DIY Floral Monogram Picture Frame! | EASY SPRING DECOR IDEAS

DIY Floral Monogram Picture Frame! | EASY SPRING DECOR IDEAS

Hey guys, it’s Sher. Today, I’m going to
show you guys how I made this floral initial picture frame decoration. It
makes a really pretty room decoration that you could either make for yourself
or I think it would make a great gift for someone else. You’re going to need a
picture frame, I got mine from Walmart, of course, floral embellishments or some
type of flower decoration. I got mine from Michaels. A hot glue gun, some card
stock or a piece of heavier paper to glue the flowers to. I didn’t have any
card stock so I just used an old folder I had and figured it would work too just
to give the letter some structure for when it’s glued to the picture frame. A
picture of whatever initial you want to use as the base for the flowers, and a
pencil and some scissors to trace and cut out the letter with. First I printed
out a paper initial online that fit the size of the picture frame I bought. For
me I’m using the letter ‘S’ but it should be really easy to find if you just
google whatever initial you plan on using. Then I just used my scissors to
cut the initial out. Then I traced it on the folder paper and
cut that out as well, like I said before, you can really just use anything in
place of the cardstock or folder paper. The instructions I found did say to use
cardstock. I thought the folder paper worked fine
and as long as whatever you’re using isn’t that flimsy, then you shouldn’t
have a problem just using whatever you have around the house. I used the flower
embellishments I bought to decorate the letter width and glued those down to the
‘S’ with the hot glue gun. Finally, I removed the backing and the
pane of glass from the picture frame and glued this down to the plain white sheet
that already came with the picture frame. You can use any piece of paper for this
since it’s mainly going to be covered by the letter anyway. Then I replaced the pane of glass and
cardboard backing back in the picture frame. The last step of this was just
taking that initial and using the hot glue gun to glue it down to that piece
of paper, and that’s it. This is really easy and it makes such a pretty
decoration for any room since you can use any color scheme you want with the
paper flowers that you choose and since the initial itself kind of stands out
from the picture frame, almost in a three-dimensional way. It was really fun
to make, so let me know if you guys recreate this or something similar to it
down below in the comments. Make sure you like this video if you want me to do
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products I used with this DIY. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you
guys in the next video. Bye!

Dereck Turner

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