s all covered in stain now and we just need to let it dry and then i’ll have to cut a little back board for the photo put the photo in it and then make something so that the frame can hang on the wall and then it should be good to go um, yeah, i’m just gonna do one coat of stain and it should be fine yeah, pretty cool okay and this is what it looks like when it is all done

Dereck Turner

8 thoughts on “DIY Picture Frame | Axe Family

  1. lynne marchione says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! Great job – hmmmm I have a new house to decorate…..😊

  2. VNIMAL says:

    Looks great, man

  3. John C says:

    Just a suggestion if you screw a strait board to the bottom of it before you rip it you can use the edge of the strait board against the fence. making a very strait and clean cut. It will be a safer also less prone to kick back.

  4. Great Basin Natives says:

    Nice job. I see you stain with a bath towel under the frame. Is it washed from time to time?

  5. Mary Seiler says:

    absolutely beautiful. beautiful job! i LOVE!!!! it!

  6. Spratlyk9 says:

    Very nice!  You have a very good woodworking skill and an excellent video editing skill too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Creating Mandruff says:

    After making my own video on building a picture frame, I started looking at other peoples video's. The first half of this video is the best i've seen, your video editing is right on point. I'm curious did you use a go-pro or multiple camera's?

  8. Trevor Dawson says:

    Cant belıeve some of the comments here.Looks lıke you made ıt wıth an axe.If thats the best you can do wıth them good tools,get learnıng son.

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