DAILY INKTOBER ROUTINE! |  How I Draw Everyday | Inktober Day 09 | India Inks & Dip Pens | Precious

DAILY INKTOBER ROUTINE! | How I Draw Everyday | Inktober Day 09 | India Inks & Dip Pens | Precious

So today is Inktober day… 9? I believe? *laughs* So let’s look at the prompt word and draw something. So the prompt for day 9 of Inktober is the word “Precious.” So what I’ve been doing for every day of Inktober is I’ll sketch sort of, like, some concepts on this left page, and then go for it and draw the finished piece on this right half of the page. So the prompt was precious, and like the first thing I think of is like a precious stone, like a diamond, so I’m just gonna quickly… sketch that out… Actually, that’s not what a… diamond looks like. Alright, doesn’t need to be perfect, just getting, like, the idea on paper, so I can quickly, like, brainstorm, basically. so the other thing that I thought of, um, when I heard the word “Precious” was my, um, my best friend in high school had a miniature horse named Precious, so, that’s the other thing I’m thinking of. *Laughs* Not sure if that one would translate well for, like, other people, so that’s probably not the idea I’ll go with, but brainstorming is all about getting your ideas on the paper before you forget them, so who knows? That might inspire something further on down the road. Now, the other thing “Precious” makes me think of is, you know, Lord of the Rings, and the ring- the one ring to rule them all. Gollum’s precious, you know. So, out of these three ideas, two of them kind of connect with like a diamond and a ring, because you can have you know, a diamond ring! So like I could think of something like that, maybe. And, just specifically, I enjoy drawing characters. So I really want to somehow incorporate, like, a character into this idea? So, uh… maybe someone who finds a diamond, or… is given a diamond? So it could be like a proposal… And I just like drawing girls. So it’s probably gonna end up being a girl. What if I just drew a character that’s like super glammed up? Like, tons of jewelry and like, earrings and… necklaces, and… bracelets, and like their hair could be up in like a fancy updo, with like a crown… Breakfast at Tiffany’s, kinda? *laughs* Oh, yeah! I mean she could have like a little black dress… This is kinda what brainstorming looks like. It’s definitely not like the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s really… quite fun, I enjoy the process… of like, basically, of trying to draw and keep up with wherever your brain goes, so sometimes you can start by drawing one thing and then you instantly like jump to another. So maybe we’ll give her gloves. Kind of just feel like doing some Audrey Hepburn fan art now. *Laughs* She’s precious, right? Oh, and if you didn’t see last week’s video, I’ve been using these Dr. PH Martin’s Bombay India Inks… Um, and I’ve been trying to use mostly just the color black, and then using one of the colors as an accent color. Um, so that’s what we’ll be doing on this page when we get to that- once we have a better idea fleshed out. But I’m really liking this idea because I just enjoy drawing characters, so I’m always going lean towards that idea over like just drawing… a diamond, you know. And I’m just sort of jumping around… sketching whatever I feel like it, really, cause that’s also part of the Inktober challenge, is to enjoy yourself. You want it to be a poofy dress? But I’ve kind of already done something that was like a poofy dress for day… One of these… Oh, the spell one. Oh! Oh, and if you want to see all of my inktober drawings, definitely go to my Instagram page where I’m posting every day for October. It’s… it’s quite the load, so… If you’re interested in seeing that you can definitely check out my Instagram page, where I’m posting daily. Yeah, I think I prefer the more slim fit. So I’m just gonna write that next to it. That way I, uh… don’t have to erase it, cause I kind of like the sketch, but I have the idea written down as well. I’ll do that a lot, especially since with the finished illustration, I’m going to draw it differently than what the sketch looks like. It’s kind of fun to see sort of the process of creating, like, an illustration. So it’s fun to leave, like, the differences still there without, like, erasing it? If that makes any sense at all. Maybe we could have her sitting. So we need to come up with like a pose… You can make a nice prim and proper pose arched back. Well– ankles crossed, maybe her hands around her knees. Maybe her head’s, like, tilted a little to the leeeeft? Another thing I’ve been trying for Inktober is to keep my style kind of simple? Because drawing everyday is definitely a bit of a… load, especially when you have other things to do and jobs to go to. So we’re trying to keep it simple to make sure that I actually do it, and one of the ways I’m doing that is by trying to keep the character simple, So at least one thing I’ve been avoiding is noses, because I’ve been kind of trying to draw in my simpler “jellybean” style, which doesn’t usually have noses, but I think I’ve drawn a couple noses anyway. But that’s kind of just a thing that helps me. Remember to keep things simple; by not drawing the nose. it’s not necessarily that I can’t draw a nose or that I like I have to not draw a nose. It’s just that when I don’t draw the noses, it helps me keep other things simpler. But I’ve definitely been going outside of that and accidentally adding a lot of details or elongating the body a little too much, because in my jellybean style the proportions are much… shorter, so I think– What did I calculate? It’s like four and a half heads tall, is the jellybean style And I’ve definitely gone against that a couple times by accident, you know, there’s no real rule set in stone here Get all the… necklaces. I feel like it should have a big bow on the back. It’s not direct fan art. It’s still our own creation, you know? Like our take on it… That’s kind of cute. Don’t love the head. I think I’ll try that again. Maybe a different angle would be cute? I think I’m liking this pose over just the basic standing there pose cause this is… pretty cute! You know? She’s sort of like sucking up to the camera, like, [squeaks] pretty pose. You can’t tell that that’s a bow on the back of her dress… if we add like a ribbon that goes around her… midsection that will help… Cute. So, we can move over to our main page and try to take this idea and sort of fit it into the square That’s something I’ve also been practicing is trying to make like, you know make my illustrations like fit on a page in like a creative way instead of just like a character in the center of the page So one way of doing that is if she was in the center… so if like her body’s here and she’s like sitting, you know… little ankles… Having something that like, you know… I don’t know what the word is for that! It’s totally escaping me. But like, you know fills the page gotta fill it out and we could have like just pearls going around… I’m not sure I’m crazy about that idea though. That’s definitely something I’ve noticed I’ve been struggling with for the whole week of October so far is, like, I’ll like my miniature sketch and then when I try to transfer into a bigger one something gets lost in translation. It just doesn’t look quite as fluid or as like– I don’t know. It loses a lot of what I liked about it. So let’s try extra hard today to– [Laughs] recapture this little tiny sketch to make it bigger. It’s almost like a mermaid tail… your ankles are that glued together? And I want her head tilted It helps to draw those like orientation lines… On the head to really get those eyes to line up properly. And that also helps you figure out where the ears need to go. And the crown should probably be centered with this line. Pulled back into the bun. I think I want this to be pearls as well Do we want to give her a nose? You can give her a nose. I know it bothers a lot of people that I don’t draw noses. Okay, so we’ve got the head. Body’s still very vague. Um, I have that shoulder almost… Think the left one’s a little higher than the right one? That shoulders like a little up– oh that is actually, has a little like cutesy like [squeaks]. All right. I really need to work on my vocabulary. She definitely needs some… earrings! Yeah, this shoulder feels wacky. If you just pull that arm to the left a little it’ll help? What if we did more of like a cap sleeve? So it goes like, to the… That looks kind of elegant doesn’t it? Her head looks a little big. Not gonna lie, and if that’s the case, The choice is either erase the head or erase the body. I’m looking at this and I think one of the things I like about this is her head’s dipped down a little bit more. Whereas this one’s, like, dip– not dipped. It’s raised up, which isn’t quite the like cutesy look I’m going for. So the head’s gonna go. Goodbye! Yeah, you gotta get these things ironed out in the sketch. Cause once you start inking, it’s too late. Looking up at you all innocent, you know? Block out the shape of the head. Very vague. Crown’s up here somewhere. Do we like this better? Well, we– hopefully because I can’t exactly go back to the way it was. I do like this better. I think it has a bit more Cutesy, and the head’s a little smaller, so that’s helpful too. Put her her earrings back before I forget cause earrings are something I always forget to draw on people. Yeah, I’m liking that face better. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Yeah, this is going somewhere! This is getting somewhere! I’m liking it! And she’ll have long gloves like Audrey Hepburn did in that movie. You know, I’ve actually never seen that movie but… you know. I could still appreciate the way the poster looked. Wanna give her lips… like this… She kinda has a Tinkerbell vibe. Do you feel that? Are you feeling that? Mmm way too close to the bottom of this page. Know what? I’m gonna try… One of these then the heel would come back like this, you know. Okay, that looks really weird! [Laughs] Mmm not loving these feet. I like the back one, but I don’t like the… closer one. Draw where the foot would be first and then just draw the shoe on top of it! Seems like a plan. Hey! I think that makes a lot of sense What do you think? What do you think of those little feets? [Laughs] And now I don’t know, now seeing it all together, I’m not in love with the cap sleeve… So let me take those away and see if I like it better Should have used two different eraser that one just smudged everywhere. Yeah. I think I like that better. I like seeing the shoulders Let’s try to incorporate the little bow Make it huge! Well, we can use that to sort of Create that filling the page I was kind of talking about. The other section from maybe this way? More pearls… Some precious pearls. This one doesn’t make sense to me. You could… maybe have more of the bow come back like this So then she’s kind of just like weirdly… creatively floating-ly sitting there and It’s kind of weird that it comes out of her butt like that though. That might need to move I don’t want someone to be like “why is it coming out of her butt?” Noses are cute, I like drawing noses… What if we just drew so I had that like swooshy line here? What if I drew like a little bow? Like that and it had The parts that sort of stream off of it, but then had like some pearls Like weird abstract-y thing. You have some more pearls on this side Sort of capturing that swoosh without having to like actually draw out the whole swoosh What do I think about that? I think that kind of work. I think it’s cute. I Think that’s ready for ink. So what I’ve learned is it’s always best to sort of slightly erase everything and then start inking with my… [singing] dip pen! It’s always like “goodbye!” Like I hope it comes out kind of looking the way it did before, you know that kind of feeling. It’s time to go in with the ink and I’m gonna need protection as you can see Inktober has not been kind to this mat. I’m trying my best to you know not make a mess But that’s what this is for, you know to protect my desk. That’s what’s really important. If you can’t clean it off the desk Oh, that would be a disaster Here’s the inks I’ve been using: Dr. PH Martin’s Bombay Black India Ink. What I do is I just put it next to the drawing I take this dropper you’re probably supposed to drop it into someplace. But I just like put the dropper off to the side where it won’t make a mess then I grab up my pen, wherever that ended up. I was just showing it to you! Here it is. My pen. See it’s getting kind of dirty I try my best to clean it. They said warm water or you can use like a specific solution. But I’m still learning so… Maybe the next nib I have I’ll treat it with better care because I’ve kind of learned what not to do Anyway [Laughs] I’ll just dip that in there and then you hold it tube side down and start drawing and you always want to start top left and move your way to bottom right If you’re right-handed. Or top right move your way to bottom left if you’re left-handed. And let me tell you I’m pretty sure Every single thing that I’ve drawn so far, I’ve smudged all these little things so. Let’s hope today is the exception. And the first line has been drawn! Circles are really difficult for me because like on the way up here like going up like that It gets kind of caught and it makes a funny sound. I don’t know if you can hear it. Oh, did you hear that? Sometimes I don’t like to actually draw a harsh hairline, I like to just do little dots, I think it’s much softer. I think it translates a little better Inking has like never been my forte So this Inktober challenge has definitely been a good kick in my rear and like finally practice this sort of thing The eyeball… itself… or the pupil I guess… One thing India Ink definitely has over like Pigma Microns… like when you do a stroke, it creates like a beautiful stroke You don’t really have to worry about drying out unless you like run out of ink on your pen But like it’s just so much smoother to me and like you can fill in sections a lot better Like because it stays wet for a certain amount of time It like fills in the gaps and you don’t end up with like a little white spaces and I love that about this It’s definitely a really fun medium, I’ve been enjoying it even though it has a lot of struggles and like I keep accidentally putting my hand into the ink and like smudging it maybe since today I’m filming and like talking my way through it I’ll be held accountable and I won’t be like,–oh look how nice that fills in! Oh, I love it Love it, like look at the line variation I can get look at that tiny thin line and then look at that thick one right there. With one pen! I think that’s really really cool. Really really cool. Really really cool! Some pearls– actually I should do this shoulder first So many circles after I said circles are hard to draw, and a bunch of pearls That’s good, I don’t know if I need another row We’ll see we can always come back once everything’s dry, you know And I’m probably gonna fill in her whole dress with solid black. So I don’t need to worry about drawing any like wrinkles or details In that area. Oh, I forgot to do her face What happened? I guess we’ll give her lips. She put on her lipstick today Not too bad! Okay, we need to go over here and do these things Before I draw here because I’ll have to put my hand there, you know Which is weird because if I was doing this with a normal pen, I would never think to do Random details over on the left side before I finished like the actual drawing so it’s definitely been a learning curve Approach to do this bow next Look at that line Go so far so good. No smudges yet fingers across That’s another thing as I do these hands I’ve always– not– well. As soon as I stop taking hands seriously I feel like they started turning out a little better, cause if like, if I was like, “oh, I’ll just draw hand that looks like a blob because That’s all I need, right?” and that style or that technique really does not translate well to ink I don’t know what about it is but I feel like the hands I’ve been drawing lately are just oh not up to my usual standards You would consider those. I’m definitely learning Which is always exciting another thing I’ve learned while doing this ink is just how much one line in just a slightly wrong place can completely change the shape of something and And like change the way it looks completely and these shoes are no exception. It’s like very important that I try to to Trace my sketch as much as possible. Oh, we forgot this section and like I can’t put my hand there but luckily we can rotate the paper Like so [Pen nib scratches] Ooh, do you hear that? Voila. All right now last thing to ink before we start going in and adding more solid tones would be this little bow up here Yeah, yeah Messed it up right the last minute there but I think with some Adding in some tones. I might be able to– oh! Dang! Do you see that? It just dripped right out of there Let’s put this down and clean this out And then once that’s dry I’ll come back and erase everything Cause I’ve made the mistake of erasing it before it was completely dry! Sometimes it’s hard to tell so I like to give it some ample time to dry. We’ll be right back All right. We’re dry. Now. I can erase it. So far so good. Okay I think what I want is to have like a purple bow, Black dress… idea. Looking at this I kind of wish I had one of these ribbons come along back to there That would have been a little bit better organized but you know, you live and you learn that’s definitely something I’ve been learning through this October’s laying out drawings and Trying to get them to look good. I can’t remember the word. There’s a word for that. The way it’s laid out on the page, it’s– oh the composition! Yeah, the composition of drawings it’s something I’ve definitely been learning that I’m not loving about my art style so that’s something I’ve been working on throughout inktober and Having this come around the back there, I think would help with that magenta Let’s see what that looks like. Ooh, that is pretty pretty Yeah, I think I wanna use that and black I think that’d look very nice. Ooh isn’t that pretty? Ooh, dang. Put down a little extra down. Try to smooth out that color. There we go. It’s pretty good. Again working on the farthest to the left and moving my way to the right. So I don’t put my hand in it Okay, let’s just color in everything that supposed to be pink And then we get to the black next Should I do the shoes black? Or pink do you think? We definitely do the lips pink… I might want a bit more of a diluted color for that Yeah, now you just need to wait for that to dry and Yeah, I’ll be right back! Alright, I think it’s dry. It still looks a little shiny, but I don’t really feel like waiting I’m feeling very impatient, which usually leads to problems So if anything happens go but refer back to this moment, it’s my fault Okay, I want to have like a light gray tone for the hair a darker gray tone for the dress Maybe a light gray tone for… tights or something and then dark gray tone for shoes. That’s the plan. So I’m just going to drip some of this ink into a pallet and add some water to it to Lighten it up Perfect then I want that also by the shoes. Nice nice, good darken it up a bit Small smidge of shading. We can go with this same color for the hair. Lemme check, turn it so I don’t put my hand in it I’m doing that same thing. I don’t want like a super harsh hairline. So I’m doing little strokeys To try and smooth it out Keep it from being a super harsh line. I want to be a bit more organic That’s drying a lot faster because of adding water to it So I shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. I think I’m gonna add and just fill in the second leg a little bit gray Not sure if that really translates because I probably should fill in that too, but I need more water I think I’m gonna have to darken up the dress now because I made the… tights a little too dark. I’m just gonna go over another layer and After that, I think I should be pretty close to being done Yeah, I think that helps a bit. I could probably even darken up on another layer, I Really– I’m like trying to resist the urge to add some gray blush Because I could do it in pink but I feel like I need to resist cause the face looks pretty good the way it is I don’t wanna Yeah, there we have it! There’s my inktober doodle, sketch, drawing thing for the ninth day of inktober, I think it turned out pretty cute. I am not going to lie. I quite like this Although as always the original sketch is so much cuter Something about it. I don’t know if it’s overworking it Just turns out a little different but I think it turned out very cute and quite precious if I do say so myself But if you want to follow along with me on each day of this Inktober journey to follow me on Instagram where I will be posting every single day. Wish me luck. Let me know, if you’re doing the Inktober prompts, what you drew for the prompt word Precious. Yeah. Thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week. I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! Byyye! I never know if I should say bye in this way or this like– I don’t know. [Laughs] Bye.

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    My animals, Family, Proposal, Stones, Child and a treasure

    I'm gonna do September challenges cause I'm , maybe October too

  82. rickcoona says:

    You should try a "G" quill they are on another level they are a manga artist mainstay

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