Devin Learns To Dance Like Magic Mike In A Day • Ladylike

Devin Learns To Dance Like Magic Mike In A Day • Ladylike

– I am very nervous, in order to, like, really perform and be a Magic Mike guy I feel like I have to match their energy, but right now I just
need to feel my feelings, get my schoolgirl nerves
out, I am sweating. (bassy saxophone music) – So we’re here in Las Vegas at the Magic Mike theater because they invited us to come dance with them today. – My name is Ryan Carlson,
I’m the dance captain of the show, we perform
at Hard Rock, Las Vegas, and this is called Club Domina, this is where we perform
in a 360 experience. – In my work, you know, at Ladylike I work with mostly women, and then at S Factor it’s completely all women so I live my day-to-day life in kind of a very feminine
space, and even when I teach pole dancing,
while it may be very sexy and empowering, we do it with
the lights off, so this is definitely pushing me out
of my comfort zone a bit. A while back, I think it was
about a year and a half ago, I saw Jenna Dewan’s
dance on Lip Sync Battle, you know the one, where she dances “Pony.” And I just thought it was so cool and gender-bending and
she was able to be herself and sassy while being this
kind of masculine bro, and it was really, really cool so when I heard about
this opportunity to dance with the Magic Mike guys I was like, “Yeah, of course I want to
do that, I wanna try it.” – So today we’re gonna be
teaching Devin a part of the show, a choreography part that
has a lot of improv in it so she can make it her
own, I’m curious to see how it’s gonna go, because
it’s not easy, it’s not easy. – It’s not easy. – At all. (smooth synth music) (record scratch) – Whoa. – Yes, incredible, you guys, okay so I have a lot to learn,
you guys are incredible. – [Chantel] Jen, how do you feel? ‘Cause you’ll be doing lights, right? – Yeah, I will be doing lights. Hi, Sharon. – Hi. – I’m Jen. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you,
thank you for having me. – Sure, of course,
welcome, out theater is, what we call, in the round, which means that there’s audience on all sides, so we don’t really have
a backstage area per se, so we kind of have to be the eyes and ears all over the venue and make
sure that everybody’s safe, everybody’s where they’re supposed to be, making sure that all the
light cues are happening, all the sound cues are happening, all of our automation cues are happening, and that the show is continuing on. – We dance everywhere,
upstairs, downstairs, ladders, we try to leave no one out,
that’s why we dance everywhere. – [Kyo] It’s a safe and
comfortable environment, but everyone has an equal opportunity
to be a part of the show. – Gotta wipe the camera,
that’s a Kyo thing. – My specialty is my sauce, so I always have to trademark it with the camera wipe. – [Chantel] What does sauce mean? – Sauce is just, sauce
is just your flavor, you know what I mean,
sauce is, it’s swag, what separates you from
everybody else, you know? – I am going to muddy up the choreography in the middle, I just know I am, but if I add it with
a little bit of sauce. – We’re going to start with
the choreography section. – Okay. – We’ll backtrack into the
less choreographed sections. – Okay, cool. – It’s less structured it’s
more like whatever you wanna do. – Cool. – One, two, three, and four, five, six. – Gotcha, okay. – One, then just turn your whole body the opposite direction,
180, two, stop three. – Yeah, Kyo, c’mon, yeah. – Throw a little ball of change. – Yeah, you gotta look at me, though. – Yeah, you gotta look at his face. – Like, “Yeah, we about to do it.” – We’re about to do
it, one, it’s gonna be- – Just don’t miss it,
’cause it’s really awkward. – They seem like nice guys. – Yeah, oh totally. – Devin’s doing great,
she’s starting to to add her own little flavor
slash sauce slash swag, I taught her eye contact and I taught her the importance of eye contact
and making that connection with the woman, or male, in this case, that she’s gonna be dancing with. You’re providing a service for that person that you’re dancing
for, so you’re not just dancing just to dance,
you’re dancing for somebody, and specifically you’re
asking for permission, you know, you want that
person to feel comfortable. That is the most important part for me, that’s the most important
part of the flavor. – Kyo and I sat down and
we worked on eye contact, because something I just
learned about myself, today, is that I have a problem
with direct eye contact when it comes to things like this, and it’s true because when I pole dance, I do it with my eyes
closed, so it makes sense that this entire time
I’ve been closing my eyes where I need to just focus
and make that connection. – [Chantel] Why did they bring you in specifically to do the flavor? – Because that’s what I specialize in you know what I’m saying? (laughs) – I fell like people just think it’s all lap dances and just guys
taking their shirts off, but there’s so much
intricacy and this show, with the choreography, the lighting,
the one-on-one interactions. – [Kyo] It’s because it’s all
about the moment, you know, Channing and the choreographers
Allison, Teresa, and Luke, they wanted to create
this moment for women as soon as you walk in the door. Like, as soon as you
walk down those stairs, you’re walking into this
crazy, comfortable environment, that you feel like you
can just be yourself, where women fell like they
can just be themselves, and a lot of people don’t
know that beforehand, they expect us to just
take their clothes off and start clapping and just
give them this raunchy show and it’s not that at all, it’s
just a really comfortable, safe place for women
to just be themselves. – When we first heard they
were gonna do this I was like, “Okay, it’ll be fun for them,
I’m excited, good for them,” and now I’m just like, men. – (together) Men, men, men, men. – Five, six, seven, eight,
one, two, clap three. – Eye contact, yeah. – Yeah, three, and then
bam four, hands, hand, five, six, and you’re gonna snap, eight. – I can’t snap, can I (smack)? – You can do whatever you want. (cheering) – Yeah, I’ll do that. – One and two. – Yeah. – And then, from this awkward position you’re gonna push this leg
back and slide onto your hip. – Like this? – So roll around, and
you’re gonna do the same, I’ll give you the counts in a minute, but you’re gonna do the exact
same dive you just did on her, but you’re gonna do it on the floor. – [Devin] See, that’s the
move I’m worried about. – Five, six, you’re gonna
do another body roll, but this one’s with just your
waist, seven, seven, yeah. – So I’m midway through the rehearsal, I just learned all the choreography, and now we’re just putting it to beat. I think I’m most concerned
about my body rolls, and the footwork, it’s deceiving
because there’s so much quick footwork in this
choreography that you want to make sure you nail,
because then it really makes the body rolls look really
cool, I’ve got some knee pads. – She’s awesome. – Aw, my teacher, you guys
wink a lot, you wink a lot. – It’s part of the occupation. – I need help with my
winking, I’ve been trying to wink to the camera this
entire time and it’s been weird. – It’s part of the flavor,
I got you, we’ll get you. – Okay. – Hi, Jen, how are you? – I’m good, good to see you. – This is your “Push to talk” right there, when that light’s on your mic is on. – Okay. – Right, and you can use these
video screens, you can watch. So we’re gonna put this headset on you and we’re gonna trade places. – Okay. – And then you’ll say,
when we get ready to go, “Sound 271 and lights 133, go.” – I’m gonna wear my
hat, ’cause I feel like it’s a guy thing to do
like a, “What up, girl?” You know, I think that’s
kind of hot, right? I think that the hat’s gonna help get me to that spot, to that Usher spot. – Sound 271 and lights 133, go. (latin pop music) – She’s doing great I can’t
believe how fast she learned it. I do the show so often I
forgot how fast the choreo is, we do it so fluid and we try
to do it, it’s almost like you can’t see the
transition between moves, as you can see she’s doing an amazing job. – A lot of people can’t just
come in one day and learn what we do and learn how to
dance, you know what I mean? It takes them a long time it
takes them months and years, so for her to just come in
one day and just pick up what we do and to perform it
on camera, that’s amazing. – Oh my god, the guys are
my fairy god mothers today, they were my fairy god brothers in dance, and they just pulled all the elements of Magic Mike together in me, I
just changed into my outfit, which is just tennis shoes and jeans, and now I’m gonna go slay,
I’m gonna be Magic Mike. – Okay everybody, stand by. – [Tom] Quiet in the room please. (“Lips” by John Dillon Conneally) (cheering) – Did you guys see me give
them business cards at the end? – [Chantel] I did. – [Mike] Professional. – I’m a really professional lady. So that was it, I did it, I
really did it, I did that. After the show we went
upstairs, we changed for dinner, this is the smite dinner wear, same pants. Something about moving
your body in this way really makes you feel confident, so I feel like I can do anything now. Thank you, Magic Mike, for
really making me feel like I’m a Magic Mike dancer, like,
you guys were so welcoming and warm, and inclusive,
it was really great, I feel awesome, you guys should check out the show, though, it’s pretty incredible. – Thank you for having us,
guys, come see the show, Wednesday through Sunday at
the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, you can buy tickets online, (Check ‘Em Out by William Davies) – Hey, Unsolved is on a a new
channel, and now your part. – (together) Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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