DIY kissing shaped stick chocolate mold | ASMR

DIY kissing shaped stick chocolate mold | ASMR

milk chocolate melt chocolate in a double boiler strawberry chocolate white chocolate place the mold in the refrigerator mixed fruit juice flavor add water

Dereck Turner

13 thoughts on “DIY kissing shaped stick chocolate mold | ASMR

  1. Neko says:

    I'm glad this is back, too bad the guidelines had to make you blur what is for kids. I'll miss the uncensored one

  2. みたきMitaki says:

    we can fight COPPA together but time is getting too tight. we haven't persuaded the FTC about how this affects us but there is still time,
    Good Luck to Everyone

  3. TheWateResources says:

    Still love your videos 💖

  4. Elon Cross says:

    I was going crazy trying to find one of your videos and now I see why I couldn't find it. I'm so sad to see your videos are gone 🙁

  5. Yasmen Gonzalez says:

    Love watching your videos. So calming and satisfying 😌

  6. Siah says:

    Your videos are so satisfying

  7. Casa da Fátima Paulista says:


  8. Ngọc Trần Bảo says:

    I was crazy to find your popin cooking videos 😭. Why you delete it, i hope you will re-post it ( I'm from Vietnam so my English is not good, forgive me 🤧)

  9. Erica Strunk says:

    If COPPA deletes ur channel I would knock them in the side of the head with a chancela if I could then I would stab them with a knife bc this channel is my cue to help me sleep, COPPA is really a boiling bag of bull feese
    Sorry bout, my grammar I’m tried and my vision is darker for some reason when I’m tired if someone has an explanation for that please tell me in the replies.

  10. Bugay Den says:

    Wait I’m confused. What happened? Why is everything blurred? I haven’t been here in a while.

  11. ssssarah says:

    RRCherrypie, I've watched you for so long and your videos make me feel so peaceful. I hope you are happy in life 🙂

  12. Evandro Missagia says:

    This is so

  13. kirby 64 says:

    its unfortunate whats happened to your channel, but its better safe than sorry. awful how a foreign bill is effecting you.

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