Custom Framing: Framing Basics | Hobby Lobby

Custom Framing: Framing Basics | Hobby Lobby

Custom framing is just that custom and
here at Hobby Lobby we can frame almost anything imaginable to fit any decor.
We’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind frame design that not only
highlights, but also protects your artwork. Our goal is to simplify the process and
make it a pleasant experience. Matting is one of the most important components in framing. The mat serves as a break or a resting space between the artwork and the frame. More importantly, it protects the artwork
from coming into contact with the glazing which can damage your artwork. All of the mat boards used at Hobby Lobby are archival quality, acid-free and
lignin free. This means, they will not cause damage to your artwork by becoming acidic. Hobby Lobby, has over 300 mats to choose from including colored, textured
and fabric mats. We also offer a selection of 100% cotton rag museum mats in a variety of colors. These are great for photography,
as well as signed and numbered limited edition prints. The mat width is
determined by the artwork and the golden ratio. The golden ratio, is a mathematical
equation that helps find a visually ideal proportion in framing. Often we think a small mat width is what we want but actually we need a larger width to
help make the frame design more pleasing to the eye and in turn it will be more
pleasing in your home. The next step, is to choose the right
moulding that will compliment both the artwork and the room around it. Our Hobby Lobby certified framers, will
help guide you through a selection of over 400 handmade mouldings to find the
perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or
touch the samples. We welcome our customers to see the quality for themselves. Our buyers work directly with factories
all around the world to create exclusive designs just for Hobby Lobby. These mouldings are not machine-made, mass-produced designs, but rather are unique and handmade to give your frame that special touch. The most important part of custom framing is the glazing or glass. UV or ultraviolet light over time
will cause irreparable damage that will fade or distort the color of your
artwork. Hobby Lobby uses maximum uv-blocking glazings for all our custom framing. We also offer museum glass which has that same uv-blocking protection but also offers reduced glaring making it nearly invisible to the viewer. Our attention to detail even extends to the back of your frame. Each custom frame project includes an acid-free dust cover on the back, as well as hangers needed to
mount it. Rest assured at Hobby Lobby, we’re doing everything to protect your
artwork from beginning to end so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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