It seems the circus is in town… So it is… The circus?! Oh, Mother, can we go?! Can we please!? Absolutely not. You stay away from that place, young lady! But why!? That circus is no place for children… A circus not for children? For little Meaghan… Such a notion was absurd… If they won’t take me, I’ll just go find it myself! Excuse me! Where is the circus? In the Dark Woods For what she was about to see… Where… is this place? Where am I?! You’re in the Dark Woods! Isn’t it fun? Leave while you still have time! *Grumbling* What’s wrong with him?! His… brain was swapped out for a dog’s brain… Don’t you get it?! THIS is your fate! You have to get out of here! Before they find you! I don’t understand! Who?! Kill me… There’s no point in you running away… No one ever gets out of here alive… I have to get out of here! Surely my parents must be looking for me! This place is full of forgotten children… Do you really think… …that you’ll be the one that gets remembered? Make sure to stop by the Dark Woods! It’s fun!

Dereck Turner

96 thoughts on “DARK WOODS CIRCUS: THE MOVIE (Trailer)

  1. Naruka Kouza says:

    looks fun to watch! I can't wait.

  2. Mizuki Hikawa says:

    awesome can't wait

  3. StephyDee says:

    Ooooooo! Finally seeing it complete (besides just audio :P) and it's awesome, Nana! Everything blends in so well, and the animation is so good! You and all the amazing VAs involved did amazing with this!! QwQ <3

  4. elaxy says:

    Wow, I love it! Now, I want this becomes really in a filme… ><

  5. Kaethetics says:

    This kinda reminds me of the anime Black Butler: book of circus. But I ❤️ this!

  6. Qween Mars says:

    This looks amazing!

  7. Drew Dixon says:

    That was Awesome!!!
    Can't wait for October.

  8. Lennon Cisneros says:

    looks nice

  9. LuckyGirl says:

    I absolutely love this!!!

  10. -SmOl_ BEaN says:


  11. NanisWolfgamer says:


  12. Sydney Spears says:

    Lol you have my like but I think the voices need to be more blended in, it sounds like you were recording right there

  13. Amu Hiko says:

    OMG I love it!!

  14. Phia says:


  15. Rachel the pony says:


  16. Akai Shizu says:

    This is awesome!!! I'd like to see this in a film now after seeing such an awesome trailer!

  17. Velocity Rider says:

    This whole thing is a blessing. qwq

  18. Sai Prime says:

    "I'm so excited!" "Can't wait!"
    Look at all the people that think this is a trailer for a movie that's actually going to be made… I must say, it was fairly convincing, but I had the faculties to look in the information and saw that a full movie isn't actually going to be made. But maybe you should consider putting that statement in the actual video, so as not to get their hopes up.

  19. Yume says:

    I have a feeling no one read the description ^.^"

  20. melonkind says:

    I can't wait to see this! it looks AMAZING!

  21. The lone Courier says:

    yippee the most scariest song besides circle you, circle you and rotten girl is being made a movie…. if you excuse me I gonna in the corner… for 5 hours

  22. Nani says:

    omg im so ready for dis!!!

  23. Lilliam Rodriguez says:


  24. Charmy The Robot says:

    This was really awesome but Miku shouldn't be complaining, her voice sounded more "deformed" as a mom than before she was made into the deformed diva. They improved her voice and made it sound more cute so it was an improvement. Kaito got it bad though, poor Kaito. This would make an amazing movie, too bad it won't be. :'3

  25. clappytallgirlxo says:

    #stayremembered i think that's what it said near the end. this video got me interested in a whole months work of fandom research lol

  26. clappytallgirlxo says:

    I hit the like button (obviously) and made it the 111 like lol

  27. Ms AnimeFan says:


  28. Yui Zorah says:

    Omg that looks so fricken cool 😀

  29. percephine says:

    I wanna go there! DX

  30. Randomguy 123456 says:

    OMG this looks like it would be such a good movie

  31. Miriam Ortega says:


  32. Miriam Ortega says:

    I still can't get use to mikus voice

  33. DJ Sapphire says:

    Omg seems so damn cool!!

  34. Ava Aureli says:

    Looks awesome!

  35. Jannine Jaylo says:

    Wow, a lot of comments misunderstood Nana.
    Read the desc
    I have to say, cool trailer!

  36. Lunaxandra says:

    Everything is wonderful <3 Good job everyone!!

  37. KaminariEnterprise Presents says:


  38. wσrld's σkαчєst вrσthєrTM says:


  39. Olivia Pahlkotter says:

    Little what did we say about going to the forest.

  40. TheKashirader (Kashira Hanazumu) says:

    Awwwwwww…….I need it…..(little Meiko …)

  41. Danay 7blue says:

    B.b….but shion?…. I know there will be a comic but ….. I really loved the animation and effects , everything TnT""" Q.Q my inspiration to make mmd series …..TTATT!"
    But this new circus series remind me of fnaf x.x"" etto …but still good animation and effects :3 love it.

  42. Yume Hoshiko says:

    I….I…. oh how I wish…. this would be….. oh I wish….. ~~~!!!!!!

  43. Azariah Lane says:

    I have to wait till October TwT

  44. Gardevoir 29 says:

    I love dark woods circus

  45. tibbm offical says:

    i love all the animations keep staying awesome and animet

  46. Alkora C says:


  47. 🎃 SweetPumpkin 🎃 says:

    aaaaaa omgggg jgejgjger this loooks like its gonna be like A+++ <3 <3

  48. Mayonaka Tsuki says:

    I want to help Nana

  49. Teemy Weemy says:

    "Your parents don't love you"… I died… 😂

  50. TheDangerWolf says:

    "Your parents don't love you" I already knew that Nana.

  51. YURIalter3gø says:

    I was waiting for season 2 of shion, but this will work too!!

  52. s l e e p says:

    I really wish that this could be a movie or even an anime I'll give anything for it to happen… Here have my Hatsune mix manga. All of my special drawings too.. No wait here's my poster, and my two phones

    Now make a movie

  53. America Powers says:

    I need this owo

  54. Suga Kookies with lamb skewers and Tae says:

    This looks good.

  55. dubc asd says:

    It looks beatiful! I can't wait for the movie!
    But… One thing… It obvius that the girl who do miku's voice is forcing her voice for do it more like Miku's and that annoy's me. (Sorry for my bad english)

  56. Illustriis says:


    I am dead

  57. katherine lyons says:

    omg I can't wait! this looks amazing

  58. Golden Mask says:

    This is really good! I love watching it!

  59. Menma Kirigaya says:

    OMAGAAADD!! How I haven't found this! Yay! This month comes cx

  60. Alexa D. Mendez says:

    mmm hey guys… it's october… you'll upload the complete movie 👀

  61. Dex KingOfSweets says:

    is it our yet

  62. Dex KingOfSweets says:


  63. Laughing Jack creepypasta c says:

    I feel bad for those childern 😢😢😢😢 (jeff cries)

  64. Zephyr Moon says:

    Omg Yay!!!!

  65. Bacteria Miku says:

    come out with the actual thing! I want to see the whole thing

  66. F_Society15 says:

    where did you get the story like I know the song but where did you get the details of the characters?

  67. Bikutoru says:

    quisiera que eso fuera real..

  68. Rino says:

    its decamber tho

  69. Forgotten Voice says:

    what is this going to be a thing? SOME MAKE THIS A THINK PLEASE CAUSE THIS WOULD BE COOL

  70. yasuka says:

    * decides to turn on Japanese captions *
    Kaito (or whatever the heck his name is): BORK BORK
    Me: Well this is gonna be fun

  71. Zenev power says:

    This is EPIC!

  72. Your Nightmare says:

    Where is the movie?

  73. Nuzul Trias Suciati says:

    haku she's have big oppai

  74. Jahaira Cruz says:

    You guys lost so many subscribers, aww why? Y'all are great ❤️

  75. KaminariEnterprise Presents says:

    As stated in the description, this is not a real movie trailer. I don't plan on making this a full length movie ,but I hope you all enjoy it regardless and as always, thank you so much for watching!

  76. Alexa Ng says:

    I like it. I want to see Dark Woods Circus: The Movie full length film, please!

  77. Lilyheart Animations says:

    Japanese captions

  78. Jerm Taylor says:


  79. Lucy_NM says:

    AWSOME !!! I can't wait ;u;

  80. Matt Anderson says:


  81. tiffany borders says:

    parents blue eyes and hair
    daughter red eyes and brown hair
    Me: -_- okay

  82. Timothy Matthews says:

    Please release it

  83. Wolfie says:

    Kaito: BORKBORK
    Len: Such pupper many brain wow

  84. Kimberly Chase says:

    1. Knuckles and Sticks the acrobats on steriods.
    2. Shadow and Amy the singers with the goat legs.
    3. Tails and Zooey the clown with two heads.
    4. Jacob and Rouge the cannibalistic carnivores.
    5. Staci and Modley the jugglers with cleft palets.
    6. Hugh and Gooz the voodoo performers.
    7. Clawd and Draculaura the alcoholic drinkers.
    8. Manny and Iris the Warriors.
    9. Sonic and Cream the animal tamers.
    10. Paw Paw Chuck the ring master

  85. Gabo 7101 says:

    0:44 Close your eyes and use the imagination ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  86. Geo Génesis says:

    good good goooood!!!!!

  87. Silent Wolf Moon Knight says:

    this is soooo awesome! I love the song and I wish that this was a real horror movie! It probably isn't, but it still makes a great fake commercial for my Halloween playlist presentation, "Knight Wolf's Night of Terror "!

  88. Lonnie-Chan! says:

    I wish this movie exists………



  89. Token Lesbian says:

    i would be really pissed if i was Miku, this little kid shows up and she's saying her parents will come get her while you've been stuck here for years going through hell and worse every day…anyway im mad now

  90. Kimberly Chase says:

    Jacob (Jaguar) & Staci (Leopard)

  91. cassie Lyons-crawford says:

    Dark woods circus is not fun for kids

  92. kit ros says:

    I really want to see this movie i cant wait!!!!

  93. Moon_ Bearʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ says:

    vai te animaçao disso ou e so um teiler ou um filme ??

  94. Sara gabriela Moyano peña says:

    No he podido encontrar esta pelicula

  95. guilty sins says:

    I​ have​ crazy​ thing for​ this​ song should be horror​ rpg​ game.

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