Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

The dream continues to haunt me,
old friend. It always starts with a journey… …to a distant land. There I find a city in flames… …streets choked with corpses… …unthinkable destruction. I witness senseless slaughter, brother against brother, pure hatred. And then… executions, agony, suffering surrounded me, until my turn comes. They burn my eyes, break my bones. I awaken in terror. There’s no one left to stand against them. You think me mad, old friend, but I know these dreams. They tell of the future. Hell is coming, brother. Hell is coming.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

  1. Lady Bloodie says:

    och if that the Game play bring that bad boy on. the few live streams I peeked at look like a laser show. and was worried i was going to be playing league of legend style which not bad but definitely not why my my game above all games was/is DIABLO!!!!!!!! I wish the D team luck and that there sanity holds ^_^ ! NOW back into darkness

  2. Nano Kona says:

    С нетерпением жду.

  3. pedro Teseu says:

    crossplay monstro?

  4. Paul Alwarski says:

    rather blizzard team if you design diablo 4 like the game lost ark of the gameplay then it will become best game ever 😀

  5. nerd Surfer says:

    It lacks variety like d3.
    Can't say it was worth 6 years, it really isn't that impressive looking.
    Also, forced co-op shouldn't be tolerated.

  6. Joshua Doss says:

    Only three classes?

  7. MrDgf97 says:

    haha le funny phone joke

  8. Xzar the necromancer says:

    BTW still waiting Diablo II Remastered

  9. Kidm0bius Gaming says:

    wow game 4 and cant create a character x.x only 3 characters to start most likely rest will be microd or dlc x.x seems very light in terms of abilities, and wayy to far away from gothic vibe x.x

  10. paramount says:

    hopefully it's harder than Diablo 3 was

  11. Krronos Zergberus says:

    WAIT WHAT BLIZZARD DONT HAVE TO RESET THE DISLIKE COUNTER i think they understand… I HOPE they have listen and learn!

  12. chase buttons says:

    So druid sorc Barb…am I missing something? Also the graphics look like some chinese mobile rpg game. Not the same feel imo. I'll stick with d2lod

  13. yuriy yakimov says:

    I don;t know guys I'm big fan of Diablo games
    But …this one doesn't look as great for a game of 2020+

    This Diablo IV the engine is similar to Diablo 3, Is like they have upgrade the engine by make things a 30-35% better.
    Wish they can improve even more the gameplay

    I don't know, things like: improving the camera to be able to focus in a fun way the map, to detail things, make it a bit more 3d
    Make a realistic environment with deep graphics

    I don't know I just want an epic game, and this one doesn't look that great for a 2020+ 🙁

    Sorry for my ugly grammar!

  14. Tianlin Lu says:

    winter is coming…

  15. Padpaw22 says:

    maybe everyone else has forgotten, but it ended up turning out that the diablo 3 "gameplay" trailer was a fake designed to sell gameplay that didn't exist. Remember the hero's head getting bitten off, and it ended up being a lie. I think I will wait and see what china's whipping boy actually does with diablo 4 rather than what lies they tell to promote it.

  16. Johnatan Andrea says:


  17. sicxyuz lml says:


  18. Sergeant Danelarton says:

    Now that's a Diablo game!

  19. Tumi Slapz says:

    OMFG YASSS!!!!!

  20. Jason Chou says:

    (Diablo 3) “We want skill tree and rune system back. ”

    (Diablo M) “We want Diablo 4 or D2 remake. ”

    Now….the news of D4 comes out.

    “It just a better graphics D3”“lost ark will rekt this game” blah blah….

    Hater always have something to say.

    Thing's simple.

    If game's good. Then buy it.

    If game's suck. Then save your money.

    Congrat you don’t have to ask mom to buy this trash for you anymore.

    Why don't you hater just stfu and play Poe, lost ark or something else you like, instead of talking trash of other games?

  21. David Hansson says:

    Wait. So i can buy Diablo not only for mobile, but for pc.! Amsing! For only 55euro!!! and not get 100% of The game! Sweet. Still need to spend another 100 och Micro transactions.!

  22. Bomb Kids says:

    Can radeon hd 7850 run this game ? 😅

  23. Dave Hetzel says:

    they made the barbarian go from 7ft tall to midget…

  24. Erik says:

    Ich hab so lange dafür gewartet !!!!!

  25. Mohamed Ashraf says:

    Who is that guy?

  26. B E E Z Y M U R D E R Z says:

    This Game Looks Unbelievable, I Will Get This.

  27. Miojo depressivo says:

    Well, the gameplay trailer for diablo 3 was released 2 years before it launched, so maybe, it will launch in 2021.

  28. flemaster12 says:

    Poe 4.0 looks awesome!

  29. A N says:

    If no one ever told me this was the D4 trailer I would have thought it was an expansion for D3.

  30. The God Emperor of Mankind says:

    Poor Blizzard, after this Exilecon they have no chance

  31. GkSanchez says:

    Is this better than PoE2 tho?

  32. tarael86 says:

    On more relevant news, Path of Exile 2 just got announced, and it will still be completely F2P.

  33. Richard Mai says:

    Dropped rune visuals need to be re-scaled

  34. Justin Malmquist says:

    I can only hope that they took a page from the base of this series and make this as dark as the first. This game needs to be dark and have the ability to be played offline single player. Diablo 3 was a joke. Last chance Bliz, lets see what you got, odd that they are bring back things we already killed in D2 like Lilith…

  35. 1 Peck says:

    The dream continue to haunt me also… Poor deckard cain killed by that dam butterfly ;(

  36. EN Reefs says:

    Finally. Thank you.

  37. muzgnasicianie says:

    Came back here after PoE2 trailer 🤣 D4 is distant future 🤷🏻‍♂️

  38. Vishal Aggarwal says:

    That TRAILER! OMG Blizzard! You amaze me / Shock me every single time! Truly awesome

  39. Stimpacked says:

    This still looks alot better than PoE2 imo, let's just hope it also plays better.

  40. andre alves says:

    path of exile 2 boizzzzz

  41. Brady Miller says:

    PvP better be dope all I gotta say

  42. Junio Rodrigues says:


  43. Junio Rodrigues says:


  44. Junio Rodrigues says:


  45. Junio Rodrigues says:


  46. Junio Rodrigues says:


  47. Junio Rodrigues says:


  48. Junio Rodrigues says:


  49. Junio Rodrigues says:


  50. Junio Rodrigues says:


  51. Junio Rodrigues says:


  52. Mikus Kluga says:

    im sorry but Path of exile 2 looks 20 times better :/

  53. канал бобликута says:

    Шок-контент. Кто русский?

  54. A_Fluffy_Fox says:

    people saying POA2 looks like its on par with D4 are fuckingt blind, this looks insane graphical wise compare to POE lol, i do wish and hope blizzard do more with the skill tree system as poa and poa2 have them beat there

  55. Tihon Annenkov says:

    I am afraid I simply dont trust Actiblizzard anymore. It will probs be a mmoesque microtransaction fair.

  56. Vaishnav C says:

    Trailer looks awesome. But the gameplay is terrible.!!

  57. PierreLucSex says:

    Looks great, still I will play PoE2.
    Not even hesitating.

  58. MegaNerevar says:

    THey need to reintroduce dungeon darkness.. In D2 dungeons felt creepy because you couldnt see outside your vision radius

  59. Harley K says:

    Everyone do not play this satanic game. Read the Bible to find the truth – only Jesus can save you. He is the way, the truth and the life.
    Read the book of revelation in the Bible to see how He is going to return soon.

  60. Isaac Vazquez says:

    Blizzard, I'm going to give you one last chance. You screwed it with Diablo immortal, however, this Pre-Alpha already seems like a good game; I give you one last chance.

  61. Tyguy says:

    I sense all those dislikes are PoE players. Bring it, punks.

  62. The Goat says:

    Its ok everyone Path of Exile 2 is happening

  63. Nice Comeback says:

    actually looks trash

  64. Zenox Gaming says:

    i play poe and never played diablo have to say graphics better than poe lets see poe 2

  65. Gerhart Vondrivesabus says:

    this looks like the game i wanted diablo 3 to be

  66. Chris Rogers says:

    Bring back the Amazon and the assasin

  67. Moka Oni Gaming says:

    Please have better servers than Path of Exile…

  68. Kristers Feldmanis says:

    So is this Diablo 2 part 2 or something? Reusing existing bosses by the looks of it.
    Yeah, this game looks almost no different than 3 either.

  69. John G says:

    Should change UI and damage font and animation. Looks too d3

  70. That Guy says:

    Hope they bring back the "Paladin" from D2 and the "Rogue" From D1

  71. snaker9er says:

    4 characters? Prepare to be boned by DLC

  72. Michael Leslie says:

    Colors looked a bit washed out. Hopefully the game is much more vibrant.

  73. Gideon Garcia says:

    Ralph Ineson's voice is so epic

  74. z4rkenny says:

    wtf is this ??? diablo 3 remastered??? GARBAGE

  75. Faqrul Hakim Hidzir says:

    Duriel Gives me a goosebumps! looks promising

  76. Mark says:

    This and Path of Exile 2 look amazing.

  77. Danny lifts says:

    Is freedom for HK in one of the lootboxes?

  78. Atheos A.T. Five says:

    Not intrested.😒

  79. Alex says:

    I don't know guys…
    After reading some of the comments, remember that THE true Diablo 3/ true sequel to Diablo 2 which is called Dildoblow 4 is coming out and is "competing" with Edgar Allen Poe 2? Hmm.

    Poe fans: it's too late blizzard! There's no redemption! You waited too long to give us what we wanted! Wah!(crybaby)Time for a new king! Death to the zombie! You already died!

    Loyal Diablo fans: We recognise out faults, how many times have all of you fell only to get stronger? How many of you wish for second chances? We will succeed, because OG things always do… Stop this false war brother, time to grow together! Hoorah!(white knight empowerments) We already won!

    Hopefully things work out for both honestly.

  80. Andrea Minetto says:

    Engine of witcher 3 but it supports only 3 player in the same map/instances
    Blizzard please change the engine and make it perfect

  81. Many Legs says:

    Can he transform into Winnie the Pooh?

  82. Mr. Moon says:

    Even the OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY TRAILER forces you to sit through a cinematic for the first 25% of the entire clip.

  83. Alex Meg says:

    PoE2 vs. D4
    And here i am enjoying summertime saga

  84. Raven Lightwalker says:

    So glad i never bothered with diablo 3, most likely will just continue with hearthstone/overwatch. Diablo 1 and 2 to me are way more awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing trailer these graphics on diablo 1

  85. Redwald Cuthberting says:

    What went we out into the wilderness to find?

  86. ZosiTV says:

    1:54 1 Shot PVP

  87. Ray Garner says:

    I’m getting regardless.

    It’s Diablo.

    Yes I own Diablo 1 and Diablo 2.

    3 had ups and downs.

  88. SaSu13 says:

    Viene el infierno ..shuermano 🥴

  89. gametje says:

    guys is this diablo 4 or diablo immortal ? im confused becuase so far i've known is that the fanbase was dissapointed for not getting diablo 4 and got a diablo for ios/android etc but this is a whole new game right for pc/ps4 etc ?

  90. zawareii metalcity says:

    Diablo IV: Im inevitable

    Path of Exile 2: And i am IRON MAN

  91. Aspern Park says:

    Oh no, not Duriel again

  92. Austin Kennedy says:

    I want to play as the bear guy!

  93. Dan Vercruysse says:

    I hear this is going to have microtransactions. I have to pass if that's the case. Great looking game but poor choices by greed.

  94. fr10wi says:

    "Do you guys watch this trailer ? You need is Online only + auction, im right ?"

  95. Happy Face says:

    Dear Diablo team, instead of Amazon, how about Spanish Musketeer with dual pistol and a rifle. Both Male/Female???

  96. Rory O'Toole says:

    Vote with your wallet and don't give money to Blizzard. Path of Exile 2 is coming soon and I'll just play that instead.

  97. The Washable Bomb says:

    lol you fools will never be happy!

  98. Bretz Aldrin says:

    Eyyy.. they showed the thing again where you need a certain skill to traverse/cross an area, let's hope that they will not cut some features out.

  99. Tiredofdumbfuks says:

    Things I hated about D3:
    -Too easy due to enemy scaling and over abundance of health regen items, It took me like 8 minutes to beat Diablo but he barely touched my health.
    -Armor tiers tied to your character level, as soon as you got to lvl99 you only got the same 2 or 3 sets from merchants or most drops, putting an NPC to give you whatever armor look you wanted was LAME. People want to farm, just let better versions of armor pieces from whatever set to keep dropping regardless of your level.
    -Lack of character customization
    -Leveling happened ridiculously fast and barely mattered
    -Boss fights were too simplistic they needed deeper mechanics
    -Too much RNG, you felt like you were collecting trash 90% of the time

    Things I loved:
    -Plenty of cool armor and ability to change the color with pigments

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