DIY Antique Mirror from a Picture Frame | Easy IKEA Hack

DIY Antique Mirror from a Picture Frame | Easy IKEA Hack

– [Narrator] Good morning, Remodelaholics. Welcome back to our channel. If you’re new here,
remember to subscribe below. We have new DIY videos every week. Today, we have a super
easy and inexpensive decorating project from our
contributor Jen at Fresh Crush. This video will show you how
to turn any picture frame into an aged antique mirror
and you won’t believe how easy it is. Give us a like below
for this easy project. Woo-hoo! Okay, antique mirrors are
great for making a statement and reflecting light back into a room without being just a plain old mirror. So just like a regular
mirror, they’re perfect for filling a spot where
you’re not sure what to hang or add into a gallery wall
or layering on a mantle. Tell us in the comments where you would like to use these mirrors. And with this technique,
since you’re using a picture frame, you can easily find lots of inexpensive, large options
at local thrift stores or at IKEA like Jen is
using in this tutorial. To make your own antique
mirror, you’ll need just a few supplies. We have links in the description below. A picture frame with glass
and we recommend using actual glass and not acrylic plexiglass, Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint, black spray paint, a spray
bottle with half-and-half mixture of vinegar and water, and a paper towel. First, take apart your picture frame. Clean the glass and
place it right side down on your workspace. Because you’ll be applying
the aged mirror effect to the backside of the
glass, for most frame, this won’t be an issue but
keep in mind just in case you’ll also want to make
sure that your workspace is protected by a sheet of
cardboard or drop cloths since you’ll be spraying liquid and spray paint on the glass. Spray the vinegar and water
mixture all over the glass. You’ll want to apply
it liberally to achieve a random pattern and have a
variation in droplet sizes. Once you’re happy with
the droplet arrangement, spray your looking glass
spray all over the glass right over the top of the liquid droplets. Make sure you cover the glass well and let it sit for a minute or two. Then, use your paper towel to
gently dab away the vinegar and water mixture, removing
all the moisture you can without rubbing or scratching. If you feel like there are too many areas where the paint didn’t stick,
you can spray a little more of the looking glass spray paint, but keep in mind that
the clear spots will be what gives it that antique effect so you don’t wanna get
rid of too many of them. Let the paint fully dry,
it should look splotchy and marbled in a random pattern. On the same side of the
glass that you just sprayed that is now dry, coat the mirror evenly or you can go a little
lighter in the center like Jen did for a different look. Once the black paint is
dry, finish up the project by putting the glass back in the frame and replacing the backing of the frame. That’s it! Where will you put this
beautiful antique mirror? Tell us in the comments below. If you like easy projects
and DIY hacks like this, we’ve got more coming up
so be sure to subscribe and please give us a thumbs up below. Happy DIY-ing, see you
later Remodelaholics.

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    Is it as good as a normal mirror

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    This is one of the best diy videos like this I’ve seen. Great job!

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    Pls can you help me I want to turn ikea small mirrors into antique look the serial mirrior 30 by 30for a wall 180 cm by 240cm behind my t.v can you help with that I will be very grateful thank you

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