DIY Nail Polish Marbled Cups and Paper Art

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Cups and Paper Art

Hey guys! Today, I’m gonna show you how to marble glasses with nail polish. It is really cool. This video is part of the spring DIY and decor challenge with the DIY Mommy. So, be sure to check out the playlist. It is linked below. First, you need a disposable dish with some warm water in it and some assorted (or just one) nail polishes. The cheaper the better. I have a bunch from a project I did this summer. As soon as they’re in the water, if they’re there for very long, they’ll start to dry. So, you’ve got to kind of work quickly. I have a paper towel over here. I’m just going to stick that over here. I’m going to drizzle my nail polish on the water. So, what it does is it just kind of floats on top. It looks so cool, though, already. I’m excited. Okay, so we have the skewer to mix it a little bit, like that. Then, we’re gonna go ahead and start dipping the cups and you’ll see it makes for a very cool look. Be careful as you put it down. You obviously don’t want to touch it. But, yeah, this is drying already and a lot of my paint has gone to the side. So, just be aware. I’m probably gonna have to re-pour for the next ones. All right, so those are down, and I’m going to dip right away, so we don’t wait. That one is cool. You kind of roll it. It’s a super cool effect. I knocked a couple of the drips off with one of the nail polish brushes, so if you notice any and it’s bothering you, you can just do that. So, that is it! Now, we just have to let these dry and we will see how they look. Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do some marbled paper with nail polish. I have some watercolor paper because we’re going to be dipping it into water. I have the lid off my polishes because this stuff dries so fast. You can give it a stir if you want, but you literally gotta go fast. I’m going to dip the watercolor paper. It looks really cool. Put it down . I’m actually probably going to have to wait one second and skim this off as it dries before I do the next one. This project you don’t necessarily want to be using stuff that you care about like your grandmother’s baking dish. This is just a disposable dish. That’s so awesome. Look how vibrant those colors are! Ultimately, we can cut this down or we could leave it large. Again, I’m going to do the same colors. I am going to move it over here. One thing I realized is that it would have been better if I had gone like this. So, this time, I’m going to dip and kind of roll and then lift it and set it down. Just FYI. Okay, let’s get pouring. Have your paper ready and don’t wait. You could mix it if you wanted, but actually moving the paper on the water sort of mixes it. All right, so this is watercolor paper, so we’ll just kind of let it hang out and dry and do its thing. I’ll show you how they look after. If you liked this video, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe below, thanks.

Dereck Turner

10 thoughts on “DIY Nail Polish Marbled Cups and Paper Art

  1. Journey to Home Sweet Home says:

    So neat! I just might try this to make some art around my home. I am coming from the DIY mommy and new subby here.

  2. Love Create Celebrate says:

    LOVE nail polish marbling! It always looks so good 🙂 The paper art is awesome!

  3. Make It with Krissie says:

    What a beautiful project! Great idea can't wait to try this. TFS. This is one of my favorite collabs, had a great time participating!

  4. Gentle Thrifty Mama says:

    So pretty!

  5. Living Even Keeled says:

    I especially love the paper! It's so pretty – thanks for the idea.

  6. Lacee's Space says:

    I love this DIY, I've done this before on nails and paper but never on glass. I will have to try it. TFS!

  7. Allison Young says:

    This is SO awesome! And would look great as a larger scale canvas…hmmmm —- you've got me thinking! 🙂

  8. The DIY Mommy says:

    How neat! I have to try this!

  9. Colleen Pastoor says:

    That paper art turned out so great! I've used this technique on a few things before but now I want to make some art!!

  10. Casa Watkins Living says:

    Super cute colors!!! Adore how they turned out.

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