Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE Reacts to Fans Art

Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE Reacts to Fans Art

Hey bitches today, I’m also pisghetti and shit got my pen my pencil even though it was backwards That’s how we do shit around here all sophisticated, and she gave me some glasses Don’t think I got any big give me some. I’m gonna be reacting to some fanart. So if it sucks I’m gonna tell you but I’m not trying to be me and I’m trying to be honest. I appreciate it Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate it, but if your shit is funked your shits funked. There’s no changing it I’m giving you my honest opinion. Whether you asked for it if you did it, okay? Okay, so this is the draw my life that I never did cuz I never drew my life But if I did draw my life It wouldn’t look like this cuz I was addicted to heroin for seven years And then I got my chain out of one of those twisty things So love you This is four nails out of ten. Ten nails, Yeah four Okay, now next this is by QK.kashkaval why am I swimming in a pool of dirty water and why is my hand covered my crotch I look like Big Ang who’s beginning? the lady from Mob Wives I died I Love to realize So the hair looks pretty good You know I’m I’m at the hair eyebrows Your spot on the left eyelash is way better than the right eyelash want to point that out The nose is all types of fucked up. I don’t have exclamation points right here. You know I don’t I just don’t have them the boobs are a little bit big my head is too Small my shoulders are good. This arm looks like it has lymphedema Hold named Fatima limb, but I can’t do this lymphedema And I don’t have hair on my boobs this is a three (HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER) Three three nails Item ten Wow I’m thick she think this is a tent. This one’s pretty good You know I I like it except my arm. Kind of looks a little bit squiggly, but we’re okay I like how she wrote baby, baby. Eyes are cute. I like the pink background. This is a Nine out of ten. That’s actually really cute. It’s not drawn though. It’s obviously made by a computer. It’s cute I like the shoes the hair is right because my roots need to be touched up so give me that one You get the money the Lambo you mention accurate shit nine out of ten okay so Next is Slim Thug. Good Danielle for goalie on Facebook This is a good painting, but it’s trash cuz I look like trash this time of my life I was trash, and so y’all need to stop posting pictures from this time in my life. There’s plenty more pictures You can post this gets literally 1 out of 10 This is really bad. I don’t know why I have Captain Hook hands And I live two nails on that hand so I’m throwing up gang signs No no but this is really bad, it kind of looks like The Little Mermaid I think it’s just a water droplets and the red hair giving that vibe, but you know But thank you Sally 1 5 3 this is a 2 out of 10 nails Yeah, you know I don’t like this if you could have made it look like me and not like that Then you know This is a zero I’ll give you a 1 just for putting me on you so 1 out of 10 Why am I bald it looks like half Amber Rose? It’s really good, I’ll give you a 9 you look kind of like my Aunt Mary. I’ll give you a nine I’ll give you eight. This is the artsy okay Kirsten real Kirsten. You know not fake Kirsten surreal Kirsten give you nine it’s kind of cute or an eight anyway I Won’t stay up. I’ll give you a eight okay This was really cute. It’s kind of like anime I like this and you can see my little tongue piercing and a little thing yeah, this is really cute I’ll give this a nine out of Seems like I can only do nine. I’ll do this give us a nine out of ten. This is the ugliest fucking picture I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. I’m sorry This is really bad like you why do I have wet stains on my shirt Why is one I bathe and the other why are my lips just really bad not the good bad This is not what the H. This is a three? This is the three items head like Shonda loquacious, this is also. I don’t like this picture This was on the dr. Phil dick this was like a picture from dr. Phil’s I don’t like it. You automatically get three points deducted if it’s from the dr. Phil so you get like literally five points get five oh my god oh My god………what the fuck Justin you tried you’re a fan. I love you so much shout-out to Evelyn PUA and te6 600 660 we’re gonna pay for you some art classes, and thank you for joining me next Mona Lisa, I like this this is a it’s a ten high ten I Did it see? That’s not John that’s just you just use it photo editor app so you get Zero it was actually fits fight because you wanted to fake it That looks like someone try to draw a Celine Dion and They fucked up, and they put red hair on it now. It’s me. They fucked up. It fucked up This is obviously it doesn’t look that bad. It’s a 8 out of 10 ok this one’s cute this is also doing to be strong, but I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 I don’t have blue eyes red eyebrows or red lips I gave this a 1 out of 10 because you only got my hair right and not even really that one’s cute I just kind of look like I’m on crack So I’ll give this a 6 out of I body to thank you for watching this video in these horrible any good drawings until you prescribe subscribe Downloaded hobby which you know about it in these hoes on iTunes, okay each Body keep sending your drawings, and I will review more of him

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100 thoughts on “Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE Reacts to Fans Art

  1. Vhanessa Chua says:

    She's actually nice and cute but with an hint of gangster I think she's like a gangster princess with a nice heart

  2. marlon thomas says:

    ❤❤❤ bae

  3. exploding cat meow says:

    She is horrible to her fans

  4. fizzy soto2019 says:

    Talk about being ungrateful

  5. Julie Desouza says:

    Sry but your being really rude how about you try to draw something and then they hate it and u spent weeks on it huh 😡😡😡😡😡

  6. Milds White says:

    Why is she such a dick about it
    She probably can't even draw
    She sounds like a dolphin
    She called the best one terrible just because they made her look better than she rlly was
    And she took off 3 points bc of the Dr Phil show she put herself on and only got noticed cuz of that

  7. jooniestay says:

    why don’t you try drawing yourself

  8. Cheries Boykin says:

    Do you know that X died

  9. Timothy Vernon says:

    Bad baby don't you say they're good to girl

  10. christine fitz says:

    I AppRecIAte YoU SO muCh BuT LiKe I hAtE iT!!!

    some of these people could be young kids imagine how discouraging this is even for older kids

  11. Popstar and Hartbreaker says:

    Tehe the titleing…when she started laughing [HISTYRICA LAUGHTER]

  12. Eden A says:

    Broooo… her laugh🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. Spicyy memess says:

    Person: do you like my fan art
    Dani: well yes but actually no

  14. xAut says:

    people really gonna think that danielle believes that the imvu characters are drawings.. whAAAt?

  15. Serena Cotto says:

    Hi bish

  16. thicky quill says:

    And don’t make fun of there art

  17. Xsummer MSP says:

    U should appreciate what ur fans did not the bad things about the art

  18. RileyEwalsh says:

    YOUR A BRAT OK AND UR MOM A WHORE GOD DAMN U PROLLY DRAW STICK PEOPLE AND U JUST jealous because you can't draw like them okay just a admit it K Danielle you suck okay your a b**

  19. Victoria Jones says:

    You already look like trash you stupid give all a 10 like what’s wrong with you you ugly and I don’t like those ugly nails you got on too

  20. Jade says:


  21. Sad_Avocado oh says:

    how many times bhad bhabie said 'hi bich' .-. :

  22. Jada Parks says:

    I love her so much she's funny

  23. pizza lover says:

    Me watches video:OMG SO GOOD



  24. Alfredo Vega says:

    U know what i'm never Darwin a something 4 u

  25. Alfredo Vega says:

    I'm 12 Years old And spend a Lot of time i Even got bad grades because i was working hours on that:(

  26. Zhania Pryce says:

    People make picture that looks just like her

    Her likes the picture that don’t look like her

    Me maybe because the picture that look bad look like her

    (No hate

  27. Demesha Caston townsend says:

    Well she keep it real

  28. prom prom says:

    U ugly as **

  29. Lydia Wood says:

    Why are you so mean there so good why are you sooo rude

  30. Alana flavell says:

    We have discovered that bad bhabie is from area 51

  31. Kirtika Jain says:

    You can not even draw this OK u shit at least u have got some fans so try to respect OK bloody bitch

  32. Smiley Face says:

    Fan=draws Mona Lisa

  33. Sharon Ballantine says:


  34. Kaii Reid says:

    Bitch like yuh mother

  35. Oi Mate says:

    Why she give all the good art low grades but the trash ass ones 10s and 9s

  36. S U N F L O W E R says:

    I rather whatch you than jojo siwa #jojosiwagrowup 😄😄😄😋

  37. mele may says:

    Me: drawing
    Danielle: ugly
    Me: um… starts over drawing xD

  38. Alondra Hernandez channel says:

    Bro you are so rude

  39. Alondra Hernandez channel says:

    Your laugh is so annoying

  40. Sarahi Martinez says:

    Your the best i like your hair

  41. LittleOwl_ Games says:

    I love her intro and just her attitude is just FREKIN…FUNNY AS HELL!

  42. Darla Alderette says:

    Ur so beautiful I love u keep being u love u

  43. I'm SHOOK says:

    She does need to be a little nicer, but lets not go ham in the comments, k?

  44. Kendrah Terrell says:

    This is why i love watching YouTube ur so cool ✌❤❤but i like the 3rd drawing ❤and it was amazing all the drawing s thats all are u comeing out with new music

  45. Gachagirl says:

    maHOna lisa

  46. Molleigh Hess says:

    Why is she so brutally truthful I love it tho ;-;

  47. Tatiana Jones says:

    It's imvu

  48. Essence_ Art says:

    She really disrespected people for their amazing art. So rude.

  49. Lyla Swan says:

    It’s imvu I have the game

    For the people who used imvu…..

  50. Vero Rusu says:

    Hello welcome to a documentary about dolphins! Here we have Danielle that lost her mom and she tries every day to get in contact with her. Thank you

  51. TTT S says:

    Omg bitchy much

  52. TTT S says:

    Don’t actually know y tf ppl like u

  53. Gabriel Kurt says:

    1 I aint yo b

    2 I aint yo b

    And 3 I AINT YO B

  54. Chloe Gibbs says:

    So honest I love it lol

  55. Tay's Editz says:

    I love her

  56. Raven and Crow says:

    And I give Danielle a -1000000000000000 out of 10

  57. Julianna I love cats says:

    (Stares at Evelynpvente666’s art) is this Audrey’s drawing or do they just draw the same way

  58. Hulk Boy says:

    i Love you

  59. Jaslene Mccurry says:

    People work so hard just to get that kinda reaction from you just say thank you jeez

  60. Miley Crosland says:


  61. Ellie Rose says:

    omg y does she act like she a freaking 23 year old lady? Like really people r spending time an money on this. (money bc u gotta buy paper and paint). Like really keep what u think inside. Children are make these and they think of u as a role model. Then you say all of this over there drawing skills? Your just cold….

  62. Ya yeet The cool says:

    Not trying to be mean or anything I love ya Bhad but your laughter is the most annoying thing tho

  63. camlle miller says:

    samewhat the f** was the first one

  64. Jasmine Rodriguez says:

    D is stupid

  65. Jasmine Rodriguez says:

    Who ever draw those pictures that's pretty

  66. Jasmine Rodriguez says:


  67. Mr.Cookies and Cream says:

    Her laugh tho,hehehehehheh,haha😂

  68. Zoe's Shadows says:

    be bloody grateful omg talking about being rude

  69. andi lili says:


  70. Monae Smith says:

    Can u draw for so we can rate

  71. Chantel Powell says:

    Spongebob in the house

  72. Kaiya Kenzie says:

    no one:
    danielle: laughs like a bird and disrespects her fans who took the time out of their day to make art for her🤡🤡 lmao she clownin

  73. Dion Clark says:


  74. Pandaz For life says:

    Danielle is the kind of person who get something then says WhAt Is ThAt Ew

  75. Row Dara says:

    Bro why can’t you just be grateful

  76. Raiah Holiday says:

    I love you

  77. pEaCh says:

    To be honest, no hate or anything I'm just saying that you are actually rude. Maybe u should try making art….
    We get that you are being honest and 'not mean' but the fact that you literally said ''these horrible- i mean nice drawings'' is really cruel to the artists/drawers. You should really try and appreciate them because some might even be beginner drawers that's why you think it's 'bad as—-''. You really have a disgusting personality especially towards your parents. In my opinion, the artworks were actually perfect and instead of saying ''wow that's the ugliest shit I have ever seen in my life'' you can at least compliment it after all those insults.

    Luckily you appreciated some. But the way you act just made me write this comment to inform you.

    By the way that painting in 2:29 there is something called abstract painting… And they have a lot of meaning in them. That painting is actually very good, sadly you didn't get to see the appealing part of the picture. And you gave it a '1 nail' out of 10. Seriously? I mean, this is all your opinion, but I'm just giving advice.

    Search up 'abstract painting' Miss Marie ( her actual second name ) and the results may surprise you. And yes, abstract painting is 'messy' in order to add feelings and senses.

    -12 year old.

  78. connie james says:

    what de hell is you laugh

  79. Sue girff :3 says:

    I don't understand these were gorgeous and you were rude be mean to me but I don't care about this the drawing were good

  80. kailey gonzalez says:

    She is pretty

  81. Julz Rama says:

    She’s talking about these art works when she can’t count ;-; that’s not even all

  82. Kitty Savage says:

    6:15 was really cute, maybe the one who made it put a lot of effort and hard work, but then Danielle is dragging it down, she doesnt deserve her fans

  83. connect charger says:

    That laugh sounded like spongebob!

  84. Chantelle Pariza says:

    Yo it don't sound like you appreciate it bhad bhabie
    That time you were on dr Phil you just don't want people to realize why you even famous

  85. Fortunate B says:

    Her : i dont have exclamation marks

    But you really do have them tho 😏💁🏻
    Like its really obvious

    And like her reaction tho 😅

  86. Rory Finnegan says:


  87. this is my channel hi says:


  88. Audrey Moon says:

    people are saying that she is rude, no she is honest, AND the people that made these should be thankful that she even noticed it no matter if she thought it was BHAD or BAD. i mean thats just my opinion

  89. Katya Govender says:

    Shes so rude

  90. Earth_is_my_herat Pandas says:

    Final you said bitchs don’t say that pliss that was really rude

  91. galaxy angel says:

    Wow rude much😒😑 like dang you fake

  92. Crunchy Kitcats says:

    Man sh’s pretty rude

    I doubt she could draw half as good as them

  93. -o_o- says:

    Likes computer drawn version
    Doesn’t give a high ranking on second one cause it was made by a computer ???
    Says if you draw me from this time of my life you get three points deducted
    Gives Mona Lisa bhad bhabie 10/10 ???

  94. Wolfie Cookie says:

    No cursing >:{

  95. D v says:

    i love you and i know your giving your honest opinion but that was fucked up when you talked about lymphoma

  96. Emma love says:

    First of all I'm NOT a BITCH

  97. Emma love says:

    So that's really rude and that worked hard and I HATE the way u laugh u sound like a goat like OMG and I'm sorry for being rude but u were being rude I'm sorry

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    Catch me outside

  99. Kohana Girl says:

    5:19 goats left the chat. On got left behind

  100. Whatever YT says:

    She likes the more cartoony

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